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One Year After ASA Eye Surgery

eye-bobbleToday was a great day! After months and months of eye healing, I had my one year follow up appointment from my ASA eye surgery.  My local eye doc doing the follow-up said I was close enough to 20-20 for us both to be thrilled…

And, in all actuality, 20-20 isn’t the goal for everyone.  It’s not even ideal from everyone.  In fact, they do tests before your surgery to see what vision you tend to prefer, so I am likely “preferring” to see things sharp at a distance after not being able to see them for so long!  I’m not sure what my vision was before, but my contacts were -6.50 and I had astigmatism in both eyes.

I’m sure there are some who have it worse, but all I know is, I was so nearsighted most of my life, I couldn’t even tell how many fingers I was holding up right in front of my face!  😀  I was so nearsighted, I couldn’t walk through the house in the dark without running into the walls.  I was so nearsighted, I learned to shave my legs in the morning without seeing — I could do pretty well by feel, but always had to repeat my bony knees and ankles later when I could see with contacts.  I never could get right up and pop in contacts, and wearing glasses fogged up in the shower.  I was so nearsighted I couldn’t drive without glasses, couldn’t walk around without them, and was often afraid of a fall-out that would render me utterly useless without the aids. I couldn’t even be at the pool without glasses or contacts, which was always an annoyance…chlorine left a permanent fog on them (thank goodness for disposables, but still).glasses

A glory moment recently:  last week, Mom came over and said, “Daughter, do you have any ‘One Solution’?”

“No, mom…I most certainly do not have any solution!”

She said, “Oh, you!  I forgot.  That’s just sickening.”

The other day, I went to the tanning bed (haven’t for years, but am getting a base tan this year slowly for a personal treat).  ANYWAY, I didn’t have to go home to take out my “eyes” first.  I didn’t have to fool with putting them back in after I had lotion on my hands.  I didn’t have to worry about it AT ALL.  It was lovely.

I can see really well at night driving with no halos or light problems.

It took from the end of May until the end of September before I started to have a “wow” moment and could read comfortably and see first thing in the morning definition on doors and things.

It was a LONG wait and a LONG process, but ASA was the best choice for my eyes (there were irregularities on the surface of my cornea that needed to be dealt with now or later anyway, so they just burned the surface clean with a mild alcohol solution and let it rebuild–thus the name ASA–Advanced Surface Ablation).

my-glassesThis photo of me drawing was one of the last trips we took where I needed my glasses, last fall break.

This year, I didn’t have to pack all that stuff to go swim in a heavily chlorinated hotel pool! (Ironically, the pool water was too cool for me to swim…but still, even the chlorinated air used to dry out my contacts!)

The dry eye symptoms from the surgery have gotten progressively better since my last visit, though I still use drops some in the morning, especially if I have a lot of popcorn the night before.

My eyes  ARE STILL healing, and my vision was still improving even a year later!  I have improved a half step since the last visit in my worse eye.

My eyes aren’t fatigued at the end of the day from a day of contacts.  I am saved minutes of my morning and evening routines, and the hassle of inserting and removing contacts is such a blessing.  I don’t have to find my glasses.  Be thankful if you have good vision already!

It’s a great gift–I used to pray as a young girl that if God would heal, that he’d heal my eyes (and my zits).  My zits are mostly gone now, twenty years later, and my eyes are “healed”.

I’ll take it.  He is GOOD!

I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone.  The discomfort, risks, and expense wouldn’t seem worth it to me unless there was a great lifestyle benefit to be gained.  If you are getting older and have cataracts, insurance will pay for it, so I’d wait.

The bad part is, you may not know until you go for the consult whether you get Lasik or ASA.  I had to have the latter, which meant the difference in a 3 day recovery and a 3 month recovery, a lot more pain, and a lot more waiting.  So, think carefully before you go jumping on a bandwagon.  It costs just way too much if it’s not a debilitating thing for you, and not everyone is a candidate, even if you want it.

My eyes had finally stopped changing for a few years, and soon, they will start going downhill again, it was a golden moment for me to do it, if it were to be done.  I can get the most out of the expense.

Thank you, dear husband!  He stuck by me, drove me, and helped me out during my recovery.  Three cheers!


TODAY:20/25  in my Right eye; 20/30 in my Left… I like it!


PHOTO: March 2009, Park (trust dark tinted sunglasses, protecting my eyes from harmful UV as they continue to heal–The eye surgeon in Louisville said they were really uncertain as to how long it actually took a lifetime of cornea to heal back fully, but the eye doctor today, and even in January, said if he didn’t know I’d had the surgery, he could see NO sign of scar tissue or even any line at all that indicated it had been done at all.  AMAZING.)

READ MORE:  If you want to read more about the days/months following the surgery  here’s a link to those back posts.  (I love the photo on one of those links where I found a way to decorate my post-surgery goggles with sequins.  I may have been in a heck of a lot of pain, on morphine, taking twenty some odd eye drops a day, but dad-gum it, I was going to have me some girlie sequins going on!)

