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Night Cap

Aw, a few of you checked the posts to see if comments were re-enabled, and you caught a couple!  That’s just sweet at molasses right there.  I’m started to feel somewhat friendly again and able to “entertain a few blog guests”. 

I’ll just be honest.  December required a WHOLE NOEW LEVEL of focus for this Momma Bear.  Man, I don’t even want to summarize that.  It was fun, it was crafty, it was fun…and it was time to stop.  My heart was starting to feel like day old coffee was running in it, and my back spent 2-3 days tempting to lock up on me if I didn’t get me back into some level of normalcy soon.  I’m still working on normalcy, but intense rest has helped.  And a few muscle relaxers, and Naproxen, and doing…well, as little as a mother can do. 

Last night around 1AM, I grabbed a few pair of needed underwear for today out of the whites, threw them in with the darks which were still drying and called it a day.  I still have not folded the darks.  I have fluffed them once with the intention of drying them, but it only buzzes once on “reheat” cycle, which is stupid.  Who answers the laundry on the first beep.  If you do, don’t tell me…I’d have to drop our friendship if I knew that–it would make me feel way to inadequate to continue our journey together.

Speaking of which, my Maytag gas stove also only beeps once at done…which is an even “stupider” idea.  And that deserves the used of the non-word “stupider”.  I am generally in and out and with the dog and answering the door, the phone, watering outside plants, and running after children with scraped knees at the “one beep”.  What kind of kitchen maid do they think buys these things anyway?  I’ve tried the “alternate timer” route.  It actually has three timers…but apparently it chooses nonfunctionality at will…three days later the thing has reached zero, not beeped, and -1000 hours or something.

That leads me to my new Christmas gift I got today.  But first, I told you I got a “large round stone” for Christmas.  I had a winner…Kim L. guessed that one right away.  Yup, my Mom gave me a round baking pizza stone…my second.  With a family of five, one just doesn’t cut it.  I’ll still probably use my square metal ones some, but it’s just nice to have a round pizza when you cook for guests.  I’m THRILLED to have it.  Funny thing is, she thinks I gave it to her years ago.  See there, a good gift just keeps on giving.  She never used it and I kept hinting, ever so subtly (not) that I could use a second one.  Love it.  THAT is a great gift giver.  Totally practical, affordable, and much appreciated.

Today?  I got my new brick-red four wheel drive, all terrain vehicle my husband pre-ordered for me. Good on gas…runs electric!   How ’bout that?  I found myself singing a song to it today:  “I love everything about you, everything you are, catch a falling star if I asked you, and I couldn’t live a single day without you…”  Okay, okay, so it’s a new vaccum!  You just can’t have any fun with you people.  I LOVE this vaccum.  1.  It is NOT bagless.  Whoever thought of that idea doesn’t vaccum in real life.  2.  It vaccums “60% better than a Dyson”.  I don’t know what level of Dyson that comparison runs with, but at $140 ordered on-line from Wal*Mart, that’s pretty promising.  It only filled up a very small portion of the bag the first use, AND the filter only has to be changed EVERY TWO MONTHS.  Shew.  My last vac?  We had to wash that thing half-way through vac-ing the house AND empty that darned cannister…dust everywhere.  Insane.  The very last thing I want to do while vaccuming is clean dust OUT of my vaccum.  I just can’t believe this marketing idea has worked as long as it has…something in free capitalism has gone wrong, very wrong.

But, my Eureka Boss has set the world aright.  Yes, indeed.   I vaccumed until my cushions of my couch voluntarily I was so excited.  And we aren’t expecting guests or anything.  I even, gasp, vaccummed the stairs…both sets.  And the little carpeted landing.  There is this handy little power brush you can throw onto the house for small spots like that.  Love it.  Now, that part was an “added bonus”, which means that found nowhere ON the vaccum to attach the little power-head, so they got away with calling it an “added bonus”.  I wasn’t so impressed with the lack of “attach-on” quality.  Anyway.

I vaccummed so much that I wore a blister under my ring.  I think it’s because the thing is self propelled, which is great, until you have to pull against the “propell-ism” mechanism (the brush).  I really want to steam the carpets while I’m this far…just as soon as my blister-wanna-be heals. 

I highly recommend this vaccum for the price, Rosie. 

Well, it’s 9:30, and all my kids have miraculously been farmed out unexpectedly.  We ate out Mexican late to celebrate the occasion.  My stomach needs a Tums I’m just realizing.  I highly recommend the Grilled Chicken Durado at the local joint.  A new dish for me, but very much enough for two.  Mmmm.  Soft shell heaven.

