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Project Life and the Cricut

I was looking at all the cute tags and arrows and contemplating some serious die purchases, when I realized my Cricut and SCAL might have some of these shapes. Boy, was I right! In the basic SCAL software, there are tons of arrows! And it’s very easy to make some of the other tag shapes I was wanting, in any length or width. Definitely worth checking out if you have an old copy of SCAL laying around. If you don’t, well, too bad, it’s not available for Cricut anymore. If you have a Silhouettearrows, you’re in luck, SCAL IS available for it, which is why a lot of people are moving from the Cricut to the Silhouette.

It was as easy to make these word cards I’ve been seeing for sale on various websites. Just make a rectangle slightly smaller than 4X6 to fit into the pocket, add a word to the top in the font of your choice, then “weld” the two elements together for a united cut. FUN! You can trace this one if you prefer. I’m not going to take the time to upload a file, mainly because it’s so easy to make, and file sharing isn’t really the point of this post…it’s to get people to realize they really don’t need a die for every little thing for Project Life. Just cut on your cutting machine, if you have one already!

celebrate card project life



You could only do the words as well…I’ve seen them resting on top of photos and it looks super cute! I would make it like this:

celebrate project life cut file



with a rectangle welded to the bottom to help in keeping up with all the letters, ease of gluing, and help with spacing and keeping all the letters perfectly vertical.  The rectangle would rest under another element most likely, or it would even be cute as is!


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Loving the Project Life Approach to Scrapbooking

I’ve been spending a lot of my time trying to get our photos under control lately.  I am used divided page protectors from We R Memory Keepers which can orient the photos in various directions in a 12X12″ format.  I found the protectors cheapest at, $4 for 10 (free shipping if the order goes over $100.)  I went in with some friends to share the order to get free shipping.

I did 36 pages today.  You can leave 4X6 spots open for journaling or titling, or there is an official “Project Life” kit by Becky Higgins to help you pull this together (Amazon), though if you don’t plan on doing it as a life journal, I recommend the We R Memory Keepers divided protectors because they give you more options, the protectors are thicker, and overall, I am using them more filing older pictures.  I hope to get into a “Project Life” groove, but I think it’s all the page protectors I’m loving most right now.

I’m using a lot of Ali Edwards overlays for the journaling.  I did my son’s 1st-2nd birthdays and the year in between today.  Go ahead and clap for me, I deserve it.  It took all day!

This month I’m on my fourth album:

  • my first 3 years over the weekend from old photos and 3X3″ blocked page dividers (for the old square photos).
  • made a Mommy Happy book from duplicates and digital layouts I’ve done.
  • our last year’s vacation album.

I’m ready to get on top of this.  Though my house isn’t spotless, I’m accomplishing a big goal!

Next, I want to convert our family videos to DVD.  Yeah, that will be a whopper of a job!  Hoping to enlist my son’s help over Spring Break!

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Label SVG Cut Files

In celebration of all the wonder of SCAL, I thought I’d put up some labels I’d made a while back welding basic shapes to share on a rainy day. (I also posted them on my crafting blog “”.)

As a note, I’m trying to not cross post with my crafting blog, but wanted to get this info out there:  Sure Cuts a Lot may no longer be available to you, depending on how a current lawsuit situation goes with Provocraft where you can cut your files/fonts/shapes/.jpgs with your Cricut (many sad tears).  If you want to get it, now’s the time!  You may not have tomorrow!  Here’s the link.

Click the following link for files:

Please do not repost them, but you may use them for your own crafting purposes.  Do not share the links, but you may link to this post ( where friends may obtain them.


