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RedCore 1500 Infrared Space Heater with Built-In Air Purifier and Humidifier Review

Have you ever considered infrared heaters?

Our master bathroom is on one end of the house…the end away from the heating unit.  Because the room is so far from the other end of the house where the heating unit is located, the room is often cool in the winter months requiring supplemental heat.

We currently use an electric small space heater I’d bought for a small office when I’d gotten out of college.  But recently, my husband has mentioned that it might be good to start up a humidifier on that end of the house to help with dry air generated by running the heaters in the winter.  Ironically, today I received a request today to write a paid review for the RedCore 1500 Infrared Space Heater with Built In Air Purifier and Humidifier.

I can see where this could be a space saver as you get a purifier, humidifier, and heater all in one unit!

The cost is currently in the $500 range, but if you had limited space and needed to accomplish all three with one device, I can see how this might be worth considering.

Want to read more?  View more information on infrared heaters at this link:


December 28, 2009 at 6:59 pm 3 comments

Shout Out to A New Favorite Organizational Pad

My SIL got my this handy notebook for my birthday last year (along with some other things) and it has become one of my favorite productivity tools.  It helps you break down jobs into “to-do”, errands, and contacts.  When you finish one list, you can tear that section out and still keep another list.

My favorite “to do” list-maker to date.  I only use it when I’m super busy and need help organizing my thoughts, but when I do, boy, do I love this pad!  Check them out at (Specifically, the product page link is here.)

They have three pads to choose from…all of them looked useful!

April 1, 2009 at 2:46 pm 2 comments

Night Cap

Aw, a few of you checked the posts to see if comments were re-enabled, and you caught a couple!  That’s just sweet at molasses right there.  I’m started to feel somewhat friendly again and able to “entertain a few blog guests”. 

I’ll just be honest.  December required a WHOLE NOEW LEVEL of focus for this Momma Bear.  Man, I don’t even want to summarize that.  It was fun, it was crafty, it was fun…and it was time to stop.  My heart was starting to feel like day old coffee was running in it, and my back spent 2-3 days tempting to lock up on me if I didn’t get me back into some level of normalcy soon.  I’m still working on normalcy, but intense rest has helped.  And a few muscle relaxers, and Naproxen, and doing…well, as little as a mother can do. 

Last night around 1AM, I grabbed a few pair of needed underwear for today out of the whites, threw them in with the darks which were still drying and called it a day.  I still have not folded the darks.  I have fluffed them once with the intention of drying them, but it only buzzes once on “reheat” cycle, which is stupid.  Who answers the laundry on the first beep.  If you do, don’t tell me…I’d have to drop our friendship if I knew that–it would make me feel way to inadequate to continue our journey together.

Speaking of which, my Maytag gas stove also only beeps once at done…which is an even “stupider” idea.  And that deserves the used of the non-word “stupider”.  I am generally in and out and with the dog and answering the door, the phone, watering outside plants, and running after children with scraped knees at the “one beep”.  What kind of kitchen maid do they think buys these things anyway?  I’ve tried the “alternate timer” route.  It actually has three timers…but apparently it chooses nonfunctionality at will…three days later the thing has reached zero, not beeped, and -1000 hours or something.

That leads me to my new Christmas gift I got today.  But first, I told you I got a “large round stone” for Christmas.  I had a winner…Kim L. guessed that one right away.  Yup, my Mom gave me a round baking pizza stone…my second.  With a family of five, one just doesn’t cut it.  I’ll still probably use my square metal ones some, but it’s just nice to have a round pizza when you cook for guests.  I’m THRILLED to have it.  Funny thing is, she thinks I gave it to her years ago.  See there, a good gift just keeps on giving.  She never used it and I kept hinting, ever so subtly (not) that I could use a second one.  Love it.  THAT is a great gift giver.  Totally practical, affordable, and much appreciated.

