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Damage from the tornado…(photos)

I did suffer some damage from the tornado, though, okay… not as bad as others.  You gotta search for your sense of humor in times like these.  We are all grieving for those with severe losses.  I make no light thing of that.  I’m sleep deprived and shaken.

But, this girl needs some humor and here it is.  Forgive me the spoof here.

Last Monday, I had painted my finger and toenails red for Valentine’s Day.  I was ready for Valentine’s Day LAST week, so that’s what I did.  Obviously a God-thing.  Cause you just never know when a tornado is going to attack your pedicure.

He:  “Wow!  You’ve got your nails all red!  Pretty!” 

She:  “Yup, Valentine’s Day is almost here!” 

He:  “Two weeks?  They’ll probaby be worn off by then!” 

Me:  “I’d say so!  You’d better get started soon!” 

He:  “Alright?  Want to go on a date Friday night?

Me:  “Mmmm.  I’ll get back to you.”

We did!  I got the child-care arranged.  We went and had Chinese and a movie.  It was perfect for a cold night.  We needed that.



See there.  Ya just never know.

And yes….That.  Really.  Hurt!

And I was limping.

And sad.

Frustrated, even.

I superglued that baby per my mother’s instructions (we have that kind of special relationship…toenail care).  Then, I trimmed it WAY back, “So that won’t hang, baby girl, because if it does, it will SMART!”. 

It’s all whacked off.  Still painted red, and looking pitiful.

AND…my fingernail polish HAD to go yesterday, too!  My hands have been in dishwater for three days now.


But, back to my toes.

See, it’s just not right.  Now they won’t match.  (It really hurts to look at that.  It even hurts me.  My stomach has this pitted feeling that I really don’t like just looking at that picture. )   

Tornados–they can sure mess up a pedicure.

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In Need of My Hero

I hate hormones.  It just seems there are certain times of the month where I look at myself and I say, “Did I just do/say that…react that way?  Why do I feel this way/  That was not what I would have chosen if I had that to do over.  I feel so mean.” 

Sometimes, I can’t tell if the changes in my behavior are due to the pill or other factors (changes in the kid’s ages, having a demanding dog, demands of life). 

Not only that, it’s just annoying to be self-evaluating from constant changes in all the variables so often.  Who would know what the cause is?  I have to watch herbal helps because of my heart.  I have to watch drug interactions very carefully.

I guess handled it better when I was in the word all the time reading hard.  At least then, I didn’t have time to think about much else.  However, I can’t say that my behavior itself was much better or worse.  sigh.

I find myself praying a prayer like this when I just can’t figure it out and I can’t live with the way things are any more:  “Lord, I don’t know what the deal is.  I’m sorry.  But, I honestly don’t know if I can change things without your help.  You know all things.  Please deal with this.  I just can’t take it anymore.  I’m tired of this war.” 

Ironically, within just a few months, usually a variable has moved that helps.  Things are miraculously better.  Notably better.  It’s happened with several issues and he proves faithful every time.  I just wanted to encourage you even as I deal with my own “ugh“…if you are struggling with chronic issues and nothing you can change seems to help…ask Him to look at it and see what He can do.  See if he doesn’t enjoy being your hero.  I’m sure he will be mine…again and again.

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Raising Up Ladies and Gents…(oh yeah, and athletes!) UPWARD 2008 BEGINS!

Little girls getting ready to cheer, all shapes, sizes, confidence levels, and personalities.  I love it.  I love that the girls are encouraged to be cheerleaders, and ladies, all at the same time.  I love that there is no pressure.  Just learning and fun and even talk about Jesus…being a light to the world, the ultimate cheerleaders, encouragers.

Melissa did a great job tonight, as we all knew she would.  So enthusiastic and with such fresh energy.  I love that she encouraged the girls to relax, have fun, and be modest/appropriate.  Those CAN go together!  We have such a fun time.  God picked the right person for the job!