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Paula Dean Work-A-Round Bliss

Today, I am craving some serious food. I’ve been doing well on my new eating goals this week, and even have enjoyed new recipes, feeling full, less snacking, and feeling better about the way I’m treating my body.

But, today, I’ve had about the same period of time dealing with an issue that seems to go from trial to trial, and you know what I want to fix it?  Chocolate.

I’ve been allowing myself some very dark chocolate with less sugar…that kind is supposed to have even potential benefits for the body.

I’m not talking about the “benefits” kind of anything.

But, I’m not eating it.  Not right now…and I hope not all the “right nows” that follow in this day.  If I wrestle with it all day and give in…what was the point, really?  Let’s win.  Get a full win today.  I want a full win.

I just watched some Paula Dean for a few minutes and the sandwich with sourdough bread, real butter, bacon, onion-y mayo, real good sliced cheese “from the local deli”, green apples, in an iron skillet all sizzling…that was getting to me too.

So, for lunch I pulled out two shaved slices of ham, two of bacon, mayo (I don’t have lite, everyone donated the real thing to me during the storm fearing theirs would go bad, so I’m using that up first), green apples–I had one left, Red and I love eating them for snacks raw, 2% milk cheese slice, and my sandwich maker, coated with some butter spray–and some tomato relish I bought “from my local grocer” yesterday.

I layered the mayo, relish, meats, cheese, apple slices, and was ready to rock and roll.  Only trouble was, my apples made it too hard to push down the sandwich cooker, so I just held it until it could seal.  Some of the cheese and relish bubbled, out, but I’ll worry about that mess later.  It was a low fat treat that hit a craving, and it distracted my watering taste buds…it tasted new, and different, and I’m still on track for the moment.  Still craving just…well, something bad for me, but I hope to get away from that thought.

Don’t some stressful situations just make you want to blow it all in a way that doesn’t REALLY blow it all? I mean, really, nobody truly suffers from a chocaholic binge.  Nobody may know about it even!  And we feel really good and really content for a little while in the midst of a very long day.  Mmmmmm.

And then, we have the baggage to deal with.

Baggage.  I’m sick of it.  Time to make the right choices to begin with, find fulfilling things to do that don’t cost me long term.  Time to say yes to the godly and no to the desires of the flesh.  Time to enjoy some long-term benefits and stop seeking the short-term reliefs.  Time to value the eternal over the temperal, the results over the pleasures.  Time to make the hard choices and get the work done and seek the things that really satisfy and really do build us up.  Anyone with me? ( It’s okay if you aren’t!)

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Super Noots

And idea I’m exploring for my youngest especially:  Super Noots.

I love magnet boards, and this would help them visually know what choices they need to make for the day.  For them, it’s not about sizes or portions, just about choices.   Enter scrapbooker Stacey Julian’s name, formerly from Simple Scrapbooking magazine, now through July 2009 for a $5.00 off discount.  She writes her use of it on this post from her blog Altogether Too Happy.

I think it would be fun, and it would help me stay aware to fix foods they like if they are short several days in a row.

I’m hoping as I strive to become a “more mature cook” that I cook things that help my family reach their goals and don’t sabatoge our efforts, it’s so easy to say, “Oh, we’ve had a hard and long day, I’ll make us some cookies”…and the next day, we’ll go out to eat lunch, and then the next day, we’ll order pizza, and then we’ll eat hot dogs two days.

We’ve done great on reducing snacks, now I need to address our meals with a little more attention as they get back into a school routine.

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Day 13 after ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation) Surgery

They say Day 5 is sort of a “magic day” for most people, the surface of the eye can tolerate having the “clear bandage contact” removed.  I got a bit too dehydrated one afternoon, having spilt my drink in the van and needing to vaccum it out when we got home, I was so tired after a day of shopping I went straight to bed.  Overnight, the contact adhered to my cornea, tearing a piece of the freshly healed layer off when I hydrated it to death the next AM and couldn’t get it to move.  A gentle nudge did not do the trick, tearing it.  That slowed me down 2-3 more days.

Also, pulling my shades off right after surgery with one hand caused the ear-piece to whack my other eye causing swelling five times the other eye.  That slowed that eye’s healing down a few days.

So, now, I can see a few stars at night, what I call a satellite, The Hub calls it a planet (I think I’m right).  I can see people’s faces across the width of the pool today.  I can read a bit more easily and can skim magazines, though no heavy book reading.  I did my Bible study with size 14 bold font this week as compared to 24 font last week.

I cancelled by eye appointment today.  One, I was tired from the party yesterday.  Two, Red’s birthday and I didn’t want to run him around town.  Three, I’m having mono-double vision–double vision in my right eye with smaller letters.  I don’t know if it’s still healing, or a problem (web sites say if the ablation did not adequately flatten the surface, you can get an island there causing mono-double vision.  I sincerely hope taht is not the situation!).