Today?  I got my new brick-red four wheel drive, all terrain vehicle my husband pre-ordered for me. Good on gas…runs electric!   How ’bout that?  I found myself singing a song to it today:  “I love everything about you, everything you are, catch a falling star if I asked you, and I couldn’t live a single day without you…”  Okay, okay, so it’s a new vaccum!  You just can’t have any fun with you people.  I LOVE this vaccum.  1.  It is NOT bagless.  Whoever thought of that idea doesn’t vaccum in real life.  2.  It vaccums “60% better than a Dyson”.  I don’t know what level of Dyson that comparison runs with, but at $140 ordered on-line from Wal*Mart, that’s pretty promising.  It only filled up a very small portion of the bag the first use, AND the filter only has to be changed EVERY TWO MONTHS.  Shew.  My last vac?  We had to wash that thing half-way through vac-ing the house AND empty that darned cannister…dust everywhere.  Insane.  The very last thing I want to do while vaccuming is clean dust OUT of my vaccum.  I just can’t believe this marketing idea has worked as long as it has…something in free capitalism has gone wrong, very wrong.

But, my Eureka Boss has set the world aright.  Yes, indeed.   I vaccumed until my cushions of my couch voluntarily I was so excited.  And we aren’t expecting guests or anything.  I even, gasp, vaccummed the stairs…both sets.  And the little carpeted landing.  There is this handy little power brush you can throw onto the house for small spots like that.  Love it.  Now, that part was an “added bonus”, which means that found nowhere ON the vaccum to attach the little power-head, so they got away with calling it an “added bonus”.  I wasn’t so impressed with the lack of “attach-on” quality.  Anyway.

I vaccummed so much that I wore a blister under my ring.  I think it’s because the thing is self propelled, which is great, until you have to pull against the “propell-ism” mechanism (the brush).  I really want to steam the carpets while I’m this far…just as soon as my blister-wanna-be heals. 

I highly recommend this vaccum for the price, Rosie. 

Well, it’s 9:30, and all my kids have miraculously been farmed out unexpectedly.  We ate out Mexican late to celebrate the occasion.  My stomach needs a Tums I’m just realizing.  I highly recommend the Grilled Chicken Durado at the local joint.  A new dish for me, but very much enough for two.  Mmmm.  Soft shell heaven.

We opted for no movie and reading and the fireplace.  Ah.  A quiet house.  It sounds very good.  Total silence except for clicking keys and the rustling of a newspaper.  Aaaaah.    

December 27, 2007 at 10:44 pm

Is Guitar Hero Right for Us?

I ordered a multitap from ebay a week or so ago for seven bucks.  Instead, I got a mysterious package which turned out to be a wrong shipped order of a cordless Guitar Hero guitar!  Wow.  I spent an hour exploring the mysterious package’s source, finally realizing the connection and called the company.  They told me in cases like that, they tell people to keep it. 

Well, doggies!  THANK YE!

But…we don’t have the game “Guitar Hero” (it wasn’t bundled).  Boy Wonder has played Guitar Hero at friend’s houses for a change of pace and seemed to enjoy it.  We thought we’d check tonight about getting it for him for Christmas as something different.

Having read a review tonight, we’re not sure:

  1. We don’t emphasize secular rock, mainly because of offensive words and tone.  Have you listened to the biggest rock station lately?  Geez.   I can’t leave it on in the van with my kids.  
  2. A Christian perspective review covering both the fun and addiction of the game, and potentially offensive content makes us wonder if it is a “best” choice for our family.
  3. Even if it were appropriate enough for Boy Wonder to “block” at age 11 (and with everything said in the review, I’m not sure it is for long-term exposure), our six-year-old doesn’t need to be listening to “Shout at the Devil”, Ozzie Osborn, or hear “profanities found in R rated movies”, whatever those may be (I’m interested to know more on that),or hear God’s taken in vain throughout the game.   We often make the kids “mute” Playstation II basketball games that can’t seem to do without that.  
  4. Cartoons with female characters who dress in a certain way are the norm, but lingerie and bikinis?  I’ve not seen it, and I doubt he would use those characters anyway, but my daughter would, and TV guests are not required in my home to be shown grace.  They either meet the standard, or they are asked to kindly leave until they can show some respect.