You know, off topic here a bit, but I have to give two thumbs up to our schools principle on this one, too.  I was told that in a staff preparation meeting, he said to the school staff, “I DON’T want to see none of the ‘FOUR B’s’ from anybody…and if you can’t figure that out, ask somebody.  I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” 

Someone specified, in case you are struggling:  (b*utts, b*oobs, b*ellies, or b*reasts…[the astriks are a feeble attempt try to reduce spam on this post.]).  His short and creative request made a big impact from what I’ve heard and seen.  

Of course, we all know it has to do with fit and posture and a host of other non-verbals and intents, but if you want a place to start, that’s a good guide for professionalism and working with people in a non-threatening, safe environment.   It’s great to live in a community where those thing are increasing in value over time.

Girls can be fun and encouraging without being sensual and thoughtless.   (Lord, come quickly… before my daughter’s teenage years!)


Pictured:  Pom Poms when they first come out of the pack.  Ugh. 


Separating pom poms. 

Our third year, and it’s still getting into the heart of me.  THAT’S JUST AWESOME!

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Exodus: Decorating 101

All this talk about God calling for skilled embrioderers in Exodus has me filled with new zeal for getting some things hemmed around here.  I think I’ve been more inspired in reading Exodus to get some creative things done than I have reading about the Proverbs 31 woman.  “How in the WORLD?!”, I can hear you all asking.

Well, that’s quite simple.

First, as I said, he mentioned his skilled embroiderers over and over and over and over.  MANY times when God speaks of the tunic of Aaron, the priest, he says, “with the skillful embriodery”.  God is all about the details he’s skilled us to perform.  I LOVE that!  I need to look up just how many times he says that.  When it’s not even relevant to the discussion, he throws in that “skilled embroidery” again.

Remember Hur?  “Huh, who?”  “Hur!” I say!  He was one of the two who held Moses’s arms upward to heaven in the Israelites first battle.  When they held his arms up for him and got him a rock to sit on, the battle was a win, when his arms started to fall, they would begin losing…so, they held up his arms.  So, Hur’s son, God later fills with the Holy Spirit, with all wisdom and knowledge for making intricate woodwork out of gold and metals, and wood.  He makes him a craftsman as a gift for his faithful assistance to Moses.  A very good one, for doing work on the temple.

Mind you, all this stuff of talk about embroidery, and tulip flowers to make up the bases of the candlesticks in the Holy Place happens in close proximity to chapters about sacrificing and blood and animals for this sin and that sin!  I’m blown away! 

Why?  In the midst of his “parenting” this new child of his, Israel, he’s making patterns for tunics, designing furniture, bragging on the embroidery and just having a good ‘ole time with decorating.  I’ve tried to do one, but let go of the other.  Apparently, by his grace, I can do both when it’s his time.  I just think that release is a cool one for me, because I’ve struggled with the investment of time and energy and skill required, as most of you know who’ve been reading my blog some time.

Get this, God even “patents” his perfumes and incense–yup, he dreams up perfumes he likes, in the meantime.  He gives exact recipes for his “perfumers” to gring up to be a pleasing aroma to him, and he says that no one else can wear it…it can ONLY be for anointing and the Holy Place.  The anointing oil, incense, and other oil.  With all the smell of that raw meat, he wanted to have something good to smell, too.  You know what that says to me?  It’s okay for us, moms to have our thing about our potpourri (now, spell THAT!.  Broadly speaking, all these things say that it’s important to have a sensory-pleasing environment.  It was important to God, and it is part of our job as moms.

I’ll just want to bet that no women’s Bible study has ever been built on Exodus, and if I seem to be making something ordinary out of the holy…I don’t mean to.  I’m just amazed by a God who juggles many things, appreciated details that also bless me, and plans for even the beauty of flowers in the candlesticks that would represent the twelve tribes of Israel to be lit before him.  He who made the flowers in all their splendor just couldn’t get enough of them either.  How cool is that?

