That’s been the theme for me this week.  Along with tax season comes the ever mindful question:  Where DOES it all go?  So, I’ve been in a trek backward, and trying to get a bigger picture of changes in our landscape and how we need to offset.   Tiring work.  Depressing work.  Frustrating work.  Work that restrains, binds, reminds.

But, every discipline is like that.

“No discipline is pleasant at the time, but produces a harvest of peace and righteousness for those who have been trained by it.”  Hebrews 12:11


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Setting Up A Canon Printer on Wifi (specifically the Pixma MG5422)

I initially had no problems setting up the printer or even the other computers and devices in the household, or none to cause serious delays.  It did take me a while to figure out how to get the APP set up on my phone, but relatively painless.  

HOWEVER, when I moved the primary desktop,  having helped my son build a gaming computer over Christmas, it took TEN DAYS for me to get the printer back up on the network.  Here’s what it took.

A.  A call to customer service.  

   I really feel this is something that should be accomplished without calling in professionals, so I never do.  However, after having my mother in the hospital for 8 days, suffering the loss of a family friend, and being physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted, plus having the graphics card rebate due in two days, I managed to find the fortitude to pick up the phone.  

  West Virginia helped me with these facts, which are not stated on the Canon website.  

  • in order to reseat your drivers, the drivers need to be downloaded from the Canon website, especially if you are like me and can’t find the installation disk.  
  • in order to download said drivers, you HAVE to use Internet Explorer.  Having used Chrome for 10 days, I was very irritated that there is no warning on the website to this effect. 
  • you HAVE to delete your prior printer from “printers/devices” before updating the driver for it to work well, again this is not on the website.  
  • There is a way to get a printout of your wifi strength, and see whether the printer has found your IP address.   EVEN IF it says it is connecting to your WIFI, if it has forgotten your IP address, you still have problems.  The only way I found to translate that information was to get a computer close enough to the printer to hook it up by USB.  After that, you can go through the process of telling it you want to switch to LAN (which is another name for WiFi, which the average person does not know…why all the lingo to get a printer set up?  I have no idea.)
  • Once the IP is submitted to the printer, it should feed over the network, BUT EACH device on the network has to have the driver update done in the same way (through IE, having deleted the old one first). Also, it is good to clear out the print jobs in the printer cue, and reboot the computer before downloading the new driver, otherwise, you have to start over. 

I hope these helps some other soul.  I was at my wits end, and though I was initially pleased with the printer, this was annoying.  As annoying as setting up my HP after it lost the settings.  I had to call customer support every time, and they only did it free up to a year.  With inadequate documention.  Listen, printer companies, if you want us to do it on our own, give good directions.  


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DIY SmartPhone Non-Slip Phone Gripper

Use your card-making tools to create a non-slip grip for your smartphone!

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Project Life and the Cricut

I was looking at all the cute tags and arrows and contemplating some serious die purchases, when I realized my Cricut and SCAL might have some of these shapes. Boy, was I right! In the basic SCAL software, there are tons of arrows! And it’s very easy to make some of the other tag shapes I was wanting, in any length or width. Definitely worth checking out if you have an old copy of SCAL laying around. If you don’t, well, too bad, it’s not available for Cricut anymore. If you have a Silhouettearrows, you’re in luck, SCAL IS available for it, which is why a lot of people are moving from the Cricut to the Silhouette.

It was as easy to make these word cards I’ve been seeing for sale on various websites. Just make a rectangle slightly smaller than 4X6 to fit into the pocket, add a word to the top in the font of your choice, then “weld” the two elements together for a united cut. FUN! You can trace this one if you prefer. I’m not going to take the time to upload a file, mainly because it’s so easy to make, and file sharing isn’t really the point of this post…it’s to get people to realize they really don’t need a die for every little thing for Project Life. Just cut on your cutting machine, if you have one already!

celebrate card project life



You could only do the words as well…I’ve seen them resting on top of photos and it looks super cute! I would make it like this:

celebrate project life cut file



with a rectangle welded to the bottom to help in keeping up with all the letters, ease of gluing, and help with spacing and keeping all the letters perfectly vertical.  The rectangle would rest under another element most likely, or it would even be cute as is!

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New Year’s Resolve

Thankful for my husband’s new treadmill, a Sole F80.  It’s not perfect, but it’s working.  Wish I had an iPad mounted to it that synched my info and provided at my finger entertainment while not losing site of the control panel.  But, as it is, I can wind down, meditate, and focus during that time.  Lost 8 pounds since January 1 eating more whole foods and keeping a food log (MyFitnessPal).  I’d put on about 15 last year through an injury (and eating like a teen with my teens.)  Now for the second half of this thing.  This part is going to be a lot harder.  The leaner you are to start with, the harder it is to lose.  I’m 5’3″ and would like to stay at about a size 6, no smaller.  I was getting uncomfortable in a lot of my 8s.  I hope to catch it while it’s a small problem and while I’m healthy to do it.  It’s always by the grace of God, especially through winter months!  