I want to give it a few days to see if it resolves with some more healing time before I go through Dr. freak-out.  (You know that drill.)

The other eye is single vision, still a bit hazy is all…still healing nicely.

Today was the first day I have not been conscious of my eyes all day long in thirteen days.  It was a great feeling!  I could see road signs better today.  My night vision is good, if not better than day vision–less glare and haze I suppose.

I’m guessing I’m about 20/40 in both eyes right now.  We’ll see Friday.  Mainly waiting on my reading vision to catch up.  As I heal…it is expected to get better.  Faith!

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I Cried Over One Leaf Just Now

I got out of the house a few moments ago and walked to the mailbox just to stir around a bit in between rests.  TV still bothersome, there is little to “do” that I enjoy that doesn’t involve detail work, dust, and sunlight!

I looked up, and I saw a leaf.


Not trees or blurry green things…but individual leaves.

I realized when I looked up, it was still blurry, so I noted it, but it didn’t get my attention.

I just went to the the sink and looked up outside my window…and there they were again.  Leaves…many of them, with crisp edges.  My left eye is still blurred enough that it’s taking some of the shine off the moment, but it’s happening.  I’m starting to SEE.  I teared up.  I wanted to call many of you, but after my first two calls failed, I decided to blog.  I’ll send this to The Hub to capture the moment.

Oh!  I wonder if in the morning, when I wake up, if I will be able to see.  Not haze or blur…but see. I wonder if the worry will be gone…or much lessened.

I wonder if I can soon cry out the stress of this week!  Perhaps that won’t be needed once I start partying!  I’ll be telling all my girlfriends how beautiful you are!

I wonder if I will roll over to a kiss on a man I can see and thank him real good.

I wonder if I will sneak upstairs to see the faces of my children again.

In a week, perhaps I will celebrate being able to see the time ticking on the microwave clock?

I’ve already been celebrating small victories:  my alarm clock, my watch at normal arms length, my toes {though still a little blurry, I don’t mind that!}.

As a pre-teen, I used to test God to see if he would heal (1.)  my pimples, and (2.)  my vision.  Neither were to be at that time.

Now, my healing is coming.

It came with cost.

It came with travel.

It came with fear.

It came with pain.

But, perhaps it is on it’s way.

I praise my Lord God!  I praise Him for the miracles of science and recovery of sight for the near-blind.  What an unbelievable journey.

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When the Nib Gets Dry, the Ink Doesn’t Flow



I felt so tired I could feel my body hitting the floor, only it wasn’t.  Whew.  Getting used to heart meds again…may as well just have a bed on wheels attached to my body to drag it along with me so that I can rest at any opportunity. 

I got a good nap today…feel better for the moment.  Sometimes my heart meds don’t affect me, but mixed with a cold and meds…zonked.



Extraordinary today at church today.  Sound was perfect.  Things seems in sync.  So refreshing. 

Prayer time saw many ministered to. 

Healing was even testified toward at the end of the service.  Precious.

Daisy Dog:  barking non-stop.  The boys played with her some today and she is not ready to call it quits.

Currently:  four boys in my TV room playing Playstation together with a new “multitap” we got for Christmas.  The competitive game of football, with no one getting hurt!

In Sunday School today: I taught the kids about fountain pens.  Yup.  Work out of your passions, I say.  I taught them how the ink can get clogged in the nibs of the pen after months of not using them.  I showed them several pens and the different width of nibs — how it made the lettering change, then we got to the one that wouldn’t write.  I asked if they knew why and took my drinking water, dropped it in there.  Soon, ink began to flow, though watered down at first. 

We are like that dried-out pen sometimes.  Just with daily use, we can get so stopped up so that it seems nothing is coming out of us.  And the less we are used, the worse it gets.  We feel dry.  Funny thing is, we blame God, though he’s still there, full!  We saw it in the cartridge of this pen.  Brand new cartidge of ink, just sitting there.  But…no flow!  The problem was not with the ink, but with the ink dried inside the nib.  It was clogged up.  

pen-and-ink.jpgWe soaked the nib in my water cup for a while, and sure enough, it began to flow.  Diluted at first.  But soon, flowing black, shiney, and fast again.  Beautiful wet ink.

They all wanted their names written.  I wrote their names for them, AND their “one little word” to help guide them in some personal challenges for 2008. 

I love my class.  I love teaching it more every week.  I have such a receptive class this year.

Except for one boy.  He said, “Is that it?  That’s the cool thing?” Okay, so he’s honest.  “A hard sell!” the Hub said.  But, he wanted his name written on “a whole page to himself”!!!  He thought it was cool.  Maybe he’ll remember the lesson anyway someday!