So, victory for me, related Proverbs 31 victory….today, I pulled some jeans out of my closet.  I wasn’t sure about them.  I’d bought them second hand…they were just way too long.  I realized they were Banana Republic used and checked out the price online…like $70-108 is their regular price.  I got mine for $2.  I think I’ll get to hemming.  Yes, that makes me a VERY happy girl!

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Hot Constant Comment Decaf Bigelow Tea.

What does that tell you?

Just give it a guess.  We’ll see how well my bloggers know me.

UPDATE:  Some of you chickened out on this one!  Here’s the answer…altogether, the comments would have just about gotten to it, with the exception of A and D, which no one got!

  • I love to get my laundry room in order in the middle of the night.  That way, the time does not take up a perfectly good day.  Generally, I’m too brain dead to do anything else productive, so it feels like not so much a waste of time.
  • Yes, my heart was too full to sleep.
  • My back was hurting from stress (I love my huge YOGA ball! $1 at a yard sale!)
  • My kitchen was a MESS!  from napping in the early evening

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Best Hair for 2007


I found a new goal.

Emma Robert’s hair.

If I could grow my hair long without having a bad day and cutting it (pretty much an impossibility…long hair starts to stress me out), this is how I would try to wear it.  Very easy, simple to wear up, and overall, just elegant and pretty.  I like.

Emma Roberts, born 1991.  Er…the year I graduated from high school.

You might recognize her from the Nancy Drew Movie.

emma-2.jpgemma-3.jpg Hair makes a difference, eh? 

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Why Your House Needs To Get Messy

I love  Pottery Barn’s colors and ads…they just make me so happy.  I’ve never bought a thing and find them overpriced as a whole, but the colors and patterns just make me go “Ahh”.

I don’t like business situations.  They drain a house and a family and…I’m just really getting cranky with the added stresses.  So cranky today it is not even funny.  I was going to fast about it, and pray, get on top of it.  But, I decided that fasting would make me even more cranky, and I do NOT need to be one iota more cranky.  So, Golden Grahams and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the cool day.


I suppose a clean house might cheer me up.  Which, in my world, is the whole reason for house cleaning, to cheer you up from the chaos when life gets too chaotic.  Dang it!  I can’t control anything else, but I can sure control my house.  It will look FINE!  All ordered and neat and tidy for as long as I need to leash it  (which is why a house should not be clean all the time, because then you would have nothing easy to change and improve when life is out of control).

Tell that to Mrs. FlyLady!

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How to Find Hope, Rest, Focus

These were three verses from my time with the Lord yesterday.  They hit me immediately where I was stuck.

“Trust in the Lord and do good.”  (Psalm 37:3 NIV)


“I have told you these things, so that you may have [perfect] peace and confidence.  In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration;  but BE OF GOOD CHEER [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]!  For I have overcome the world [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you].”John 16:33 AMP 

“Lean on {emotionally}, trust in {mentally}, and be confident in the Lord {outward expression of trust} with all your heart {emotions} and mind {thoughts} and do not rely on your own insight or understanding{Instead}In all your ways {thoughts, actions, presentation, feelings}, know {know Jesus}, recognize {look for Him }, and acknowledge Him {say “hello!  I see you!  Thank you!”}, and {then} He will direct, and make straight, and plain your paths.”  (Proverbs 3:5-6) {brackets mine}

Joyce Meyer’s  Seven Things that Steal Your Joy :  Chapter, “Excessive Reasoning” was for me yesterday:

“If you want to have joy, you must stop trying to figure out everything.  You must stop rolling your problems around in your mind.  You have to quit anxiously searching for an answer to your situation, trying to figure out what you should do about it…you will not enjoy your life because there are too many things you will never figure out.  You can decide to move on without knowing the details.  If God wants to tell you, He will tell you.  But don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out…”

Jesus said to the disciples {worrying about feeding the crowd},  ‘ O ye of little faith, why reason among yourselves?’ (Matthew 16:8 KJV)”

Such joy and peace and blessing and direction invaded my world yesterday after a good, focused, quiet time.  Such a great shift.  