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Themed SVG Cut File Review (Baby, Beach, Winter, Dies, Christmas, Etc.) (sidebar) has some new, beautifully packaged SVGs.  Just what I’ve been looking for.  Cost less than carts, adorable color ideas, BUT…the one downside is that the files are not separated into cut layers–you have to figure all that out yourself.  There are some cuts easier to do that than others.  I would like them much better if they were simplified and pulled apart for cutting, but I’ve still bought several.  They are offering FREE ones from time to time, which is a great way to test them to see if you like them.  The “frames” svg files will probably be some of my most used.  If you are confident with dis-assembly and separating colors by layer, go for it.  If not, stick with images easy to separate. does a better job of separating items for cutting, and the cuts are clean.  The only minor thing I do not like about these downloads (for pay) is that within every group, the svg cut files are called “SVG files”.  When I went to move my old files to a new computer, somehow I lost  lot of files because all the subfolders had the same name.  This should not have been a problem, but it was.  I’m not sure HOW this happened, I just know it did.  I’m hoping I can download another copy or get it all straightened out, but it’s a hassle.  I recommend renaming them by cut file name when you download them rather than the generic “svg files” for each set.  I have had great luck with these files and highly recommend them.  They run great sales and often do a free gift set (full set) with the purchase of a couple other sets.  Sign up for their newsletter for more info on sales.  Great free cuts each week on their blog, too. is probably one of the best values out there as far as SVG cut files grouped by theme for download.  You can buy it for a one time subscription and there are constantly updates.  Just the other day a new one came out for girl pages.  With a minimal price of a subscription, you get all subsequent files she releases FREE.  These files are clean, and not too complex to cut quickly (not a lot of intricate paper piecing, which I don’t tend to enjoy as a rule).  She also provides a lot of helpful tutorials, and alerts you when updates to SCAL come up (the software program which allows Cricut to cut any font on your computer, any appropriate jpg, or svg files).

One of my most used SVG sets is the “shapelies” by Penny Duncan.  They emulate popular nesting dies and are worth looking into.  Simply separate the images down to one or two images in the sizes your prefer, then cut!   I got them in the “free” phase also, but you’d spend the money on just one of these dies, and she offers countless ones ready for cutting.  Very well worth the $15 for all of them in my opinion.

Others you like?  I’m only referring to “theme” sets for this post.  There are LOTS of free SVG files out there just ready for search and grab!

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Fancy Free Fonts I Love and How to Install/Organize Fonts


Here is a list of a few fancy modern fonts. (If you see one you like and want, simply search for them by name and download them free.)   Below the list is a picture of what each one looks like by it’s name.


Amazone BT (TT1040M_.TTF)

BahiaScriptSSK  (TTF)

Beautiful Caps ES  Swash Capitals


Blackadder ITC




French Script

Garamond Italic

Gayane StO Regular (first letter text)


Hurricane (SupaDupaSerif)

Leafy glade (first letter text)

Leafyshade (first letter text)

Monotype Corsiva

Mutlu Ornamental

One Fell Swoop

Orphiel Demo

Here are a few I’m enjoying for use in my daughter’s scrapbook:

Feel free to right click|save to disk|print if the .jpg is something you can use for your own scrapbook.


The short explanation:

1.  Download the font.   It will be zipped.  Right click and extract it.  Open the zipped .tff file.

2.  Drag the .tff file into your Windows Fonts folder

It is now installed and ready for use.  Do not delete system fonts from your computer.


  • download all fonts to a file you name and can relocate easily later.  I use “My Downloaded Fonts” .
  • unzip all your fonts at once.  I use a free program you can download like “UnZipThemAll” to unzip a bunch of files at one time, pronto.  Highly recommend it.
  • leave your virus scanner enabled.  It should scan any downloaded files.  I use avast! free virus protection, home edition.
  • some people choose to leave all “downloaded fonts” in a folder separate from their main system fonts to avoid confusing when thinning down later. A program I discussed earlier, AMP or Nexus will run UNinstalled fonts.  This keeps the Windows and other programs from getting too bogged down by running too many fonts.
  • when downloading or installing, you do not “need” every version of every font:  for example, if  the program you are using converts the primary font to bold and italic for you, you don’t have to also install a font with four versions which include bold and italic.  This means that when you are using Word or Photoshop,  you won’t have to scroll passed four versions of the same font name to view the next font on the list.

Font Management Programs:

I have about 900 fonts.  I have used “The Font Thing” for many years to help give me a better visual of the exact text I want to see.  It works well.  Using that program, I have also sorted fonts by category to quickly find fonts needed.   Recently, I’ve transitioned to Windows 7, and this program doesn’t install easily on Windows 7 without a workaround (install program every time you want to use it, and no updating of this program).

Curious about other options, I’ve recently reviewed new Free Font Programs.  After a couple weeks of using several font programs, (AMP and Nexus), I think Nexus is my next font program manager.  Both are good, but Nexus seems to keep everything on horizontal text lines, which my mind seems to prefer.  AMP is good as well, but switches to a grid of boxes of fonts for some views.  It’s worth a try as well.

Here is the list of categories I have developed to sort my fonts.  I sort by file type, but also by what will cut well on my Cricut machine.  You should develop categories that make sense to you for your uses.