Here’s the link with good info if you are interested in what seemed to be a well-balanced review if you are considering the game for your kids for Christmas:

Now, having said that, I know…I know!  A lot of people play it who probably have no trouble with it and enjoy “classic” guitar players, trying to emmulate them.  I’m sure it is great fun.  I hope you continue to enjoy it!  Guidelines are different for each family.  Rest in that.  I’m not judging you.  I’m writing as a Mom for those with young kids who are evaluating, and in terms of my own exploration, not casting the die for you.  

Something that plays into it for us is, in my home, so far we have only one central TV and one central computer and one gaming system by choice.  We are all forced to compromise time, appropriateness, and choose things everyone can view all at the same time.  While annoying at times, it helps keep us all “sharper” in our choices as a whole than we would be otherwise. 

“They are going to get exposed to it anyway!”  True.  But, it doesn’t have to be the norm in our home.   That’s my answer to that.  If games want my dollar, they need to meet standards for family viewing for now.   Hopefully there will be some good alternatives for younger audiences who just want to enjoy the love of music without the rip roar of everything else they want to “bundle” into the scene.

And, that’s my review, having never seen the game in action.


December 15, 2007 at 1:37 am

Birthday Tea Cookies Were a Smash


Here’s the recipe: 1/2 c. butter or margarine, softened (I needed to melt it, it’s the only moisture)

3/4 c. sugar

1 egg

1/2 tsp. vanilla

2 C. all purpose flour

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp. salt

Preheat oven to 375. Mix, (I just piled it all together, but, you can separate it into a gazillion bowls and mix in the flour items and the wet items, do so.) Dough will be VERY stiff (they ain’t kiddin’). Work about a third at a time (to keep from overheating the dough and getting flat cookies).

Roll out to about 1/8″ and cut with cookies cutters.

Cook 8-10 minutes or until lightly browned.

“Frost and decorate as desired”.

Oh. We desired!

I used the Pampered Chef Decorator Tool to decorate…it worked beautifully!  AND, it was SO MUCH FUN!  You can switch out the tips without having to fool with bags and tips in the end of the bag (those of you who are real cake decorators know very well the hassle I’m talking about!)  Switch icing color or tips as often as you like.  I even tried pink and white swirl, which was pretty, too!  It wasn’t a very technical process.   Just fun.  A “just do it and whatever happens, happens” sort of deal.  I love those projects!

They were all gone in about 15 minutes. 

On a dull Saturday, I plan to get these out again and let my daughter go to town.  I think she’d love it.  The kids were gone yesterday.  I think I enjoyed the morning decorating as much as I have anything in a long time, not to mention an unbelievable sugar high!


November 11, 2007 at 3:48 pm 4 comments

FREE: Nordstrom Makeup and “What to Expect While You’re Expecting”

We don’t have a Nordstrom makeup dealer close to here that I know of, but if you do, they are offering a free $30 blush thingyACT 31-SEPT 2 in an apparantly cutey patootie container.  The product is called “Smash Box”…details and coupon link HERE at WISE BREAD.  Check it out!

SAME SITE says you can get a FREE copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting“, which I read like a Bible when I was pregnant.  If you don’t have a copy, get on over there!  Let me know how it goes.

August 27, 2007 at 8:23 pm Leave a comment

Free Nice Handwriting Font from Becky Higgins at Creative Keepsakes

If you love “Becky’s Sketches” from Creative Scrapbookes, sort of an architects rendering of sample pages you can follow using ANY colors, pictures, or themes, you’ll love her handwriting font, available for free at Creative Scrapbook’s website.  Subscribe to the magazine!  It’s great!

Check it out!

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