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Ode to Summer-ness

It’s June and I’m just entering summer…what it needs to be, for me.

What it is not, for many people.

Some keep working, keep going, dip a few times in the pool, and they’ve had summer.

I need to sit on the beach, in the sun, in my chair, think some reflective and deep thoughts, read some profound ones, think my thoughts from a bit of a different slant, not think at all, get too hot, get my feet in the water, get too hot again, get my legs in the water, get very hot and wish my head was wet, but not really want to get my hair all wet for fear I will look gross, it will smell like water, and I will need a shower, which would have cooled me off cleanly, inside, much more effeciently, but eventually decide that the water is warm enough and I am desperate enough to dive in, and not really care about my hair anymore, before or after.

Yesterday, my daughter had a little friend over, and I was supervising them VERY closely on the pool slide (not stitches on Red last Sunday).  I got REALLY sleepy before the slide was inflated, had napped some, off and on, laid out, without sunscreen, not because I don’t fear cancer very much, but just because I was too tired and feeling too risky to apply it with my usual diligence.  And it was HOT.

But, I needed to be near Red, so I rested outside in the sun rather than in the cool, artificial air conditioning of the inside.

And after four trial “dips” cooling various bodily regions of marginal effectiveness, I decided that the water was warm enough that I needed to dive in and get cool…and if it was too cold, I’d just hop back out until it was too hot and I’d be okay.

I dove in, three times, yesterday.  And to find that the water was not shockingly cold anymore, and that it was refreshing, and that I could get too hot and too cold and be okay and refreshed was…somehow refreshing.

I napped probably four times off and on yesterday…Father’s Day turned out to be busy and filled with plans for everyone…without me…thankfully.  And I rested.  I slept, and slept and slept.  Thought a bit about rest and only got confused and napped some more.

Went to sleep at 10 with my lonely girl and slept on a mattress, on the floor, my head hanging off it at an unusual angle with blood falling to my head, and just kept sleeping everytime this became an rather odd acknowledgement.

And I slept until 8:30.  I got up, unusually, before everyone else…a new child in the mix now…all still sleeping, praise God. 

It was raining, unforecast.  I pulled the kids bikes into the garage, in my PJs and I got wet, only I didn’t want to be early morning wet.  But, I grabbed my super soft fluffy red robe from winter, and sat on the porch in the summer rain with a cup of OJ, a casual read book, and I read.  And I napped again.

Red got up and tried to talk to me while I was reading and I really didn’t hear much of what he was rambling in that early morning, nonsensical, kid ramble about odd things that happens in the AM.  Eventually, he came up to me and said, “Blah, Boo, Ha, Gug”, and I knew he needed something.  He looked at me.  He needed me now, now that his nonsense made more sense to me than anything he tried to describe in his deep morning thoughts all morning.  I moved my book as he snuggled in close on the short little wicker love seat.  It screaked and popped, but we were comfie.

No sooner had I thought, “This is bliss”, than he held out his arms straight out, toward the rain, spreading them wider and wider.   Then, he curdled, and his little albino back popped. 

He commentated the obvious to me, “I was just stretching”, in sort of a sleepy voice.  He laid there two more seconds, and got up.  I said, “Where are you going?”  He said, “I forgot to pee this morning.” 

Something about a verbose morning, and a hug, and a stretch, and a back pop, helped him remember what he really needed to do.

I can identify.  

I’ve needed a lot of things to “get my stretch out”, and my back pop, and my rest this week.  I’ve gone from thinking I had a lot to say to feeling like I had nothing but the “blah, ugh. eck. la, bleck” left.  And I’ve had what I’ve entered into summer rest where there are just a couple days where there was a “pause, selah”, and no new huge weights to carry.

And it feels good. 

