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Sunday Thoughts, Potted Meat, etc…I know, that’s a bad title

Sunday nights are generally a bit of a downer.  I go to church, get my heart all softened and opened up, and there are the needs of children pressing, the needs of a spouse pressing, the needs of Monday pressing, and my energy is low.

And I hate that. 

I dreamed about potted meat on the way home.  I’m not sure why.  And then I started thinking about pickled bologna, which I have in the extra fridge.  It’s expensive, and lasts a very long time around here, because I’m the only one who eats it.  I also started thinking about Humus, but the last few times I ate that, I got heartburn, so I veered from that back to the bologna, but that sounded too strong, so I started thinking of Ham in the fridge, but that sounded too boring, not to mention, I had it yesterday.

Ya’ll are riveted by now.   Yeah.  Ya’ll are needing some fellowship, too, or you wouldn’t be reading this, so I don’t want to hear about it.

So, I dreamed up a pickled bologna spread with either the mini chopper or cheese grater from Pampered Chef.  I opted for the latter as I could not see the mini chopper in the cabinet, though it was my weapon of choice.  I add some real Mayo and crackers, and had a nice Sunday night snack.  It hit the spot, and left me a bit on the “ugh” side, but mainly from the real Mayo I’m not used to.  Overall, a more mild taste.  A girl needs her Nitrates now and then.

Today, I also created an apple popover with the sandwich maker with some cut-up Gala apples, applesauce (remnants of this weeks disaster on the floor by daughter, as you, the faithful, recall).  I sprinkled on some cinnamon sugar, and Mmmm.  It was pretty tasty.  I recommend the bread ENDS for this, as they taste even more crunchy than the normal bread (on every thing in the sandwich maker), but especially for this recipe, because the applesause has a tendancy to seep through the regular light bread and keep it somewhat soggy.  One end piece saved it from being too “wet” to transport and enjoy.

In other news, I did notes on the book of “Numbers” today over at Level Path.  Whew.  The notes were fun…I think it’s probably been my most fun book this far…lots of hidden jewels and “synapses firing” with things going on in my mind.  Sharing my study notes seems as exciting for others to read, as say, flossing our teeth together together, but hey, for those of you reading along who want to know what I’m gaining, here is my faithful note collection link:  Numbers:  A Surprisingly Good Feast.  I didn’t call it anything so entertaining as “Suprisingly Good Feast”, though.   I just made that up.  Anyway…

Worship was a totally awesome thing all day for one reason or another.  If you missed it…why yes, you did miss out!  All of you at the beach and on vacation in exciting places…I have no pity for you whatsoever.  We had a blast throwing beach balls around the room, doing Shackles together, and otherwise, listening to a couple big hunks of meat already challenging me on patience and intimacy with God.  So… there!

No…I’m not bitter.  Not much.  Okay, so maybe a little.  Or a lot.  But, we are going rock wall climbing and doing one overnight at a hotel, as is our tradition, and it’s about all we can normally handle.  Hard to believe it’s been a year since our own DISNEY trip.  It was the most fun we’ve ever had as a family.  I love the memories!

Oh…I’m hosting an open house here from 10-2 on Monday and possibly on Tuesday, depending on your schedules and mine (we’re on a flex schedule right now, which means I’ll entertain as long as my kids are holding out).  Let me know when you are free and want to hang out for a while doing Fall stuff.  Bring something to feed me or show me of interest:  that is your admission.  If it is only yourself, well, you’d better dress well.  HA!  It’s easy:  a magazine I’ve not seen (I’ve not seen most),  something to drink, something leftover, something you are working on…it doesn’t have to be fancy, just conversational.  

On to Kroger for me.  We are out of Q-tips and paper towels…have been for several days.  It’s pretty rough living out here in the wild.  😀


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Several posts today.  Just catching up my journal, and with myself.

Today, I’ve read a couple chapters of Elizabeth George’s book, Life Management for Busy Women:  Living Out God’s Plan with Passion & Purpose.  It has ministered to me much lately.  I just take the area of life God is prompting me to brush up on, and quickly scan her chapter on that subject.

