Senior Day at Church

Senior day at church. For my youngest. I put on a polka dot dress. Try to take this humidity spring hair, and am late for family breakfast at McDonald’s, which I’ve never much enjoyed on Sunday. Nothing like a need for an unexpected bathroom trip by the second song to spoil the mood. I’ll have a key lime flip yogurt. Maybe coffee, if there’s time.

And this is how most of life thoughts go right now. Something monumental and and important alongside non-morning person grumpies, clothes needing ironing for a lot of special events and a lot of photos requiring good hair. Lol.

I’ll probably get emotional today. Maybe not. Pack Kleenex needs to move up my list.

Thankful. Great and much needed quiet time though the night in 31 Days of Praise. Lord, keep refining necessary praise that we may experience the victory you win for us. Let us focus on You and all you have done in thanks, surrender, and response. Let us affirm one another in ways we can and forgive where we do not understand.

Let us come before you, knowing time is short. We must all be at full velocity. Let us do as little as we can to hold each other back for His glory and the good of us and all those around us.

Peace be still. Be still and know. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. Rejoice always. Each of these scripture verses hit my mind this morning. Sorry I don’t have the references handy or memorized. Psalm. Psalm. Paul. I know that much. It is enough for today.

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It’s Not About You- a Peach Nehi Drama

Sometimes, we go through things in life that have little to do with us. Inconveniences, frustrations, irritations, suffering. The way of the cross says to surrender to those moments, trusting that God has a bigger picture.

Yesterday, I was at Walmart and I seriously wanted a peach Nehi. I thought about it in the way there and looked in every land for an over-proved cold one. Could not find it. That was to be my reward for going to get hubby’s toiletries and it did not materialize. I settled in a Cherry Sprite, cracked it open, counting on a delightful substitute.

I downed that first gulp into parched lips and…I had to look to make sure it wasn’t diet. It was awful in comparison to my beloved peach Nehi.

I checked out, acquiesced to the sad situation.

I looked at the elderly man behind me and down at the belt as I swiped my card.

There sat a cold peach Nehi.



He pointed and described the same location I thought I’d checked. Apparently not well enough.

Either I needed to know I’m not nearly as good a “looker” as a I thought I was, or he needed to feel like he’d done something someone else valued and couldn’t do.

I hope he enjoyed his peach Nehi. Half of my Cherry Sprite is still sitting in the frig!

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Mixed Up Messes

I can’t think of a stage of life or a photo where everything was happy. There is a strain that runs along with even the happiest times of life. There is a growth, a pulling, a ripping, a stutter.

God is okay with that. He looks for unfinished, messy, mixed up people.

The most beautiful smiles often cover the deepest pain. That’s okay. Even we put bows on presents to hide the seam.

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A Place To Vent

1. Going through the end days of a parent is consuming. It’s like taking on any other consuming task. It makes one of us cranky at all times in cycles. I hate it when I’m that person. I was today. I miss down time.

2. Unresolved communication and closed doors drives me nuts. When it all comes down to it, I guess sometimes my thought processes don’t even matter. What needs to happen needs to happen. But I feel so undercut to not have ever had a discussion about things. Honestly, it’s not something I’ll recover easily from. I read today a quote that spoke to me. It said.

That’s sort of it. Tired of big smiles with a lot of discontent and irritation underneath I never see until the hammer falls. I guess your just supposed to be smart enough or grown up enough or mature enough to avoid that. But, I’m assuming I’m not in those categories. I’m also assuming (not really) that other women who dress inappropriately and try to lead on stage or those who flirt or post inappropriate photos on social media and lead also get confronted. No. They don’t. Just me.

It’s whatever. I’m reading this week that all discipline comes from God. I need to focus on the refining He’s doing in me and not everyone else. Will I fight bitterness and resentment and probably act out for a while? Possibly. Probably. But, in the whole scheme of things, He answers my prayers and I will thank Him for the thorns, of which I seem to keep a while deck of cards to chose from for any given day.

I read these are supposed to keep us humble for the exceedingly great revelations. I’m hoping those to at least make the thorns worth bearing.

3. Trying to review my scripture cards for Lent. I’ve gone back to written cards I started on New Year’s three years ago and made an audio file. I need to also go back to digital cards and make folders. Those are very meaningful to me to keep me focused.

4. Easter dresses. Always something to celebrate, but I’m sure not feeling it this year. Praying for the Lord’s help. I’ve gotten lazy.