I bought a 1st gen Nook off ebay because I can side swipe to turn pages without overtapping a keyboard.  Wish it did have an internal light…running with a light mounted on it isn’t working so well, and the treadmill isn’t posited by a good light source.  I may have to upgrade my Nook.  

Evaluated cycle dieting today where you go off the diet for two days, increasing healthy carbs, preferrably your highest training days.  You do 15 calories per pound for a maintenance diet, then go back to 10 calories per pound for weight loss.  I’ve basically plateaued for the last three weeks up and down.  I think my body may be in starvation mode.  I think I’m building some muscle back, too, though…my husband notices, and my pants are looser.  

I’d like to get back down to my lower pant size instead of the upper tightness level of my larger pants.  I refuse to buy another pants size at this stage of the game.  I like the clothes I have.  

So, after an injury last Mother’s Day with my foot, I’m back up to run/walking about 3 miles when I want to.  I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill last week.  Took me a searing 55 minutes.  I did it in 25 or less fifteen months ago.  Just glad to be recovering.  

Love the heart-rate monitor.  I can tell my heart is stronger than when I started.  I was having to keep my hr at 115 or so to stay “stable” when I started.  Now, I can run faster, and my hr doesn’t go higher then 130s.  This is great!  

I’m eating in a “stressed” way today.  Have burned up half of my calories for the day by noon on carbs.  Time for some treadmill and recovery of the mindset.  

Off we go! 

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Christian Home-Making Ponderings for Today

Thoughts from lately:

1. People who do not live according to the truths of God’s word do not get to enjoy the promises of God’s word as much as they could.

Reading Proverbs last month reminds me that then, and now, people are bull-headed by nature and would rather pursue self than God. Lord, make us real seekers of your heart!

2. Negativity, criticism, and judgement: downers. To try to raise a standard is fine. Nit-picking is not okay and is damaging. There is a fine line between the two. What is it?

Raising a standard tries to lift people up and wants the to know truth. Nit-picking just doesn’t like something someone is doing and it is a reactionary impulse that is often hurtful and demeaning. It isn’t intended that way. We just get short with each other. I’ve done both.

Sometimes, we all just reach our limit. Other times we have our own issues that are keeping us from being where we need to be with others. Lord, help us to be gentle with one another, well-balanced, and in step with Your Spirit. Give us grace for one another, perseverance, and steadfastness so that we can deal with each other’s ups and downs.

Reading Galations is reminding me to not return to being a slave of the law, but also to not go back to being a slave to the expectations of others, but to follow You and You alone in obedience. That is where I will walk in peace and know the full fruit of what you have in store.

3. Overwork hurts everyone in the family and it cannot sometimes be helped.

Lord, help us to bear with one another in our weakness, and to pray for one another that we may be healed.

4. Staying ahead of the game helps diffuse stress, makes new problems less large, and keeps a better emotional climate for the home. I’m experiencing this with a cleaning schedule lately and am appreciating these benefits. Today is a much needed day of reflection, rest, and writing. Lord, help us to handle our own loads well so that we are serving one another in love, not in rush, hurry, or frustration. This is a skill I’ve needed. Thank you for beginning to teach me.

5. Thank you for books and online communities when I need to be challenged in what I am doing and get discouraged. It is difficult to be a stay-at-home homemaker. People seem to have the wrong impression of what I do and it is often discouraging in today’s world. Help me to stay faithful to what you are calling me to do today and not to worry about naysayer’s so much. Your favor and blessing are the desire of my heart.

6. Hearing the impulses of God. It seems lately I feel impulses to do things, but I am missing out on the pivotal moment that would have held the most encouragement for the intended party. Lord, remind me of the importance of time with you, worship, and sweetness of your heart so that I more often hit those pivotal moments.