I remembered the “eyelid” verse from the same book several posts back where God says, “Fix your eyelids on me”, and I thought, “Where is that in MY Bible?  How does it read?”  So, as the first speaker of the Deeper Still, Nashville 2007 Conference began, I looked it up. 

Well, low and behold if it wasn’t right there “attached” to the verse God gave me for this school year for my kids, “Make level paths for your feet”. 

 It was a scripture my husband had just quoted to me that morning over a situation.  He was using it as a guidpost, and I had thought, “I wonder if that is still THE WORD for us in THIS situation?”  And, it is good to know that God still has me, and us, there.  Simplicity. 

Life will be hard enough without my help.  I can do a lot of things for my family to “help make the paths level”.  Three kids adjusting to a new school this year…public school, for crying out loud!  My husband studying for a huge test.  Their step-grand-dad leaving for Iraq most likely next month (I just told them today…SO hard to do.  My youngest kept saying, “What if he dies?”).  Whew.  And, in all that, what is my response?  Not to toughen them up.  Not to help them be independant.  No…not this year.  It is to do everything I can to make the path level for our feet.  Enough troubles come on their own.

And, you know my prayer?  Oh, of course you do!  “Lord, will you help make the paths level and straight for us?  Just like you said you would?”  You said, “I will make known to you the paths of life!”, and “You will hear a voice calling to you, ‘This is the way, walk in it!'”  Thank you for your word, Oh Lord!  Help me to treasure it even more than I have in recent days!


September 10, 2007 at 12:10 am 2 comments

Father Prayer


You are.

You are blessing and honoring and moving.

I see it.

Help me to trust you more.

Not melt down when I don’t have to; or be afraid to melt down when I need to; 

Oh, if I knew the fine line between the two!

Help me to keep loving and trusting and praying

Not fearing and dreading and losing hope 

Able to cry; not crying too much

Laughing, savoring, preparing…

Not freezing up–despairing.

Reveal yourself to me

Every hug, every song over me

Every butterfly, drop of rain,


Pointing to You

Provision, trust, hope, help,

Meeting needs,

“Keeping”; Not abandoning


Father.  Father.  Father!  Father.  FATHER.

Father, you are to me.

I am  your child


Help me to trust you, and depend on you

You hear me when I beg you to!

Bless and keep us all.


August 26, 2007 at 7:24 pm 1 comment

Sunday–Thank You for your timely words…

The fruit of righteousness will be PEACE the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence FOREVER.

Isaiah 32:17 (NIV)

Lord, thank you for a nap.  Thank you for Tylenol.  Thank you for fresh and delicious [!!!!!! WOW] corn from the garden, first time today…you should be very jealous (even if you don’t like corn on the cob). 

Lord, thank you for the challenge of your word. 


Quiet… inside and out. 


Again….17And the effect of righteousness will be peace [internal and external], and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confident trust forever. (Isa. 32:17 AMP)

Lord, thank you for different versions of your word, and for verses that hit my mind “at just the right time” to re-minister and bring focus to me.  Thank you for note cards from days past read and re-read that spring to mind when I’m needy. 

Thank you for opportunities to serve and love you to the fullest.  Over and over…that is the joy! 

Thank you for your deep pleasure and abiding joy over us…and in us. 

Thank you for the indwelling love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentlness, and self control that are the fruit of the Spirit…YOU!!!

You reign.  You reignYou REIGN!  Keep reigning, and reign me in!

How good it is when you do! 

Continue to reign!  As you will. 



July 8, 2007 at 4:34 pm 1 comment

An Odd Sunday

Yesterday, the Lord provided a way where I could get my hair colored without having to pay local prices.  My mom took me as a model to this hair show.  So, I was all excited about it.  It made for quite an adverture, but needless to say, after about six sets of color tweaks and four professional hairstylists, I woke this morning as “my new self” to my family only to have every single one of them say, “I thought you were going to get your hair done”.

Well, as a credit to them, it’s subtle, and fresh, and shines in the light.  But, it doesn’t scream, which is sort of nice for the hairsyle I have right now and want to keep for a bit longer.