My hair is messy, my kids friends note it. 

They say, “Your hair… is messt!”  And…I am proud of this state.

Time to shed the fuzzy red robe and the wild hair and get cleaned up to make the pancakes. 

Thank you, Lord…for a raining, wet morning when I didn’t want to get wet, but needed to.  And for the oasis of a really slow and precious morning.


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Name That Post

Last night we geared up for our annual trip to the county fair.  My children picked the chairs that they had watched and went “the most super-duper fastest of them ALL!”  Yeah!

I rode something that went in circles and threw me into the air in tossled directions in a chair called “Make Momma Scream” or something.  Okay, so that’s not it’s real name.  My son could tell you.

We rode what we affectionately call the Hurl a Whirl (Tilt a Whirl).  We rode until my every fiber of my stomach attaching it to other major organs had been disattached.

Oh, and let’s not forget the “Gravitron”…my face lift of the year.

This AM, I had to get #2 to the church for the kid’s summer program, #3 to a babysitter, and #1 to the doctor.  It came a DOWNpour, which we need, but — whew.  My one day out this week?  I had cute shoes on for the occasion.

I had two other little meetings before lunch besides that, vaccummed the van, shampoo-ed the carpet and mats, did some designing, and cleaned the seats and put protectant back on. 

Time for supper and I’m zonked!

(Midnight, I return to finish…)

And, if it had only ended there with a nice, warm, grilled, family meal.  But somehow, halfway through the grilling, we are here and here.  It’s midnight, and I’m just now getting to that broccoli…not so fresh. 

God is good, and Corrie Ten Boom could “Thank God for Fleas”.  I’m working on my attitude, about on the verge of a meltdown, but am thankful that my husband is such a huge helper yet again today!


June 8, 2007 at 11:59 pm 4 comments

Taking “A Day”

I have crashed.

I have used all available energy within.

I am tired.

I am reading.

I am resting.

I am not writing.

It’s been a long winter, and spring.

I dream often of a vacation…all alone.

True, total rest…no expectations, anywhere. 

But…I’m sure I’d miss everyone.

And I love everyone.

And I’d miss the demands.

I’m just really tired.

Especially today.


June 4, 2007 at 7:51 am 5 comments

When It’s Hard to Work a Smile

Whew.  I hate hormones sometimes.  Let’s just be honest.  They can take a day with sunshine and make us flat, unresponsive, tired, and angry with the world.  Some women say they never notice anything or struggle with them at all.  I have thoughts regarding that, but for reasons of good judgment, I will not share at this time.  {silly smile}

The good thing is…moods and hormones pass.  Perhaps they are to teach us to respond in love rather than following gut reactions.  

Do you think it is as difficult as I do to balance “living according to truth, not feelings” with “staying real and authentic, who you really are”?   

Living according to truth says I smile anyway because of who Jesus is.  Living “authentically”, for me, today, means I cannot smile because I am just in a rotten mood, and even though I love Jesus!  I’m still feeling quite “blah”. 

Perhaps there is a time when it makes a difference to go the extra mile when we need to on these days.  Yet, there is a time and place to relax with those we know,  not stress, and just be ourselves?  

Perhaps that is what “staying real” is about.  Grace when you have it.  Rest when you don’t. 

I hope so. ‘Cause this chick still has a ways to go!


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Get ‘Er Done

I”m feeling about 50% stronger every day from the virus I had last week.  My skin still feels that cool “viral” feel like I’m fighting something off.  My motivation is so low to get started and stay going.  I ache to see my house “Fall-Cleaned”, but it’s getting worse each day instead of better.  *Sigh*

I am trying to walk in Sabbath Rest every day right now and not go beyond the energy God has given me for the tasks and for the day.  Thankfully, I have that option more than those who work 8 hours or more a day.  Still, it’s an exercise.  God provides. 

