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Author: “Maggie”, for short (I use a web name here for security purposes for me and the fam).
It means to be
quick to forgive,
slow to hold a grudge,
freely giving of thought and mind.

While I am a long way from that ideal, I experience that big-heartedness of Christ as I walk with Him. This blog is my focus on that journey.

  • I love scrapbooking, blogging, reading, praise band, teaching, walking, hiking, bicycle riding, walking my dog (Daisy), taking care of my family, and the sound of my kids playing quietly and creatively (because it is such a rare sound!).

  • One of my biggest convictions…

is when my life often does not match up with my stated priorities.  But, hopefully writing and acknowledging that helps me get back on track in the problem spots.


I  reserve the right to edit or not post comments for reasons I deem inappropriate.  If you need your comment edited or deleted for other reasons, just email me, and I can fix it.   Note:  we don’t use my family’s real names, but I’ll edit if you forget, no problem. I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS! It’s easy!  It’s great to stay in touch with friends, and it’s safe. Just type your name or initials and jump right it!

I check my spam filter often for lost comments. If yours gets caught by mistake, I’ll fish them out by day’s end.

Thanks for the great discussion, challenges, and comments…you make life such a joy! The FAM:

About Me:

I am a wife of one fantastic guy I am more in love with every day.  I am the mother of three, “BoyWonder”-11, “Red (my preference)/Flash (his preference)” -6; and “Goldilocks”-9.

I am passionate about knowing Jesus Christ, mainly because it’s so incredible to me that he wants to be known, that he CAN be known in relationship every day.  He has saved me, and saves me every day, pulling me out of something, rescuing me so faithfully.  He is absolutely the love of my life.  If you don’t know him and want to, email me. I’ll be glad to help you get started.

My husband is my other “love of my life”.  Honestly, the two look so much alike, I sometimes get confused.


Links are to other blogs I am reading for whatever reason.  I do not necessarily agree with everything on the blogs I link to, but mostly, I feel they are people of character who I would trust .  I try to update and refresh these lists on occasion to keep blog content fresh.  If you have questions about a linkage feel free to email me, though I may not have a good answer!  It’s a lot of work to maintain and takes up a large space in the sidebar.  Comments will also link others to your blog, so COMMENT!  My RSS page is full of great content as well.

Why I blog?

Blogging can be used for many things.  I use it to keep in touch with friends, to write, which I enjoy, to journal, express prayers, log, self -evaluate, and enjoy community throughout the long days at home.  Bloglines is my newspaper!!!

Want to try blogging?

It’s a free and EASY service through Blogger and WordPress.  Be wise.  Click here for some blogging tips. Have fun!

Send me your link!  I’d love to visit your “new place”.

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