On the negative side:  “What do you MEAN you don’t notice anything, do you have any idea what I went through!”  That whole story is far too long for blogging today, but let’s just say that I have appreciation for folks I probably didn’t have enough appreciation for before.  That’s an understatement, I can’t delicately elaborate here. 

And let’s just say that I like at least being shamppoed in warm water…NOT ice cold…and NOT four times in freezing cold water…at least.

And let’s just say that I love my mother who has always done my hair in half the time,  with warm water.  We always though we had to be taking far too long going the long way around.  No.  We were pros of our own measure.

And while we are here, I just want to also say that I think my hair looks fresh and even and delightful, AND that the first lady at the school who spoke to me DID ask if I’d gotten a haircut.  Actually, the cut took 2 minutes…it’s the color that took 10 hours.  But, I do like the cut…it’s pretty much what I’d cut myself, but they evened and “point cut” the layers and it really helped my fine old hair to lay down better.   She DID notice!  And that’s a good thing.  She even turned back around to say that she liked it.  Even better!

Um, no…I did not wash my hair today.  My scalp is too sore.  I might wash it in a few days.  I think I’m caught up for a while.  I’d post a picture, but…you know, I really don’t think I’m open to feedback at this point!


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Be Thou My Vision…, the version without chills

Our Sundays around here are usually dramatic enough that I write a Sunday review.  Today was all about rest, and peace, and quiet…and it was GOOD!  We napped and walked barefoot in the grass, and talked.  Aaaah.

This morning starting at 6AM for a 7AM practice.  All went well.  We had slated two new songs (for us), Chris Tomlin’s
“Glory in the Highest”, which I had not heard.  I listened to it in practice Thursday night and needed to work on the keyboard intro again this morning.  We also had Ginny Owen’s “Be Thou My Vision”…first time I heard her sing that at a Women’s Conference in her early days, I wept and wept.  As some of you know, she is blind.  Just think about the words to that song for a moment.  Whew.  Gives me chills.

So, I found the “perfect drone” for the song on my Roland, and we were surviving, though it was in the crazy key of E flat.  I had three flats by the time I was done.  It’s hard to “drone in E flat” if you ask me.  But, anyway…time for the service and we are hopping alone, but I needed to cut OUT of “Open the Eyes of My Heart” at the end on the “holy, holy, holy” refrain.  Well, when I cut out, the aucostic sort of got nervous with the “hole” and just sort of let the song die…before I had gotten to find my “perfect drone sound”.  I typed in the “zone” C, and hit quickly entered in number 093, or whatever I thought I was.  Fortunately, I looked at the screen, because 2-3 seconds of silent nothing for the congregation waiting, and “slap harmonica” came.  I don’t know what a slap harmonica sound would be, but I’m just guessing it doesn’t fit “Be Thou My Vision” and goosebumps.

So, I flipped quickly BACK to Zone A to “West Coast” which I hoped had some “drone” properties, and had to play even more of the Key of E flat than I did on the first Drone as this Drone didn’t have as long a sustain.

All that to say, it didn’t give me goosebumps this time.  As a matter of fact, when we walked off the stage, I was in meltdown.  My husband said, “Why didn’t you come out and sit with us as you usually do.” 

Simple answer, “I was busy having a nervous breakdown over ‘Be Thou My Vision’, and, ‘Why’d they stop playing anyway?'”  Those are moments when I get a blank stare and, “I really wished you’d come out and sit with us.” 

“No problem.  I’ll try to fit that in next weak and cancel my nervous breakdown until a more appropriate time”.

Any other band players out there have a hard time some weeks getting the message?  And it REALLY sounded good this week, on dreams and something or other.  He even used the word “Magnanimity” from a quote.  Now, come on, I have to have that quote.   Anybody remember?  Get that right over to me.

So, yes.  I did get a nap today.  I always have to rest after Sundays!   

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Today…joy in serving.  Order.  Plans.  Preparation.  Help.  Glory to God!  A million pounds of pressure gone, lot of smiles and good humor and “normalcy”.  Oh, Lord, help us do this thing well!