We opted for no movie and reading and the fireplace.  Ah.  A quiet house.  It sounds very good.  Total silence except for clicking keys and the rustling of a newspaper.  Aaaaah.    


December 27, 2007 at 10:44 pm

A Day’s End

Just sitting here, having completed our first homemade Christmas ornaments.  Aaaah, the joy of motherhood.  Such a delightful little warm feeling.

My green tea has warmed by bones on this 70 degree winter’s day, and I’m now enjoying my new favorite treat:  Wheat Thins: Toasted Chips, Veggie flavor.  Well, I WAS delightfully enjoying them until The Hub came over here just now, right here, in my zone, and started wondering out loud, in serious conversation “who ever corrupted the wheat thin”. 

I really think the man has got to learn to appreciate “The  11PM Snack/Bloglines Zone”.  Hmph.

Well.  In any case, I have to say that I am proud, once again, to have elicited such positive response to my new word for my man, “The Hub”.  I have begun to see it crawl around blogdom.  Ah, to be such a force of internet linguistics.  It’s a gift.  Such rich vocabularly.  Okay, so my son sang “holy infant so tender and vile”, I know.  They take after their Dad on that.

But, isn’t it a fitting twist of words I chose:  for my world so revolves around The Hub!  I love it.

Until he starts critiquing my late night snack, my blogline zone. 

I may have to revert him back to “hubby”, which, all in all, is not as flattering at all.

Okay, so enough of that.  Here’s my find of the night:  WARNING: email chainworthy content if you click here!  Pretty cute!  I realize after I start holidays why women prepare so many “snacks” to have laying around…otherwise, we never have time to eat a meal and that’s the truth.  I’m just wasting away.  The dryer is strinking my jeans, but that’s another blog entry.

Also while you are over there checking out the humor, note these awesome looking recipes:  Wild Rice Soup Recipe, and  This Amazing Sounding Cider Recipe (goodness by the microwaveable single-dose cup)

On another blog, don’t miss this:  I  want to print out these soup recipes contributed by readers over at BooMama last week.

So much to do, so little time! 

December 11, 2007 at 11:43 pm

Tuesday Happenings.

It’s been a pleasure to receive honest emails on the last couple posts.  Thanks for your transparency and authenticity.  Remember, the goal is that we bless and honor the heart of God, not that we act like other people or try to reach standards of discipline , though discipline is involved. 

If finances are a struggle for you, find the counsel you need to get debt relief, and know the joy that comes from giving.  Giove to him first.  Beyond that, offerings are the cherry on top.  The tithe is the goal.  10%. 

I appreciate the opportunity to try to gently teach other’s in the same way others have so graciously and humbly taught us over the years.  Yes, it’s hard.  But, worth the freedom and joy.

In other news:  today was “jury day”.  I was not randomly selected for the Grand Jury.  I WILL serve on circuit court for at least the next three months.  That will be a child care challenge.  I may have to call on some of you.


I just settled down for a moment to enjoy a cup of brew from my new Cappuccino maker.  I love me a good cup of decaf, but it’s hard to find good decaf, much less a good cappuccino.  I’m often dissatisfied with the 4 dollar cup at Starbucks (as if we had one).  I found a Mr. Coffee machine for $2.00 yesterday, originally a $100.00 machine. 

It’s a little messy and time consuming, but SO FUN!  I made us some last night and showed my husband the process.  I may have to grace you with another stellar how-to video.  The thing about those videos, expressing how to do things people are interested in is…it invites non-believers to your blog.  Yesterday, I had 1,100 hits to this blog over a random post on scrapbooking I had done last winter.  While people are here, I hope they find a touch of grace and that they long for the joy of Jesus.  Any tools we can use to invite people into our lives, right?

I’ve also been wanting to try out a MAC.  gasp.  Not necessary BUY one, just TRY one.  Why be anxious, oh ye great PC folk?  I’m just trying it, not converting!  Anyway, I found a 1o yr. old college entry level iMac for $5.00 yesterday. I’ve been told they are like a Toyota, they never die and you don’t have to worry about viruses.  They are great for video and graphics, which I need.   

A friend told me where to check for a missing power cord…the gentlemen at that place  gave it to me free!  Now, I just have to procur a USB keyboard and figure out how to find general word processing software on it.  I hope there is some! 