You know, I can think of some places my nib “needs cleansing”.  I’m longing for a day with Christ alone very soon for that very purpose.  I love times like right after my Great Banquet experience where any “ick” was removed from days of deliberate soaking.  Things just flowed so easily.  I need that again, Lord.  Bring it on.  I’m ready.

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“I Have a Zit, Too”…(and my heart’s out of rhythm)

I got to the church to coach my Upward Cheerleaders and they were so much more focused this week than last week.  Except that I can’t keep them on the sideline for various reasons–working on that!  

I have a Down’s child who is a charmer of the heart-melting variety who likes to stand close to me because she’s afraid she will get hit by a ball.  We’d just reviewed our half time cheer and how to place on center court without my positioning them We were lined up, ready to run into to do our half time cheer (which didn’t go so swell last week) and she said to me, “I have a zit.  Right here.  See it?” 

I said, “Yup. ”

She said, “I have a zit.”

I said, “Yes, I see that.” 

She told me once more and added, “I’m afraid they will see it and laugh at me.”

I said, “Well, you want to know something, I have TWO.  I’ve had them all week!  We all get them sometimes.”

She said, “You do?” not quite believing me.

I said, “Yup, see, there is one here, and one here.”  I raised my hair to show her one I’d been hiding all week–got compliments on styling my hair differently

She smiled just a little bit, in her eyes, but still looked a little worried.

I said, “You know, sometimes that’s just life, and you just keep smiling and keep on going.”

A which, she smiled for me a really big smile, to show me she knew all about how to do that and had practiced.  I’ll just bet she has.  Talk about smiling through difficulties.  Look at her life!  What do I know? 

I don’t know if you’ve seen a Down’s child show you their smile, but there is nothing like it. 

I’ve  been “speaking to the Lord” about this zit issue this very week.  Zits at 34?!  Purpose?  Hormones…I’m not going there again today.  So, if that was the only reason I had two or three zits this week, it was good enough for me.  See…pray and you might just find out why you have zits.


Shortly after half time (they did GREAT today), I got ready to lead the next cheer, and at “Go!”, when my arm flew up, my heart flipped out of it’s normal rhythm before I could even take my hand down.  My head fell, and I knew it was over.

I can tell the beat it happens.  A 10 ton weight pounces down on my chest and stays there.  Actually, my heart skips a beat, and then triples in heartrate.  I got up, skirmished around for my purse, dug out medicines, and found a mom to sit for me until I could find our precious cheer coordinator.  Luckily, I found her when I went to the bathroom for a sec to dig for meds.  She just said, “Okay”, and disappeared into the sunset while I licked my wounds.  No panic.  No drama.  She just covered.  Man, I love that about her.  Just deal with it and go on.  Just what I needed.

My boys both had games, my kids needed me, my girls needed me…and I was out.  And it hurt.

God covered it.  I am so blessed.  I still cried and tried all my tricks.  It took 4o minutes of 170 bpm, two bottles of water, an ice pack and a lot of yoga-like brain work.  I finally called My Man at work and told him to pray.  I couldn’t do it.  He was so sweet and said he would.  He is always so calm, too.  As soon as I hung up, I felt a peace wash over me.  I tried the “bearing down” trick one more time and held it for 30 seconds until my eyes about popped out of my head, like when you are in labor.  As soon as I breathed deep again after holding my breath all that time, I felt the weight fly off with another skipped beat.  “Ah.”  And I waited for the famililar to take over again.  a few skipped beats, but I knew it was close.  Deep breaths, relax,  Wait.  And….slow…takes…over…again.  Steady.  Feelings of jubilation, conquer, survival replace those of worry, panic, and frenzied fast.  I listen for it:  beat…..beat…..beat…..beat.  Oh, I love that sound.  After 40 minutes of  bubububububububububububububububububububub…oh, mercy, what a beloved sound.  I make some calls and rest for a few minutes, my adrenaline totally spent.  I was freezing from ice packs and a cold room.  But, I began to rest, and breath and recover, tired, but done with a big battle for the day.

For the benefit of  those of you who are around me a lot, it’s a “normal abnormality“, meaning, not a life threatening arrythmia in and of itself.  It’s PSVT.  I’ve been to leading cardiologists in the country, and usually have to treat myself less than 5 times a year…but, I treat myself constantly for stress maintenance to make sure I’m not over-taxing body, mind, or spirit.  That helps a ton. 

Technically, I could pass out, which isn’t a great idea–so immediate rest, meds, not walking around.  The alternate in the beginning was a trip to the ER, being admitted, panic amonst staff and nurses, calling several doctors because people aren’t used to administering the drug I need if treated medically.  The crash cart is rolled in, heart leads are placed all over my chest, I’m stripped down, an IV is started (which a heart rate that fast and some stress, my veins strink some, it would seem, so it’s hard to get), and they give Adenison (I think that’s the spelling).  It has a very short “half life”, but it takes my heart from sometimes over 200 down to zero, and back to 60 in about a five second time period.  Talk about whip last.  I’m usually sobbing from the swing, and everyone is relieved when it’s over.  I personally don’t prefer that route.