The categories I use are Cartoon (images of superman, etc.), Christmas, clear cut calligraphy (images that would cut clearly on a Cricut), Clear Cut Fonts (fonts that would cut well on a Cricut), Color & Print (for card-making, not cutting), Dingbat Clear Cut, Fancy Calligraphic, Fine Line Clear (clear, but needs to be made thicker in the cut program to cut well), Frames, Handwritten, Image Letters (letters that have other images on them), Labels, Tags, & Boxes, Music, and Ornamentals (generally not good for cutting).

“Sure Cuts a Lot” Font Cutting Program for Cricut:

I mentioned cutting fonts.  If you would like software that allows your Crucit to cut out of cardstock any font on your computer, try SCAL (Sure Cuts a Lot) for free trial.   Is great for sign-makers, teachers, scrapbookers, or automobiles decal makers.  You can even cut vinyl for windows and autos.

It’s currently on sale ($59.95 Limited Special Offer). Here’s a Baby Album Using Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot where I downloaded elements off the internet for cutting, and here’s some projects where I used a lot of free fonts.  I prefer this to buying a cartridge for even $15.  Most often, the cartridges are $30-$60 per font.  I love this program and use it daily.  Updates are free, and the support community is great!  Click here to see some of my current projects using SCAL.

I plan to update this list within the week with even  more beautiful fonts I’m finding, so be sure to check back or subscribe by RSS feed so you don’t miss them.

Favorite Font Sites:

Here is  a great list of free font sites from the blog Cutting Time.  My all-time fav is probably hers as well:  It’s very well organized and easy to scan for new fonts.

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What’s Up?

It’s Fall Break here.

I’m enjoying a slower pace, less cooking (so I get a break from the routine, too), and continuing to work toward some goals.


1.  Getting the kids scrapbooks caught up so I can clear the clutter in the craft room.  Football season is a good time of year for me to tackle this.  We have one TV, and football will be on 3-4 nights a week.  I am next door in the guest room for any “must see” replays, but for the most part, I can let the guys have their time and have some of my own!

2.  Getting back in shape, rebuilding my knees slowly.  I’m running about 25 minutes nonstop now.  How far is that?  I don’t know for sure…I’ll know next week when I can get back to a marked trail, which I will enjoy, considering the current route near my home is uphill the entire last half.  I teared up at the thought of a 25 minute run Monday–two lone tears actually slipped down my cheek after I was really working hard to gear up for another 20 minute effort when I turned on my podcast (Interval Podrunner) and realized it would be TWENTY FIVE.  What???!!!  I yelled. The kids all came running, and I was trying to explain the situation to my 13 year old son.  He said, “Mom, are those tears in your eyes?”  He chuckled.  I kept explaining.  He said, “They really are!  You are CRYING!”

Yes.  I did.  It was a cold day.  I’m not used to being outside in the cold and I was weak.

All the way home I just kept saying, “It REALLY IS uphill all the way home.  I’m dying.  This is killing me.  I’m not sure I can do this.  I can do this.  I have to do this.  I can’t stop now.  What will I tell the kids?”

I did it.

I did it again today.  No tears.  No internal cheerleading.  No thought to the uphill route home.  I just did it.  Amazing what one hard trip made does for the psyche.

3.  Keeping the house on a schedule.  This is a major triumph of my life.  Some weeks I get off, but that doesn’t matter, because I did it last week, and I will do it next week.  I’m trying to add some big projects into this mix, but that hasn’t happened to great extent since I’m cramming in running and scrapbooking.  Soon.

4.  The Love Dare.  I’m not being as consistent with this as I need  to be, but I am trying to keep up with my husband and am, for the most part, enjoying a new sweetness in our lives due to this class.

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Two Easter Layouts


Okay, so Designer Digitals was having this rocking contest where you could win an iPod nanochromatic.  Seeing as how I left mine in the last hotel room we were in, or dropped it somewhere over spring break in Nashville, I was thinking I was bound for this contest.

I worked on it some this morning, taking a break from life, and wanting to scrap some Easter photos.

However, having finished, I realized the contest was over already.

I hate it when that happens!

On the up-side, there were some really great layouts to see.

I started with blocking, then decided to try some photo-merging (above).

Only one of the photos is used twice, so I think I can switch it out and have a two page layout ready for print?   I’ll try to do that while files are open!


It was sunny, so it was easier to let her “look around at things” than to look up…her eyes hurt too much for that.  But the sun made her dress glow, so I didn’t want to waste a pretty, clear day!

I’ll have to print and 8X8, but I can mount that on another layout for a 12X12 book if I want.

Products Used from
Ali Edward’s Frames/KPertiet_WingedClusters-4
and free download:  FadedSwirlStar

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