5. House and home. Lord, help me finish what I started and find order and peace in my home again. Freshness. Life. Newness.

6. Thankful for time to go get RED’s tux ordered for Senior prom. How can it be? Need to get his senior pics ordered.

7. It’s late. I read tonight that crowds pressed in on Jesus and he loved and taught, but then “withdrew to lonely places to pray.” I feel the need to withdraw a lot. Nearness to death does that to people, I’m sure. I also want a chocolate injection. I would eat it, but I don’t want to brush my teeth again.

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We need to find places to be honest.

We need to find places to line up our honesty with God’s Word.

When our honesty lines up with all God is doing, we find much less room to be irritable.

Only when we get into public do we find out how well our spiritual lineup is actually lining up with our healing. We act out. We are afraid. We choke. We hurt.

We realize that no matter how we know know the facts, healing just takes time.

And perhaps that’s the point. Fire is hot to remind us to not touch it again.

Beth Moore says she prays God would let her never forget the excruciating pain from her into trouble. She prays He would keep it very real and raw so that she remembers not to ever go back to any sin.

We sometimes have to step back into the firing zone. We wear the armor of God for a reason. Let us wear it well, representing in integrity, faithfulness, and loving compassion the One we serve.

I don’t fake it well. I don’t like to be smiled at when it’s not real. Don’t give me cheer and feel distain. “A wound from a friend is better than the kids of an enemy.” Proverbs says.

Lord, be all. And all in all. It’s all we have. All we need. All we long for and hope for and depend on. Fill every gap, every hole. Truly fill us to the full, and overflowing.

“Bread of Heaven, feed me til I want no more. Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole.”

Photo: courtesy Pixabay

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The Last Clear Word

When you aren’t sure what to do, go back to the last clear word God said to you.

Okay. Verses came to mind like four years ago. Holy Spirit fell. They remind me that God is unstoppable, sees my heart, and provides. He has plans for us.

Everything that happens is part of the process making me. Ready-ing me, teaching me.

I get irritated at advice and incohesive tips that don’t add up.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” seems to mark every season. Maybe soon it will not be quite so hard. (Then again, maybe I wouldn’t wait on Him so much if it let up! God forbid.)

Swimming deep. Swimming, swimming, swimming. Trying to learn to rest in Him more, float on my back? Maybe learn to walk on water instead?

At least the battles I’ve fought before I know are just battles, not the end of the world. No easier, but there is scripture and skills and experience and knowing I can thrive anywhere. Find joy. Be thankful. Be blessed.

I’ll make new goals. I’m not dependent on people or the opinion or understanding of man.

I can refresh disciplines. Focus. Find solid holds.

I’ll have fresh encounters with Him, the joy of my life, he’ll draw me even deeper into the Word into fresh trust. He can handle everything I’m not a fan of.

Yes, sometimes things very much upset me. Unfairness. Inequality of standards. Seeing friends get away with what I can’t.

It’s whatever. My walk is my walk. Doesn’t matter. Not anymore. I wasn’t asked, and don’t get a vote or discussion, nor is it going to change anything. I can’t rewrite what is.

God just has a plan for me.

I need to do well and quietly what I’m called to do, and forget any side stuff.

I can’t imagine what life will look like tomorrow, but I know I’m okay worshipping in this spot right here. I’ll be ready. Doesn’t really matter what happens anywhere else.

Maybe I wanted too much all the way around, and maybe it’s not mine to build. Then again, I want more. I need more. I pray for more. And God only puts desires in our heart for good things He intends to fashion.

Maybe He’s making me willing to go somewhere else to get it.

I’ll try to bloom where I’m planted until He moves me. Though I keep remembering a quote, “If you don’t like where are you, move. You’re not a tree.”

God can move me when He’s ready, and maybe I need to be keeping my eyes open for it.

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Sometimes, words are “rhema”-teaching, healing, soothing. Like manna-good for the need of the moment, but little else hours later. Jesus is present. Always. Now. Then. Later. Just give me Jesus. So thankful for the Word. I may not understand or interpret all of it correctly, but it’s still a balm. Soothing. Speaking. Teaching. Directing. Helping. Warning. Guiding. A light in the dark. I love it. I could cuddle up with it to sleep. It stills and steels my heart. It speaks all that is true, leaves nothing out, and doesn’t hold back.

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