I usually vaccum the school library for them after popcorn day, and I knew it would really push me today.  My student and I worked very hard on problems tough for her for over an hour straight today.  I said, “You need a mental break after all that [and she did!]…would you like to run the vaccum?”  She said, “Yeah!  Where is it?”  She loved the chance to do something physical to balance all the mental work.  As I saw she was doing it well and sticking to it with joy, I said, “Hard work for a such a big room, eh?”  She said, “Oh, I don’t mind, I vaccum our house at home all the time.”  I said, “For you, no homework the rest of this week.”  She said, “Wow!  Thanks!” 

Win-win.  Great idea, Lord!  Thank you very much.

Amazing how God does provide if we get creative and walk within what He provides us for the day, not spending more than we have, even in terms of “grace” or “energy”.   This week, my best “efficiency plan” has come in walking in Him…resting when I need it.  Napping when I need it.  Going slow.  Any other way, and I’m down before the next thing.

Like Saturday, we had little food in the house when we got into town…no “quick food”.  My husband found some ground beef stuck in the freezer and cooked spaghetti for me.  Wow! 

Sunday, we had a Sunday School social.  I took some Canned Baked Beans and some chips.  We had a “Fried Chicken” feast with all the southern trimming in return!

That night, a weinee roast and hey ride.  Monday…school, and Mom brought me soup we ate for two days.  Church dinner tonight.  A banquet Thursday night.  Friday night…Fall Festival and the best chili in the world.

God has granted me a whole week of little cooking!  Still the morning bisquits, eggs, and bacon for the big guys in my house, but nothing “major” to clean up at night, and no major cooking and grocery runs for that! Aaaah!  I just relish today in how God shows his love for me in little ways.  Even if he chose to teach me to serve in the midst of feeling bad, I have no doubt he would find another small way to show his great regard and love for me. 

Yet, even as he teaches me, or pushes me, he shows such tender care.  Such a great model for how I am to balance my care and teaching with my kids. Psalms 23 talks about Jesus comforting us with his “rod and his staff”.  Both guidance and correctional systems.  Isn’t it a comfort to know that even when Jesus leads as a gentle shepherd, he comforts us by his presence of correction?

The “corrections” I feel this week are:

1.  Before I left, God really  had me focusing on the value of a woman apart from her presentation.  To “check” myself in dress and present Christ in even the way I dressed.  I guess he was preparing me for what I’d find when I went to Disney.  I took a lot of t-shirts and Disney apparel to wear…family time, right?  Well, I really appreciate all the other women who saw fit to walk around with skimpy, skin tight tanks tops and mini skirts with their kids (sometimes no husband present) while I honored THEM by dressing appropriately for family outtings with mine.  Ouch. 

That plus having larangitis distanced me from my husband…and I’ve still felt “viral” after all his hard work and dedication providing for and planning the trip.  So…I’m in a post-vacation funk of sorts.  The Lord needs to work on my heart. I’m trying to stay thankful instead. 

I’d like to think that those women just needed Jesus, but anymore, that’s not the case.  We have mixed sensuality with femininity to the point where it’s seen to be “cute” to expose very sensual and erotic zone with no afterthought, as if we have no idea what that does to the male mind (or enjoying that “power” too much!).  It’s not fair to me!  Even if this woman’s husband was walking around with a her…HEe acted bored and dis-engaged, while the “sights” are all new to my kids, me, and mine! 

It’s not the time or place!  Mam, your husband is used to seeing you all the time.  My husband is NOT.  We could do without it.  Too much to ask? 

Not to ramble, but does anyone even know what “modesty” means? I have a very dedicated, loyal, admiring, and respectful man…but it still annoys me when people take advantage of our commitment to each other by tempting that commitment.  And…you know, I guess it should really annoy me and make me mad. 

I wish it were an easier battle and didn’t predominate so much of what could be great entertainment==we are so out of whack with the “sensual” thing.  It’s eating dynamite and never expecting it to explode.   