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Going Back to School Prayers and Goals for This Mom

Last day of summer.  Time to make new goals.  We did reasonably well with some goals, but still struggling with the application of others.  Did better at getting help with household chores, which is something that was making me feel grumpy about.  Having a balanced mom creates a better home-life for everyone.  I wouldn’t say that “If Mom’s not happy, ain’t no one happy”, but I would say that when she is trying to maintain everything in the home for five people for twelve or so hours a day…she needs company, companionship, assistance, and no qualms about it.  I used a Melissa and Doug dry erase board and spend my planning period each morning praying, having my devotion, and writing down the things that needed to be done, my chores, and just various house chores.  The kids began to learn that to get my blessing to go out or plan other things in the week, that list needed to be accomplished by the group.  They’d look at it early to take the jobs they preferred.  If they chose to sleep late, they got what was left over.  No one seemed to complain about this system.  They sort of worked it out for themselves without my ever officially assigning anything.  There were times the youngest needed a job assigned they could do, but that’s about it.  

I sometimes added a “word of the day” or a “verse of the day”.  Sometimes they were just responsible for having a devotion and reporting to me what it was about.  I still feel like daily devotions are something I’d like to build a better passion for on their own, but it will just take time, modeling, and reinforcement from other people in their lives. 

So, tomorrow starts school for us!  How will these systems need to evolve?  I’m not sure.  I wanted to see today that I wasn’t left cleaning up the summer party on my own when one of mine wants a party here Friday night.  Again, a bitter and overworked mom is not a good mom.  They’ve helped me unpack luggage, clean shoes, do laundry, cook breakfast, and allowed me time to deal with some billing issues I needed to make calls about.  I hope we can find something special to do tonight to celebration the end of Summer Break, even if it’s just family game night.  Dad has a late meeting, unfortunately.  Late meetings throw us off a bit.  He generally brings home evening work at 7:30 as it is.  Forcing another hour after not getting home until 8:30 or 9, church the next night, dinner at Grandma’s the next night, and we’ve had like three days of no couple time.  I may need to get up early or try to meet him for breakfast to make those days flow better. 

I don’t know how to do this stuff.  I just know we need to plan ahead to keep from getting stressed, not having supplies, and having things left undone.  I learn from another mother that her key was to “just do as much ahead of time as possible”.  It’s true!  That one phrase is the key.  Otherwise, it all snowballs, and our stress level does, too. 

It’s been a difficult year in a lot of ways, yet, trying to just keep the main things the main things and trust God with the rest.  There is still joy.  Some pain in loss, but a lot of joy.  

No kids in elementary this year!  The clock is ticking to teach the values and disciplines I’d always hoped to teach my kids.  I can say that I enjoy my kids.  I love their company, their interests, and the time we get to enjoy as a family, even with all the demands to time and schedules and responsibilities.  

This time every year I pick up all the books I’ve accumulated on how to pray for my kids, and I begin.  I pray for their teachers,  I pray for their character.  I pray for wisdom.  I pray for us as parents.  I pray for those who work with them in youth.  I pray for political issues that affect them.  I pray for their safety.  Nothing kicks me into gear like sending my kids to school. 

Right now, I have at my feet “The Power of a Praying Parent” by Stormie Omartian.

Also, “How to Pray for Your Kids” is at my bedside. 

My prayer journals for each of them I pull out, read, and sometimes add to.  

I’ll write them notes of prayer and hopefully find a scripture for the year for each of them until they are old enough to find one on their own…sometimes it’s the same for all three of them.  

I’ll try to create fun times when they return home:  favorite treats, favorite suppers, fun time.  

And we’ll talk about situations that can come up.  Hopefully, they’ll be prepared, feel safe, and equipped.  We have no control over their teachers.  It’s like putting kids in a daycare and never getting to hire those who care for them.  It seems insane sometimes.  I trust these people.  I trust them with my kid’s time, with their character development, with their education.  

So, I pray some more.  

Besides that, I get ready for meds that need to be taken to the nurse in case they need a Pepto or Tylenol or allergy tablet (our school supplies NO meds).  

I still need to prepare the van with Kleenex for morning commute sneezes (this is very important!!!), extra pencils, Alleve for sore athletes, an extra pen for writing school lunch room checks, some liquids and snacks for “I AM STARVING” moments in the van.  

This year, I’ll email teachers more often.  Relying on Infinite Campus didn’t work for me last year.  Too much is not entered until too late, and by then, there is nothing I can do to hold them accountable to what needs to be the priority each day.  I hoped to not have to do this, but nagging, asking, and insisting hasn’t worked so far.  I just need information.  Then, I know the priorities and whether or not my kids are addressing them.  I don’t know any other way to do this without embarrassing the kids. I also need to find out what kids are in class with them so that I know when things are coming up better.  How can I use technology to my advantage in this area?  Is there a group assignment system so that if one kid doesn’t like keeping an agenda, I could learn with those who do share classes?  Would Google Calendar work for this?  Maybe.  I’ll explore.  

Lots to think about, pray about, and just release into God’s hands ultimately.  Tomorrow, year ten of schooling my children begins!  






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