Meds I keep at my side all the time get it down to about 150 if I stay very still.  Still too fast, but easier to get it out with other means (ice packs, rest, naps, bearing down, coughing…cycles in succession that will wear you out, but necessary).  Until it’s “time”, those tricks can only sky-rocketing again.  That’s not fun.  You rest again.  Try using the bathroom, try again.  Talk about feelings of panic. 

I’m better alone when it happens.  I have to stay at rest and be totally aware of my body and when it’s time, when I have reserve to try it again.  It can’t be forced.  Conversation and thinking and talking any more than necessary just make it higher…worried groups of people don’t help.  I tell one or two key support people who know and keep them updated, but that’s why I have to go hide from others.

Thanks for those who were trying to check on me!  I was hoping for 15 minutes.  More realistically, 15 minutes of meds, 15 minute nap or slowing breathing, controlled thinking zen-like state, plus 15 minute of treating myself and then I’m usually back  If I get lucky, a good cough or bearing down early on within minutes will pop me back out immediately.  I didn’t have that treat today.  It was a long round.  It had already become an established pattern before I could fool with it.

I’m so thankful for those who helped me, cheered for my boys, calmed my kids, and got them to their games.  They were just right in their care. 

Today, I’m resting fine, but tired.  I feel like I ran a 45 minute race.  My safe work out heart rate is like 125 or so, so 178…yeah, I feel it).  I’ll take some preventive meds for a few days until things calm down again.  I was dry today from some salty foods, more heat running, AND took a Sudafed this morning.  It caught up with me is all.  I’m in recovery phase and hope to stay there for a good long time.  Thanks for your care and your great comments on the last post–so precious when I woke from a rest today and longed for company for a minute.  Yes…just a minute.  I’ll be restful most of today.  Love you guys! 


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Behind the Scenes this Morning

Today’s quote by Ben Franklin “The problem with doing nothing is not knowing when you’re finished.” came from a box of Celestial Seasonings tea I picked up at the IGA this morning after dropping the kids off at school.  I wanted to get some ingredients to make two pot pies to deliver to a few friends today who need food.  I don’t know if it’s still on your heart to take food to people who’ve been in the hospital, but it’s so appreciated by folks.  It’s a grace the older generation know and do well, and one we are often too busy to do.  Since I’m home, I figure I can joing that part of hospitality, even though I can’t often have people into my own home due to, you know, health risks from walking across a cluttered carpet floor.  Anyway, I love these quotes on food lately.  Dove chocolate has fun sayings and challenges, too.  (Though, last week I read one that said to “wink at the person driving past you”.  Right.  Like THAT is going to work on any level of thought.  We laughed, though.

The name of this tea with today’s quote is “Tension Tamer”.  Sounded GREAT.  It has some ingredient unknown to me called Eleuthero (okay, so WordPress just linked it for me, I’ll have to read it when I get done typing), apparently recognized by the Chinese to help “restore harmony” to your hectic day.  Any cup of decaf tea helps restore “harmony to my hectic day”, but I’ll be interested to look this herb up. 

It cracks me up to see a tea call “all ingredients natural” when I don’t recognize the ingredients at all.  It grows in nature, so do snakes, for heaven’s sake.  But, hey….I’m drinking out of my new “delight in the everyday” mug by Ali Edwards, designer, that I got myself for Christmas off her website.  In that cup, we are delight with even snakes and dirt and whatever “natural things from nature” may be in our tea.  Just goes back to what Mom used to say, “A little dirt isn’t going to hurt anybody.  It’s fiber.” 

In other news, I’ve been getting a MUSIC e-newsletter the last couple weeks  from Christianity Today.  I’m really enjoying it.  I was getting one from Christianity Today on women for a while, but found myself sighing when it came into my inbox for some reason.  As I went to unsubscribe, I found this one and thought I’d give it a whirl for variety.  It’s good:  concise, informative, personal, to the point, with a lot of added information thrown in for good measure for other age group music, etc.  Just how I like it.

Today, the author said that in the 30 sec ad for the new American Idol series, they chose music for the background of the ad from a relatively obscure Christian music group I’ve been reading about the last fear years on blogs called “Coldplay“.  It is said that they have a fresh sound mimicing the quality of rock stuff in secular music.  I’ll have to give them a listen sometime.  I have a feeling it is not my genre of choice, but I’d still like to know what’s out there.  I agree with the author:   it’s cool that music is being selected for it’s integrity and quality rather than it’s specific genre for high exposure ads like this.   Not every band is geared to do something like that, but this band hit’s a crossover audience more easily perhaps.

I’m going to start a new post to techie tip for email, so stay tuned for that today. 

