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Project Life and the Cricut

I was looking at all the cute tags and arrows and contemplating some serious die purchases, when I realized my Cricut and SCAL might have some of these shapes. Boy, was I right! In the basic SCAL software, there are tons of arrows! And it’s very easy to make some of the other tag shapes I was wanting, in any length or width. Definitely worth checking out if you have an old copy of SCAL laying around. If you don’t, well, too bad, it’s not available for Cricut anymore. If you have a Silhouettearrows, you’re in luck, SCAL IS available for it, which is why a lot of people are moving from the Cricut to the Silhouette.

It was as easy to make these word cards I’ve been seeing for sale on various websites. Just make a rectangle slightly smaller than 4X6 to fit into the pocket, add a word to the top in the font of your choice, then “weld” the two elements together for a united cut. FUN! You can trace this one if you prefer. I’m not going to take the time to upload a file, mainly because it’s so easy to make, and file sharing isn’t really the point of this post…it’s to get people to realize they really don’t need a die for every little thing for Project Life. Just cut on your cutting machine, if you have one already!

celebrate card project life



You could only do the words as well…I’ve seen them resting on top of photos and it looks super cute! I would make it like this:

celebrate project life cut file



with a rectangle welded to the bottom to help in keeping up with all the letters, ease of gluing, and help with spacing and keeping all the letters perfectly vertical.  The rectangle would rest under another element most likely, or it would even be cute as is!


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Label SVG Cut Files

In celebration of all the wonder of SCAL, I thought I’d put up some labels I’d made a while back welding basic shapes to share on a rainy day. (I also posted them on my crafting blog “”.)

As a note, I’m trying to not cross post with my crafting blog, but wanted to get this info out there:  Sure Cuts a Lot may no longer be available to you, depending on how a current lawsuit situation goes with Provocraft where you can cut your files/fonts/shapes/.jpgs with your Cricut (many sad tears).  If you want to get it, now’s the time!  You may not have tomorrow!  Here’s the link.

Click the following link for files:

Please do not repost them, but you may use them for your own crafting purposes.  Do not share the links, but you may link to this post ( where friends may obtain them.


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Themed SVG Cut File Review (Baby, Beach, Winter, Dies, Christmas, Etc.) (sidebar) has some new, beautifully packaged SVGs.  Just what I’ve been looking for.  Cost less than carts, adorable color ideas, BUT…the one downside is that the files are not separated into cut layers–you have to figure all that out yourself.  There are some cuts easier to do that than others.  I would like them much better if they were simplified and pulled apart for cutting, but I’ve still bought several.  They are offering FREE ones from time to time, which is a great way to test them to see if you like them.  The “frames” svg files will probably be some of my most used.  If you are confident with dis-assembly and separating colors by layer, go for it.  If not, stick with images easy to separate. does a better job of separating items for cutting, and the cuts are clean.  The only minor thing I do not like about these downloads (for pay) is that within every group, the svg cut files are called “SVG files”.  When I went to move my old files to a new computer, somehow I lost  lot of files because all the subfolders had the same name.  This should not have been a problem, but it was.  I’m not sure HOW this happened, I just know it did.  I’m hoping I can download another copy or get it all straightened out, but it’s a hassle.  I recommend renaming them by cut file name when you download them rather than the generic “svg files” for each set.  I have had great luck with these files and highly recommend them.  They run great sales and often do a free gift set (full set) with the purchase of a couple other sets.  Sign up for their newsletter for more info on sales.  Great free cuts each week on their blog, too. is probably one of the best values out there as far as SVG cut files grouped by theme for download.  You can buy it for a one time subscription and there are constantly updates.  Just the other day a new one came out for girl pages.  With a minimal price of a subscription, you get all subsequent files she releases FREE.  These files are clean, and not too complex to cut quickly (not a lot of intricate paper piecing, which I don’t tend to enjoy as a rule).  She also provides a lot of helpful tutorials, and alerts you when updates to SCAL come up (the software program which allows Cricut to cut any font on your computer, any appropriate jpg, or svg files).

One of my most used SVG sets is the “shapelies” by Penny Duncan.  They emulate popular nesting dies and are worth looking into.  Simply separate the images down to one or two images in the sizes your prefer, then cut!   I got them in the “free” phase also, but you’d spend the money on just one of these dies, and she offers countless ones ready for cutting.  Very well worth the $15 for all of them in my opinion.

Others you like?  I’m only referring to “theme” sets for this post.  There are LOTS of free SVG files out there just ready for search and grab!

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Why I Make Cards…[Whew]

This project was AN EMERGENCY!

We’ve been in the basement for a while due to a tornado warning…one of my favorite reasons to be able to make fun cards…it seems we ALWAYS have a reason to be short “the traditional gift” for the kid’s birthday parties, and Boy Wonder was due at one, pronto!

We’ve had little guests here all day–no way I was getting to the store:

The Hub took over the frying of the sausage and eggs while I ran to the craft room to “work my magic” (oh, how I love it when he talks to me like that).

Font:  a superhero font of some kind using SCAL (Sure Cuts a Lot plus the Cricut cutter).

I had some cardstock scraps on my desk and cut strips to fit the card.


I used a new Studio G party stamp pack in Nashville ($1 bin at Michaels) for all the stamping on the blue and khaki strips.

I love metal on teen boys cards, so I grabbed a metal black clip from the last bins at a CKC Convention I went to several years ago.



The stamp was mall for inside the card, so I added color blocking.   For the blue, I just laid the inkpad down onto the card, then added a black strip.  The white pen is my favorite Signo uniball.  I actually ordered several overseas from ebay.

So, we all pooled family cash, and Boy Wonder was out the door with a gift…



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Whimsical Bird Card (SCAL + Cricut Instructions)


I love the birdies popular in scrapbooking right now!

I cut this little birdy out using the “dbwoodsy font” + Sure Cuts a Lot (or “SCAL” software–click here for my explanation and review of SCAL, or here to purchase).  I think I bought this font at a scrapbooking font site for $2–lots of great stuff in it.  I’ll have to add that link in when I find it.  It is eluding me at the moment.

I cut the bird it out three times to get the yellow beak and blue wing (no waste, I can mix and match the pieces for three birds with the leftover pieces.)

“Get Well Soon” is in the font “Fabulous 50s Normal” available for free at


I opened Sure Cuts a Lot, then “welded” all the word boxes together so that they would cut in one cut wherever they overlapped (or where I moved text to overlap them–each letter can be moved over another with your mouse, so it’s very easy to do).


The clear advantages of welding things are

  • perfectly aligned text on a straight line
  • one Xyron run or glue process instead of each letter
  • a very customized look

I even welded the red birdie to the text!


Textured cardstock using a Cuttlebug embossing folder.

Scalloped card using “SCAL” (Sure Cuts a Lot) and my Cricut.  I’m still perfecting that scalloped card process–when I do, I’ll write instructions!

Not seen here:  I even cut out the recipients name and put it out the outside of the card.  Who doesn’t love to see their name personalized on a card?

Lots of fun, and fun to deliver…

Click Logo below (or in the sidebar) to Buy SCAL (I’m an affiliate and get a piece of change for my effort if you buy from here…doesn’t cost you anything more, and I’ve looked up a coupon code to even save you 10%!):


Click here for More Info found on the Sure Cuts A Lot Site!

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“Sure Cuts A Lot” (SCAL) Software Review and COUPON CODE/Sale

Sure Cuts a Lot does everything it promises and more! I’ve posted several projects I’ve made so far using it…

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