 Lord, help me in goals and frustrations and inadequacies to just delight, every day.  Delight myself in you, as the Psalms say.  To not get irritable and down, and frustrated, but walk in the joy and approval you lavish on us!  Thank you in advance! 


October 18, 2006 at 10:43 am 5 comments

Interesting Headline

Yesterday, CNN and other major news lines run an article entitled, “Paris Hilton Goes Celibate”.  Apparently, she’s just been caught in the whirlwind and considers herself a nice girl having only slept with 2 men in her life.  Is she married.  No.  But, that’s another story and would probably surprise most people.  I guess she’s wanting an image change.  She says it’s a limit of only kissing for one year. 

Is this the same lady in a leatherette skimy swimsuit last summer trying to sell my husband the Hardee’s “Spicy” burger…”Hot, Hot, Hot”?  Yes, it is. 

One of the most gross ads I’d ever seen on TV — presentation and the product trying to be sold.  Eating gross huge hamburger, falling apart, WHILE washing a classic car to rock music.  My eyes were rolling.

Anyway, the corporate president emails me back and forth a couple times…why me, I don’t know…half the US was outraged about it.  Anyway, he says, “Thanks for the letter, but really, it’s no worse than what you’d see at the beach.” 

I don’t know about you, but if I saw my daughter out washing a sports car in a leather bikini to rock music in the manner she was while eating a burger…I would have her in permanent lock up. 

I told the gentleman that may sell in CA, but most the company guys pulled it from this area before it was ever shown in these parts for a reason…it’s not going to work in small towns.  You will be run out of business over it.  If money talks, watch profits and tell me what happens. 

One week later, they come out with Sports Illustrated girlie drinking cups at their restaurant, a friend reports to me.  She called locally and corporately and told them she was not leaving that sitting on her desk all day long, nor would she allow her husband to eat there until alternate cups were provided (she’d already asked for a different cup, there were none).  All of us boycotted Hardees.  Too much.

Fast forward one year.  Hardees is having church groups come, offering 20% of the night’s profits off the bill of anyone with a coupon they pass out.  

I don’t want to suggest their is a directly correlation, but here has been no continued series of that advertisement, nor have there been women on drinking cups, and they are now sponsoring church groups in our area where they were not before.  They got a few of us back in the door with it…once.  Money talks.  Don’t you think it doesn’t.   

Poor Paris Hilton, so misunderstood!  THAT is how young women are going to be understood if they present themselves provocatively…and it can be done in jeans and a tshirt as easily as it can be done in a leatherette swimsuit. 

I challenge women to seriously ask the Lord before they walk out the door one simple question, “Am I dressed appropriately for the tasks the Lord has for me for the day?”  He’ll always let you know (or refine your sense of purpose if you want one).

August 9, 2006 at 8:19 pm 1 comment

Two More, Please

Today has been a totally frustrating, hormonal, nonproductive day. 

I say nonproductive. 

I ripped the seam out of this chaise lounge reading chair cushion three times trying to get it done. That took all day.

I made the boys clean out their “junk drawer” of two years…that process took all afternoon.

We sanded and stained our pitiful dining room table top.  (I love furniture, get attached to it, and hate to spend the money to replace it when I we could try to make it work.)  The stain didn’t match AT ALL…like an orangey, pinky, yellow-y yuck.  Discuss, discuss with hub.  Resand to bare wood.  Re-stain tabletop.  Much better the second time.  

We helped do the first roll out of chairs at the new gym…720.  Fun, oh fun! 

I’m exhausted.

My brain is tired–probably a good thing.  

I have no idea what God really wants or expects for me at times or weeks like this.  Total spinning confusing and weirdness.  Things seem more clear and less clear all at the same time…a very “Ecclesiatical” argument all the time.  Uggh.

It’s probably best to not even think about it and just keep going.

Can I have two more XStrength Tylenol please…again?  (My third dose today). 

Time to take my contacts out.  They are sticking to my eyeballs in a most painfully irritating way. 

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