(Why a second post?  Let me tell you, since you asked.  🙂  People people search for things by topic.  If you don’t create a new post and give it a clear title with key words in it, google can’t find it.  If google can’t find you, people can’t find you, and if they don’t make it to your blog, they may never meet Jesus through you.  Get it?…okay, so that was another little techie hint for you bloggers today).

Have a great day!

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The Tyranny of the Urgent?

Whew.  Many good goals today, too little time…

  • Grocery shopping
  • Bible reading
  • Exercise
  • Check on MIL
  • Planned lunch & snacks
  • Calls

Instead, I ended up needing to go back to the school for Boy Wonder’s headache, even though I pre-treated all three with Dimetapp.  That big building and the new schedule after a long break seems to get one of mine every time!  I gave the nurse enough Tylenol for him for a good, long while.

tryanny-of-the-urgent.jpgThe jewelry store called just before I left, my repairs were ready!  Ya-hoo!  My “senior-ring”, (non- Sr. Ring style) was finished!  It’s sparkling, the prong is straigtened, and it looks great…I should consider cleaning it more often!  My “mother’s bracelet” is fixed and back in place on my wrist.  Since I was going to that neck of the woods, I needed to take care of two returns

Overall, I got a lot done (proud of that), but little of my list (that’s frustrating). 

Some years ago, I read a little classic pamphlet-book once called “The Tyranny of the Urgent” . The premise of the book is that you must plan life around priorities or you’ll be zapped putting out fires all day.  The “urgent” seems “important”…but often it will be taken care of another way if we don’t do it.  The important can only be done by us.

So, today, my day would probably not have changed.  Plans let us stay flexible.  But as a caution, I’m seeing how some goals will never be met if I wait until everything else is caught up before I tackle them!

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Live Well

I just ran across a new blog opportunity called “Live Well Wednesdays”.  It’s hosted by a lady named Darlene (they are off until the 9th because of the holidays…good move!) I’ll be linking to those articles, if they are good, on Wednesdays for you to follow as well. 

Without the renewing of our mind, we have no reason to stick to the plan, but when our convictions to change are grounded in the will of God for our lives it becomes a driving force that keeps us moving in the right direction.  Posted by Darlene Schacht (blog author), December 18th

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Feed it Reese’s

In about a four hour time period last night, I got sick.  Again. 

My throat…it hurts.  A lot. 

I can hardly swallow (except for chocolate.  I have no trouble with Reese cups, as of yet…if it starts to slide down-hill from there, I’ll be sure to let you know.  :D)

As always, prayers, funny cards, and good humor appreciated during this every-so-trying season.  The mere cold.  What a people squasher.

And so, the viral season has begun.  One day on, three days off…one day on…(can somebody crank up the fire and get me a comfie blankie and a pillow, please?)  Oh, never mind, I just had a nap.  It didn’t work, for those of you jealous at work.  Now, I just have a headache (the swimmy, “don’t-move-your-head-or-head-may-just-slide-right-off-your-neck” kind.  I don’t like that kind.  I don’t really like anykind, but that kind…it makes a person naseated to move…especially when you’ve only eaten Reese’s cups, I dare say. 

I’m finished with that fine blogging now. 

Hey…go enjoy the slideshow again. 

I’m working on another one to use up all my pics so I can delete them off my hard-drive.  But, it didn’t go so quickly today.  Nothing is going so quickly today.  Except time.  I’ll go pick up my kids in  only three minutes.  (Today, I am not greatly anticipating “the pick-up”, as much as I love the little cherished, hungry, noise-makers from my womb.  Did I mention a head sliding off headache and can’t swallow-ness?  It’s really pretty pathetic.  Trust me.  If you say, “Oh, it’s a cold?”, I may be able to conjure up enough to spit, so take heed.  It just HAS to be worse than a cold.  {ouch}) 

So, what’s REALLY up with you today in this “thankful” season?  Comment or email.  I’ll commiserate.

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A Bit of Heaven I Do Smell


Strawberry Freezer Jam we made from strawberries picked at the patch this spring. 

Today I got home and realized I’d forgotten to buy bread at the store when I stopped by after church for the week’s supplies. 

Rather than return to the store, when I got home,  I got out a white bread recipe I saw this week.  As uninspiring as it sounded, I threw together ingredients for plain, white, bread.  Threw it into my “new” $5.00 bread machine (has the whole world heard about my joy over this thing yet?)

I woke up from nursing a 8.3 out of 10 headache (owie, zowie) to one of the most beautiful smells in the whole, entire world.  It was already done!  (I think I need to add some Sudafed to my day…probably sinus pressure from the heat.) 

Just cut, fresh, with some butter…then a trial with strawberry freezer jam?

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  One of the greatest moments of my life.  We are at “Patti’s Restaurant” level bread here.

So, yes,  I’m discovering the joy of eating.  And cooking.  One of my goals this year.  My family needs to learn what truly good food is.  Not to gain weight…heaven’s no!  But to learn there are culinary acceptables beyond McDonalds.   Surely I can inspire them to expand their pallettes somehow or other.