If I could use it to edit pictures in my scrapbook room and print titles for pages, it would be well worth the space in my scrap room.  Space is at a premium in there!  It’s a lovely large green box of a monitor/computer, not the most attractive in the world, but still a fun find!  Good entertainment if nothing else for $5.   

Well, that’s all my rambling and coffee break for today.  Time to go watch my darling little nephews while Mom runs out for a bit.

December 4, 2007 at 1:49 pm 3 comments

VERY odd jobs…try it.

Well, to day has been a day to relax.  For me, that means getting some odds and ends caught up.  I mean, totally…odds and ends.  I have defined the words today.

For example, I accidentally bought my daughter and I the same style socks…and her shoe size is edging very close toward mine these days.  I’d been trying to imagine a way to differentiate socks, and finally thought of something better than my first trial…with was a yellow permanent magic marker across the toe line.  I couldn’t stomach that for long. 

I remembered today that I had a cute little swirl stamp and some permanant stamping ink–navy, but shows up well on the pink toes of the socks. Now, on the toes and heels of my socks, I have swirls.  Hopefully, my laundry days will be happy in the “whites” zone.  Ahhh.  That makes me happy.

Second, I had an old hand towel, hangy-thingy with zoo animals on it.  I’m all for the hand towel hangy thingy for the kitche, but the zoo animals got on my nerves.  I lived with them for some time for their usefulness, but now they are dirty.  I saw hangy thingy towels for like $15.00 and couldn’t force myself to ditch them…so I hand sewed an older bathroom towel that is thicker and doesn’t match anything else around here.  I like the thickness, but the sewing machine wouldn’t sew through two layers of it over the old existing towel…so I hand sewed it.  It didn’t take but ten minutes so don’t go thinking the Martha Stewart thing.  I save odd jobs like this for therapy.  They are quick effective as a diversion and cost much less than my preferred outlet of shopping.  In any case, I’m going to give it a try and see if it was worth it.

Third, I sewed some sequins on my daughters shirt to cover a permanent marker stain I couldn’t get out…the shirt is adorable, has a pupply dog and other sequined wording on it.  It just took three anchor stitches around the sequin.  You might have gotten away with French knots, but I followed the sewing pattern on the other sequins.  I’m rather proud of that save.

I’ve been forcing slave labor around here today…the kids can’t go anywhere until some of the “to-do” list is smaller…like tapes and DVDs falling out of everything (they are marking games and DVDs for a supposed yard sale I didn’t intend to have, but I’d pay them myself if it would motivate them to trash some stuff).

I also wanted someone else to walk the dog…boy wonder did that for me (he’s doing anything to get to Mamaw’s today for a while).  And, socks in the “not matches” buckets have to be gone through.

We did a fast breakfast with a new chocolate chip muffin mix I am all over.  It fills all twelve muffin cups and has a wonderful golden, sweet crust on the muffins.  I’d give you a brand name, but I’ve already taken out trash about four times today, I think.  Whew.  Actually, Boy Wonder did that for me, too.  It’s a sweet relief from doing all the mundane alone.

I hemmed two pair of his pants, the two that had blue denim thread.  If you hem jeans, look for denim threads in your sewing section, and denim weight needles.  They are about an 18 guage.  It makes sewing jeans bearable.  I need to get some golden yellow thread to finish the other two pair, and another pair of khakis for Sundays to go. 

Hopes failed this weekend on jeans for Flash.  The slim 6 was a great fit, but they have stopped putting elastic in the backs of them for this age, and he can’t stand the draft…the “shows my red elastic CARS underwear issue”. I can’t blame him for that!  We found one pair at Penneys with the elastic in the back, and went with blues and black elastic waist slacks from Children’s Place…they’ll cover spring and fall.  I had to go back to fives to fit him though, so I hope the length holds out.

Why in the world they don’t make those zip on things for the hem-line, I don’t know.  That would be a gift to mothers everywhere.

From this weekend, I have a bone to pick with Gymboree (children’s store)…we saw a pair of cords like the tan pair he loved from last year, but they had a snap waist rather than the elastic waist he liked.  We needed to try them on.  No dressing room, said the sales lady.  So, we hung them up and marched out of the store faster than you can blink.   Thanks for the help, Gymboree. 

My memories of Sbarros (mall pizza joing) were better than the result, too.  A soggy, huge peice of mess is what that was.  The kids couldn’t deal with it.  At $4.00 a slice, a person should go away satisfied, that’s all I have to say.  I rolled mine up into a pocket sort of thing and was happy as a lark with anything including cheese, bread, and pizza sauce. 