Ice skating…the kids have learned so much courage since last year!  Wow.  No “mommy-itis” this year!  I did miss my little tobogganed red head needing my hands.  But, so proud of him!

My legs are SO killing me from the day.  I’m very tired.  Two days of full schedules and I need to rest.  Lord, help me get caught up on “the stuff” of household to be ready for the week.  I’m so tired!  Laundry, laundry. 

Hubby decided to sing Easter cantata choir…he needs the lift to his spirits.  We’ll see how his schedule deals with him.  I miss him already.  I hope he is refreshed and restored.

Much joy today.  So dependent on the Lord every day…every day.  For some reason, totally needing His strength and supply and energy and help and direction and guidance to know what matters and what can wait. 

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Sunday Challenges

Sunday.  Home with Red–sick.  Or supposedly so.  We thought he was running a low grade temp.  The thermometer says no.

Tired.  Emotionally tired dealing with problems that seem cyclical.  Unproductive.  Ineffective.  Angry.  Prayerful.  Repentant.  Frustrated.

Much up in the air.

Solutions?  or Attitudes?  Or both?

Training, or planning, or cooperation?  Or all the above?

Resting.  Do my part.  Try to be a postive influence.  Try to let other’s problems be THEIR problems. 

Let it go.

Keep giving.  Keep serving.  Keep smiling.  Keep encouraging.  Keep trying.

New energy and spirit will come tomorrow, even when I ponder giving up today.  It makes a difference.  I love to serve.  I love to give.  And I wish it could all be more sometimes.  More prepared.  Better suited to suite everyone.  But, unrealistic expectations never helped anyone.  And, it’s nobody’s fault necessarily.  There is no perfect system, method, or week.

Breathe deep.

PS:  I got up 15 minutes earlier…OUCH!  5:30.  Got there early today and waited in my van prayerfully singing (and cleaning out my purse—-where do all the dirty Kleenex COME from …disgust-amundo!).  Walked in at 7:00, sharp.  I don’t like to go in early if other ladies aren’t there yet!   Felt good to hit a personal goal.  Maybe today I’ll get lucky and finishe the last two “icky jobs” on my chore list sitting on there far too long!

February 11, 2007 at 12:07 pm 5 comments


I has snowed three days in a row.  Only about an inch each morning, but so bright…the mornings are so BRIGHT.  Ah, morning light again!  Glisten.  Sparkle!  Shine!

So good for my spirits to see some snow in the winter months.  Helps me experience the season fully.  (And I have a cough and congestion, but seem to be over the “flu”.   A special thanks to those who checked in with us this week!)

The sermon today was on shining.  The preacher said, “Did you know that for all the elecricity it takes to burn a lightbulb, 90% of that energy is used to generate heat…only 10% of that energy is used for making light?   And did you know that you can conserve energy by turning off the light, but then you have no light.  Don’t conserve at the expense of shining your light!”

Something in that struck a chord with me…that of all the “fuel burning” I do feeling ineffective at times during the day…in that time of productivity and walking with the Lord, I am giving off even more than a lightbulb.  Always, 10% is shining through, and that is enough to light someone’s world with the love and light of Christ. 

It is his light shining through me that is meant to be the light of the world!  “So let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, who is in heaven.”  Matt (22, I think it is).

February 4, 2007 at 11:25 pm 2 comments

Sunday Review

Worship challenges:  sound, hookups, sound.

Worship victories:  a young girl we’ve been praying for for a year now comes back home, and to the Lord, and is baptized tonight.  WoW!  My SIL joined the church!  I love that girl!

Afternoon struggles:  My stomach lining has been raw for four weeks to the point where I’m having to really watch what I eat AND take all kinds of antacids.  Three hour nap today.  Yikes.

Evening:  Joy worshipping with a friend visiting from another local church.  Joy, joy, joy.  Kids are off school Monday…yeah!

Night:  very, very tired, bone deep. 


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Life Worship

Today, our children’s Sunday School lesson was about “church”.

The boys were ‘bulls’ today, and have forgotten any semblence of non-crazy behavior, so we also talked about ‘reverence’ and ‘quiet’, and we practiced it.