I’mjust  not sure I’ve ever cooked food that seemed inspiring until I’ve cooked fresh bread.   Thank you,  Lord!

This weekend, I went a little nuts, wanting to try some new things.

Saturday:  homemade Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls for the fam with the help of the kneed cycle (ahh…huge time and mess saver).   My best recipe in my whole box, without a doubt.  They take all day normally, half a day with the help of the machine, and I wasn’t so tired doing it.  A great help.  I may make them more often for treats for you beggars now. 

Saturday night:  Zucchini Bread, to have ready for Breakfast Sunday morning (just a quick bread recipe [meaning, it doesn’t require rising outside the oven].  The recipe was from a church cookbook, my second attempt this year.  I loved the crust, and the fcinnamon lavor, but the texture still isn’t what I want–too dry/crumbly.  Anybody got a moist recipe out there?  One with applesauce, perhaps?] 

Today:  fresh, plain white bread. 

Okay, I know, I know….I’m about to gain weight.  But, with hubby studying, and kids coming home from school, we needed some inspiring food and good smells to enjoy.  I want them to enjoy their time at home.  (I’m turning into a true Mom at this point.  I can feel it in my bones).  

***Yes. I’ll need a good run tomorrow with Daisy Dog! ***

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We got to bed at 2AM.  The carpets were clean, the kitchen floor mopped, a good part of the bedding done.

Up for praise band at 5:45–a pretty good set today.  Lots of energy with Willow Creek coming up.  A strong spirit of expectation and leadership.  Cool sweat.  Adrenaline…and lots of it, as usual.

Picked up the birthday cake from deli, fresh fruit, nap on the porch.

Hubby ordered and picked up the pizza (as all men should do_.

Birthday party for Red 1-3.  Family!  Yeah!  Lots of fun.

However the party ended with three nice stitches on the back of Red’s head…a fall off the new inflatable slide (the sides aren’t tall enough on that thing).

Mom hugged me, and I finally got in a good cry.  Whew.

Let me just say that after this weekend, I may as well be a nurse.  I don’t envy ANY of them.

Let’s just review.  I have my oldest going to his first week of camp this week, one with stiches in the back of the head from splitting it on concrete, and another just recovering from lilttle visitors.  THIS MOM NEEDS A VACATION!  (but, due to circumstances of the moment is feeling EXTREMELY ATTACHED to her kiddos!  Lord, helps us all!)

Fun pics from our super-birthday soon!


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Name That Post

Last night we geared up for our annual trip to the county fair.  My children picked the chairs that they had watched and went “the most super-duper fastest of them ALL!”  Yeah!

I rode something that went in circles and threw me into the air in tossled directions in a chair called “Make Momma Scream” or something.  Okay, so that’s not it’s real name.  My son could tell you.

We rode what we affectionately call the Hurl a Whirl (Tilt a Whirl).  We rode until my every fiber of my stomach attaching it to other major organs had been disattached.

Oh, and let’s not forget the “Gravitron”…my face lift of the year.

This AM, I had to get #2 to the church for the kid’s summer program, #3 to a babysitter, and #1 to the doctor.  It came a DOWNpour, which we need, but — whew.  My one day out this week?  I had cute shoes on for the occasion.

I had two other little meetings before lunch besides that, vaccummed the van, shampoo-ed the carpet and mats, did some designing, and cleaned the seats and put protectant back on. 

Time for supper and I’m zonked!

(Midnight, I return to finish…)

And, if it had only ended there with a nice, warm, grilled, family meal.  But somehow, halfway through the grilling, we are here and here.  It’s midnight, and I’m just now getting to that broccoli…not so fresh. 

God is good, and Corrie Ten Boom could “Thank God for Fleas”.  I’m working on my attitude, about on the verge of a meltdown, but am thankful that my husband is such a huge helper yet again today!


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Warning:  this is a long and personal post “where I am and need to be”…if you aren’t in the mood, just skip it for now, or come back later, or move on.  Either way, have a great day, and know I am so thankful you stopped by to see what’s up! 


So…I have come to an empasse.  Is that how you spell “empasse”?  I don’t know.  I’ve haven’t come across one in a while.  And, the last time I did, I don’t think I noted the spelling.  I was too busy “emapass-ing”, I suppose.

I’ve been rather under the weather for the last week, naseated one hour, exhausted the next, allergy symptoms the next…raw throat all the time.  Little Red feels about the same.  So, we aren’t getting along all that well except when we curl up to nap together.  It’s no fault of either of us, it’s just that we both feel pretty rotten altogether.  I actually come home to nap before my next meeting to make it.  It’s a sad and sorry state which sounds made for old people.  Though I am getting older, I’m not an old person.  Not that there is anything wrong with old people.  I like old people, especially those who look like they’ve got the joke on you…they just smile a lot as if something incredibly entertaining just happened, though it usually didn’t.  Perhaps it is all the “empass-ing” they’ve done?  They just learn to “get over”, “get through”, “get by”, or “get around” just about any and everything there is to “empasse”. 