This morning, I read about twenty chapters of Psalms so far, today, trying to catch up in the one made up bed/semi-clean room I could actually find some rest in.  I’m hoping the laundry-reading marathon will catch me up today and tomorrow.  I’m finding the reading very fitting, so sticking with Psalms.  I had an inclination to skip it and stay on time, but once I sat down, found it was where I needed to be this week.  There’s just nothing like the Psalms to help prayers lift to the skies.

Well, those are the exciting things I have to share with the world today.  I’m hoping to make my speciatly SPARE BBQ RIBSfor the fam tonight for supper…I’d better get started on those pronto!!!  MmmMMM.  My mouth is already seriously watering at the thought.

November 5, 2007 at 1:35 pm 2 comments

A Sideswiped Sort of Day

Today…one of those days that was sort of side-swiped by an agenda not my own.  But…all-in-all, a day filled with grace and purpose and courage not my own, and direction.  God took it.

Hard work, all around, but fulfilling work.  The greatest there is.  Risks and all.  I love the life the Lord has given me…but more-over, I love my Lord who gives me life!  I deserve death and destruction and the fruit of decisions that were less than common sense.  But, He loves me anyway, and lifts me up.

I named my other blog, “level path” because of the verses that say, “Choose level paths for your feet.  Choose only ways that are firm”.  Remember that old hymn “all other ground is sinking sand…all other ground is sinking sand”?

Last night I read several Psalms that said, “Teach me your ways, Oh Lord…guide me in your truth and TEACH me, TEACH me your PATHS.”   

We choose good paths.  AND…we are taught the way to the good paths.  I am so thankful for THE Teacher, the Holy Spirit…and I could not have done without those who have risked all and spent all for me.  Oh, the beauty of the body of Christ!

Well, on to reading Psalms, some long-sleeve, comfie pjs, and a very thick, soft throw, cuddled in my reading chair, with a pillow…where I will promptly fall asleep before I read four Psalms of the 25 I’m sure. 

I let myself get behind today…but, that’s okay today.  I’m good with it.

October 29, 2007 at 10:06 pm 1 comment

Friday PM

That last post title really reeled you in, didn’t it?  What can I say?  I’m all about entertainment value around here!

As to: “spots on the carpet, laundry room, desk clutter, read Job“…

the day is still young.  It’ s only 5:33.  I did get my desk a little more presentable.  Of course, then the kids came home and it’s littered again with CDs, pens, notebooks I made them carry in from the van, an expanding starfish, and a flashlight that doesn’t work, and a box of beat up Kleenexes I sent in from the garage floor.

My closet lost a few more items today.  I did take three garbage bags full to Goodwill, and got Goldilocks to try on and go through her stuff.  I folded a load of laundry, the load of whites we’ve been picking through all week, ate good meals (not normal when I’m home alone), went through my day planner, and made an even longer list of things I want to do around here before “the holidays”…Thanksgiving, Christmas, I don’t care…I’m not really into the details yet, I just know I want to move forward, and dang it!  That’s something. 

First, I think I’ve decided to paint my entry-way.  I haven’t paint it because me husband keeps talking renovation upstairs and it’s too hard to do twice, being two story.  On the other hand, I’ve had three Christmases here and still sanded spots on the walls in a most unflattering shade of antique white….the color every room in the house has as it’s base, which I like, but the entry way needs to be special.  I think a khaki-ish color is what I’m thinking.  I think it will blend well with the oak and ivory. 

So, soon…I’ll surprise him with glorious paint.  How in the world I’ll paint two stories high without a major scaffolding convention is beyond me.  I don’t think I can do a ladder alone, though.  I don’t think I should be on a scaffold alone either.  I don’t want to pay someone to do something that may need to be re-done in just a few years. So, actually, I’m still a little stuck with the whole process.  Perhaps a long roller will help, yes, but there is still the “cutting in”.  Maybe I can do the cutting in while someone is here spotting and then the rest on my own?  Possible.  Possible.  The hope is growing, people.

I heard from The Hub.  He thinks…he knows, now, that he sort of spent the last three months “studying wrong”.  Plus, they cut the test two hours, so his knowledge base was less well represented, and good testing knowlege was the better route.  I hate that.  You buy huge books, learn those, but you could pay like big huge bucks that actually teach you “The Test”…how the questions are parsed, etc.  Anyway, we hope he passed.

