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Week Two Eye Doctor Visit Post Advanced Surface Ablation Surgery

So, today they had me do the “look at the red barn” test.  I’m not sure what those results were, they didn’t say, and I forgot to ask.  I tested on the subjective test 20/50, left eye…20/30 right.  Still some swelling in my right eye.  He said my near-sightedness has completely corrected now, the surfaces on both eyes are now completely smooth.

As far as pain, now, there is this occasional feeling that a rod has been jammed into my eyeball.  Phantom nerve ending pain, healing pain, fleeting pain…it goes from one eye to the other.  Painful, but not overbearing.

So, now, just waiting on the epitheleal layer to smooth out and continue to thicken before we know what we have.  I’m combined at about 20/40.  I can see relatively well considering I’m uncorrected.  There is just a sort of glare or slight blur I can’t wait to have gone now.  When I wake up in the morning now, things seem more clear than blurry overall, though…a great feeling.

“Maury” the last commentor, posted the same surgery beginning to end on his blog (his older blog…I’ll try to insert that link.)  He had Lasik in one eye and ASA on the other).  He said at 30 days, he was good, 60, great, 90 excellent, and at four months, PERFECTION.

Aaah.  That sounds great–perfection.

That sort of time line at least helps me know how to pace my progress and grace!

June 13, 2008 at 1:45 pm 2 comments

Climbing Back Up-Hill

from Mom’s garden

5:50 this AM…my kids had a grand scheme to cook me breakfast in bed to cheer me up before Dad left for work.  I look pretty sleeped-over in this pic, but it’s worth the looks on their faces.

They scrambled the eggs alone on the gas stove–forgot the non-stick spray, poured everything back out of the pan, they said, and started over after wiping out the pan.

Bacon, OJ, buttered toast, and a rose…

Hub said they could hardly get to sleep last night for planning it out.

I love my kids…though they nearly drove me batty yesterday after an extremely long day with the eye issue.  Even their “fun” was annoying to listen to when it involved squealing and yelping.  They had an energy level of 10+ and mine was trying to get to about a 4.

I was almost too tired to eat the breakfast, but AHhhhhh.  The LOVE.

I ate a bit, then they devoured the rest.  IT WAS really good.  The best breakfast I’ve ever had, I’m sure.

I went back to sleep and after a few hours of no pain…my spirits are up.

My vision is still blurry today, but much better in my right eye.  I can see the computer screen at a normal font today, though it’s still not quite there.  My left eye is holding things back some.

I’m nervous about getting the contacts out tomorrow and wonder if I’m ready.  I don’t know that I can handle the graininess of yesterday.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find I still need one on the left.

Hopefully we are on the up-swing.

The overcast morning helped SO much.  Thanks, Lord.

At noon today, a family with kids similar in age came and got all three for the afternoon.  I’m in hog heaven at the moment. Sweet mercy, God is good.

I just HAVE to go sit in the sun for ten or fifteen minutes, even if I have to cover my head with a pillow case!  I may even scoop some leaves out of the pool for The Hub while I’m at it.

Kim:  This is for you…I added some sequins yesterday.  HAS to be better with sequins!

June 3, 2008 at 12:25 pm 2 comments

Friday 9PM


Today is day 2, not 3 (I mistyped earlier, I think…the days are running together…and long!).

Better tonight.

Mom:  thanks for supper, helping with laundry, and the beautiful roses from your garden.  I love you.  You’re the best ever.

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TheraTears is a GREAT product for dry eye. There is a one dollar coupon right now if you Google for it.  I’ve about used my three box supply  with fix mini bottles each.  I want the eye drop size bottle instead…when you tear off the cap, it causes an uneven point and sometimes I touch my eye slightly.  I’d rather have the smooth top, though it’s not as good for fighting infection post surgery.

The guy I saw post surgery said that by about saturday I’d want to hunt all them down and kill them…but to hang in there, the worst would probably be over.

I laughed, appreciating his humor.  I really thought he figured I was a wimp.

Today, indeed letters underscoring my cause are going through my mind to spill my guts on a couple matters–namely, warnings about how to pull off these darkening shades.

The self injury an hour after the surgery makes this right contact feel like sand paper with one fleck of sand –enough to drive a person batty and slow sweeling, thus, my vision.

I am prone to tell the same stories over and over to my family, apparently, like most people post surgery.

Son:  “So you scratched your eye or something?
Mom:  “Yes, they said my eye is swollen now…”

Son:  “I know, I know, one eye the tissue has a lightening bolt pattern on my cornea, the other a star-burst.”

Mom:  “I suppose I’ve said that a few times.”

Son:  “Uh, yeah, a few.”

No sympathy.

Awaiting tomorrow.

May 31, 2008 at 4:42 pm 1 comment

Change of Plans

things ended up considerably more complicated than expected today…different procedure than expected (ASA rather than LASIK)…a lot of info — fast decisions in a short time…longer recovery…slower results…more pain.

thanks so much for your prayers…walking it out…pain/burning in spurts…can’t drive for a week, more restrictions, more meds, for a longer time…but I think ultimately God’s best for me.

More info when I’m allowed to be on the computer.  Off to dark glasses, drops, meds, and the sofa!



May 29, 2008 at 8:37 pm 2 comments

Still Pre-Eye-Surgery “Nesting”

Today was a day when I continued to do “pre-surgery nesting”.  Does this happen to all women?  It happens to me before I know I’m going out of town, before trips, before vacations, before hospitalizations, before holidays.  It basically means that I want things to look nice when I come home.

I want stuff done.

Well, they aren’t.  But, I got the kitchen counter caulked and the outlet covers put on.  I got some copper-bottom pots scrubbed my mother got me for my wedding–I hung two of them on the wall by my stove…both beautiful and functional.  They seemed frivolous to me at the time, but they sure are pretty now hanging up.  I have such trouble getting pans out from under my cabinet here!  I got spoiled with pots & pans drawers at my other house!  Anyway…I also got half of the front room painted, and the walls sanded and spackled again where I got the chair-rail down (most of it).  I still have to get the piano moved and get that wall primed to finish.

I got cranky toward the end of the dayjust before I had to drop the kids off at grandparents.  All I wanted to do was love on them, but I couldn’t.  They are so haphazard with chores. Our finance study this week was on work ethic…some of those verses we need in our house this summer!  Much summer work to do with the children!

Tonight as I left the church, a man that we’d prayed for prior to his Lasik surgery four years ago joined My Man to pray for me–such excitement for us.  I love the body of Christ!  Same surgeon!  He’s had GREAT results and said it was the best investment he’d ever made.  What a boost!  (If you are considering it…start a savings pool well in advance and have other commitments caught up!)

My small group also laid hands on me as well.  I just LOVE hearing out loud the prayers of the saints going up.  A very special soul-peace installation!

Well, trash is out, pool has been babysat…time to wind down, I suppose.  Still SO much to put away!  Kids sure do make a mess!

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