This time of year I usually make new goals.  But, the last few seasons I’ve made new goals and I’ve not cared if I attained them or not.  Part of this is good, for my goals are just redirected to other healthy things.  But, I suppose I’m just ready for a bit more ‘balance in the basics’.   I’m sure this is normal.  But, especially when a person is mulling these things AND feeling like crud warmed over a few too many days, the two together are quite motivating, for there is the illusion that if I live healthier, I will feel healthier.  Works for me every time.  And, I do believe this is part of God’s reason for the common cold and other annoying viruses.  I have no Biblical proof of this, of course, just a personal observation.

Most of my lack of discipline, I find myself just not caring about.  I’m not sure if this has been a bad thing, or a good thing as of yet.  I have had a peace about stepping back, but it just disturbs me that I’m not doing some things I know I “should be” doing according to all the good books.  I suppose an evaluation of the fruit is in order, and frankly…well, in doing so today, it’s not great.  I do have grapes in the crisper drawer in their little webby plastic and see through bag, and it looks like we’re ready to eat healthy, but upon a grasp of the grape, it is readily evident that they are past peak, a bit soft, a bit tart, and not worth the eating.   Little Red, the fruit lover, wouldn’t even put one in his mouth yesterday…he just knew from the “little squishy” evaluation of a 5 year old that something was amiss.  “Mom!  These are just…well…they are all sort of soft, and not good!” 

I get it.  Thinking about it in a deep sort of sense generally not good for mental health, I’d say in a raw moment of hoest, that’s a bit how I feel in just about every area.  Though there is no mold yet, I think we are close.  I’m surviving, I am the grape, I’m just “a little past prime” and not quite worth the risk of embracing.   

I want the kind of fruit that is worth embracing. 

So, my prayer needs to be, “Lord, get me out of my apathy”. 

I wonder how I got here, really, for I am a passionate person in everything I do.  I attack things head on and don’t care if everything doesn’t look “together” in the process…I’m not about intimidating people.  Some balls have to fall to get other things done…and the Lord has blessed me with great “back-up”, or there is just no way my life would work as it does.  It’s not me.  

Lately, a lot of fatigue probably boils down to some hard to bear prayer burdens, some risky situations, disappointing events, overbearing household repetitive routines, heavy volunteerism, and flat-out need for summer refreshing.

I find myself in need of a total revamp for the refreshing to “stick”.   You know that verse in Isaiah somewhere that talks about a cistern not being able to hold water because it is cracked?  I need to drain the whole thing down, like a pool, seal the crack, and fill the thing back up, just like a swimming pool with a leaky liner.  Man!  I don’t want to!  It’s too much work, and it’s not warm enough really to swim anyway!  But, something tells me that for me to by ready and warm enough for use when it’s time, the time is now.  I have to start now.  The work is going to be…not fun.  But, it will be rewarding.

Oh, God keeps filling me up, and we’re never running on dry…I have enough for the base-line tasks, always grace for the moment…but there is just none left over.  And I’m tired of running on that.  I want to see more passion in the basics in myself this summer– I want to see my laundry room well tended, my project room well-loved, not strewn and piled. I’m getting ready to say “no” to any distractions to that goal this summer, just in case.  Right now, I’m nearly too tired to even tackle those jobs, but the sickness sometimes brings the desire to surface, which drives the doing when the energy comes.   

I usually don’t post blogs this long anymore  for respect of readers wanting to read many blogs, and deserving much more for their time, but, I just needed a moment to refocus and articulate the bit and peices of thought from my day…to put them in one cohesive unit and stop the madness of them bumping one another in my head, at times beginning to attack and accuse me rather than leading me to goals and new direction, as they should.  Even more fatigue than I already feel with that spin cycle!  So… 

Lord, make me.  Put your joy of basic living and basic calling and fundatmentals back into the energy of my fingertips.  Make me smile every day.  I will practice.  Cause me to dealight in “restoring dignity” to my primaries.  Root me, and firmly establish me and the work of my hands.  Give me grace for the children–they will, I already see and know, take me two steps forward and two steps back every single day this summer.  I cleaned the laundry room Wednesday and went in there a minute ago and nearly had a coronary with the mess.  Such disregard and carelessness.  Help me teach them and still give them the fun and break they need.  Give me strength and joy, and somehow, pass it on.  Somehow! 

Finally, give these readers grace for this rambling, and freedom to scan and pass by when posts are too long or deep, or personal for their mood.  Today was a “me” post.  Thank you for their community and “hellos” each day to bless me, even when the post isn’t for them.  How blessed I am!

In Jesus’s Name. 

The Real Me That You Know Already, Asking

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