He stopped by to see Kim and Jeff.  They were doing great.  He said he thought Jeff was starting to look a little bored.  As we could all expect.   And, that’s a good thing.

It has taken me a solid week to decide on what school shirts-sweatshirts, backpack, and/or visors my kids need to be adequately patriotic toward their Alma mater.  Whew.  I did that today.  It involved a scene in the office as Goldilocks could not decide what she wanted embroidered on the front.  She is SO slow to make decisions.  I honestly don’t know where she gets it.

Tomorrow, we start Super Saturdays at a college for the kids.  This involves rising at an ungodly hour for a Saturday, a 70 mile drive, and then a 70 mi drive home.  I am hoping to score some shopping points in there…that will make it all worthwhile.  Er, what I meant to say was, anything for my children. 

Anybody know Halloween games 5th graders would like besides the ever popular “mummy-wrap”?  I’m at a loss.  I’ve searched on-line and have come up with ZILCH.  I’m shopping tomorrow and hope to get my supplies in order.  I’ve got an old “GAMES CHILDREN LOVE” book published in 1915 I may have to resort to, which means, I’ll no doubt be consigned to making bean bags to throw into something. 

Well, I suppose I should go read Job now, as fun as this has been.  I posted some thoughts on my first impressions reading it this times through.  It’s funny, reading Job has impacted me differently every time I’ve read it, though it’s the same heart wrenching story.  If they offered it in video, I suspect for that reason we’d all have a copy, though it’s sort of a downer.

October 26, 2007 at 5:47 pm 5 comments

Thursday Ramblings

The Big Test is Here:  Today I am getting The Hub ready to go off for his big test.  In doing so, I had to rush the kids out the door in a most unladylike fashion.  It wasn’t quite at goal if you know what I’m saying.  But, a slow morning with The Hub here has been super-great.  I think I’m going to make him take a morning off a week from now on.  Seriously.

Kim’s Surgery is Here:  Now sitting down to some of his stellar coffee which I cannot make half as good, at the forefront of my mind is Kim.  I seriously thought about fasting today for The Hub and for Kim.  It sounded like the spiritual and dedicated thing to do.  However, with The Hub out of town, I thought I’d just better keep the self in top working order.  So, I cooked fried eggs bacon, toast, bagels, and cheese.  We do pray.  To stay in touch with that, see 

Time to Learn is Here:  I’m listening right now, while I eat, drink coffee, blog, dry laundry and pray, to an online missionary training session for Campus Crusade for Christ using ARC Assist.  I missed the sesson live and am so glad they made a link and the powerpoints available later for me to listen to when the house is quiet.  Such a fun and exciting opportunity to be one of 600 volunteers reaching… a boo-koo… of people each day worldwide who know English as a second language.  They have questions about who Jesus is, need prayer, or have just made a decision for Christ and need some encouragement and direction…at least a contact.  It’s still a really awesome thing.  

An Opportunity is Here:  Email me about it if you have 15 minutes a day and are interested in counseling online.  That’s the minimum.  I sometimes do it more quickly than that, or I sometimes invest an hour as the Lord opens my plate.  Would you consider becoming an email volunteer?  Click that link to sign up, but you’ll need to get a reference of someone who knows you part of the way through the application process, so go ahead and talk to a mentor, pastor, or someone who can write you a letter of recommendation before you try to sign up.  It will streamline the process for you.  Having that person be someone who can encourage, answer questions, and assist you is helpful.  I chose our pastor our pastor.  He is aware of the program, which would make it easier for you.

Time to REVIVE is HERE!:  I’m VERY excited about our revival this weekend.  A Centrifuge camp pastor is coming!!!  Oh, boy!  I feel like a teenager again.  He wanted to come a day early to go on the children’s hayride with the young people, which is amazing.  He also wanted to stay at a host home rather than a hotel, which is also admirable in my book.  He’s staying with Charlotte, too, and that woman can flat out cook…he is a smart guy. 

I love revival time, but I’m so glad we are doing a revival time on Saturday and Sunday this year.  The school night thing with young kids for several nights made it hard, especially if they had colds or school projects.  I love to be there and be part.  I can’t wait!  Invite youth, cousins, neices, nephews, friends, families…bring your dog!  Well, just kidding, don’t bring your dog.  Not really.  What was that movie last year about the dog in church?  He did kill a snake.  That was good.  Anyway…come out and join us!  Should be awesome.

October 25, 2007 at 9:15 am Leave a comment

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