I figured they thought I was probably a very weird teacher or something.

We got in the van and my daughter said, “That was a very restful class today mom.  It was like, really relaxing!”

She meant it.  It’s so easy to tink all kids need the hype…but some kids also need quiet…important to learn to offer both, I guess.

I am working on “worship” at home today.  As in “order”…cleaning without grunting and complaining.  Servanthood.  Joyful community service.  It’s refreshing.  Still no TV…but they are still asking every time every task is done…and there are MANY more tasks to go.  How many do I force today?  In any case, it’s better than it was when we walked in.



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Unfillfilled Expectations–A Reason in it All

I hear so many women this season of Christmas saying they “feel lonely”.  I just came home from church and I struggle with the same.  I went, I took care of the children, I tried to make them teach them to worship, and I taught Sunday School.  And I made sure all the kids got back to their correct parent, and I got my children (my husband could not be with me today), and I stood around, waiting to connect myself with someone…and I never did. 

Yes, I smiled cheerfully and SO enjoyed the warm winter red “Hello!” of many.  I enjoyed some bright and caring, joyful chit chat.  But, oh, how the soul longs for that deeper connection sometimes, especially after a week, mostly at home. 

In thinking about the “whys”, I was reminded of dates with my dear husband when, we have a date, but… we are not able to fit it all in.  For example, we may get to throw in a quick “working lunch” one day with colleagues.  Another night we may see a movie at home, too late for much conversation or intimacy, another day, a good meal with the kids.

So, it all happens spread out, in the course of time.  We don’t get it all in one day sometimes.  I wonder if from body life we should not have the same long-term expectations and investment.  If I get home, and my “needs” weren’t met…Jesus is still waiting for me, and I will receive more, or something different the next time I go. 

Granted, there are times we need to cultivate a particular area in our lives (ex. grow more relationally), but there is also sometimes a reason God sometimes leaves us “wanting”, unfilled.  Perhaps it is to be filled by Him?  Perhaps it is to have relational energy and  hunger for the friend who calls us that day needing to talk?  We are ready, because he with-held our energies earlier.

I hope I learn to trust God with my needs and with his timing more and more, joyfully taking what he gives, acknowledging those things he didn’t give, and…ready and willing to be in the next place he may put me as a result both of my own needs and the needs of those around  me.

December 3, 2006 at 12:31 pm 3 comments

Thank You, Lord

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who prayed for me as I led worship today.  The sacrifices were…1. last night I was a bit distracted at Mom’s Thanksgiving feast from all the thought overdrive this week, and 2.  I needed to cut out and not let the kids decorate mom’s Christmas tree this year while all the little cousins were there (sad, sad Mommy here). 

Nobody knows how much thought it takes to lead in a service until you do it.  Such total concentration.

Thanks to the team.  From sound to lights, to words, to instruments, to voices, to cams, to chairs they all do what they have to do, a few pulling others who have to run late.  A few learned two songs THIS morning for the special Thanksgiving emphasis.  I was really proud of their servant’s hearts.  We got off the stage 15 minutes before we had to start, so that wasn’t too bad considering the service starts at 8:30AM.  I was there at 6:30AM and got my Sunday School class all ready for turkeys.  I usually play band every other week and teach every other week, but today was a double whammy.  So fun to hear the kids, though (for a later post).

I’m in awe really at what God can do to calm a poor, nervous soul like me.  My spirit just felt ready.   I felt like He’d taken me through the paces all week.  I slept like a baby last night.  I woke many times through the night for one reason or another, but went back to sleep.

I am happy that God gave me peace, a sense of comfort, presence of mind, and something to offer.  I am glad that we danced together as a body, spinning around “a wild dance I dance before you”…that was fun.  I’m glad that people smiled and responded, and seemed to enjoy to opportunity to be a little nuts, and a little serious, all at the same time.   Oh yes, always things I’d like me, and us, to improve on…but I improved on personal goals, and I sensed the presence and preparation of God…for today, it is enough!

I just wanna say, “Thank you, Lord “…


November 19, 2006 at 10:52 pm 1 comment

Thanksgiving Sunday Worship


I’m leading worship Sunday morning: “Thanksgiving Sunday”.  Wow.  Total mind preoccupation.  Not striving, but preparing.

Thankfully, there are more songs on “thanks” than we used to have to choose from–worthy of as many or more songs as Christmas–we can’t be thankful enough! 

Three days of hashing it out, no doubt about fourteen hours of thought/planning time (yes, I know, I’m a major rookie at bat…):  here it is: 


It Is A Good Thing to Give Thanks  (Graham Kendrick)


I Will Not Forget You  

How Can I Keep From Singing (Chris Tomlin) 

Thank You, Lord (Paul Baloche and Don Moen) Thank You for Loving Me  (Tommy Walker)

Tomorrow, maybe I can memorize words to the songs.  Now for finding the inner calm, The Presence of God, who engages people in worship– beyond the music.  Lord, lead me.  Cover me.  Calm me. 


November 16, 2006 at 5:49 pm 2 comments

Sunday PM

Well, for those who read that last post…I was asked to lead worship tonight.  On occassion, like we run out of people and everyone gets tired and band season and hunting season and Great Banquet season and superbowl season all collide…and then, there is me.  In these cases, I’ll lead worship…sometimes.

So, the big guy on top calls me Wednesday, at which time I was in global meltdown from a very hard revival week, and I said, “Lord, I need some rest.  I need a nap.  If ANYBODY calls me for ANYTHING in the next hour, I am saying “NO!”  I canNOT do one more thing.  No.  Doesn’t matter what it is, NO!

So, during my little nap-a-roon-ie, the phone rang.  I heard the message.  I usually take the call…and in this state of mind, I decided against the wisdom of picking up.  I finished my nap, sort of, after another call came that I had to take from the school.  So, I laid there, and I think somewhere in there, I did nod off just long enough to wish I felt more rested.  But, the point is, I did try to rest and I did lay down, and I did “block” for a while when I got maxed out.  All of these are good habits, and I was proud of myself.  So, two hours later, I return The Call. 

“Um, I know this is rather short notice, but I’m just realizing that it’s a 5th Sunday and I don’t have anybody scheduled for Sunday night.  Would you?”

Now, knowing it’s a good opportunity, I say, “I’ll think about it.  I am so not on my game right now. Very behind.  Very tired.  Very frustrated.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“And my child was in trouble today.  And I had two hours of parents meetings.  And I’m just tired.”


“But, I know  you need to know soon.”

“Yeah.  Oh, and your team is off the next two weeks.  I just realized that.”

“Oh.  You should have started there.  Oh, okay.  I’ll do it.”

“What?  Oh.  Okay!  Great!” 

end of conversation.

neither my logic, my inspiration, nor my spirit seemed to improve a great deal through the week.

Thank God a few I asked today could join in, and at time to be there, I did not yet have a song list finalized.  I’d had music spread all over the living room floor pulling and pushing and thinking and praying and reading scripture and thinking thoughts for three hours. 

And, I think it went well.  I ran over.  The speaker ran short.  Praise God for small miracles

One of the few times I’ve led worship and I finished and really felt like I WORSHIPPED. 

Did I mention that I decided as a strong point that I should show a slide of Mickey Mouse?  (See if they ask ME again!).  This related to worship.  Yes, it did.  I think….I strongly hopeI’ll probably get letters tomorrow.

Well, it’s over.  As I sit here.  It amazes me that God takes our thoughts and our meanderings about Him, and He can use all that to prepare us for what is next. 

Yes, it’s true.  God’s grace abounds to us, so that “in all things, at all times, having all that we need, we may abound in every good work.”

I don’t know if everyone was pleased.  I doubt it.  But, I know some were…they took the time to tell me.  And I just thank God that he got me through, and I felt his pleasure in the tired “yes”. 

Time to start praying for Monday AM!

Lord…be Lord!

October 29, 2006 at 10:15 pm 3 comments

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Sidebar photographs by Maggie except "clay mugs". Others, stockxchng (by permission) unless noted.

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