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Checking In

Well, so blogging and I have diverged paths for a bit.  I have two teens and one almost there in my house now!  TIME and the passing of it has become something I’m very aware of.  How do I spend it?  Am I pouring all into these kids that I need to be for their next step?  What things get in the way of that?  What things lend me to be a good listener, and what things tune me “out” to the world around me?  There is a time to “tune it all out” and there is a time to “tune it all in”.  I’m at a stage in the game where I need to “tune it all in”.

I spend a lot of time making sure the house and food are ready for them, I’m ready for them, and the schedule is flowing.  Some days, I get all the ‘stuff’ in order and realize I’m still not showing the love I feel.  It’s a tough job some days, just to keep going, keep being there, keep doing the mundane.  But, I want them to be free to pursue their dreams, just as I was.  My parents were so good to me!

This December was brutal schedule-wise.  Our oldest played high school ball and we loved traveling and the games, but there were some things I had to drop and give myself grace with…I didn’t get my Christmas cards finished, for instance.  I know…not the world’s worst problem, but something we enjoy each year, to write an annual letter with our happenings.  It makes a good record for us as well.  I hope to write a “winter letter” and hopefully even get it mailed!

My son is wanting to quit playing ball today…right now.  Praying a lot for him and how to walk through it.   Lord, give us wisdom.

I’ve been needing to replace my point and shoot camera and chose a Nikon s9100.  It has some glowing reviews, and some mixed reviews.  I am finding that with every point and shoot.  Basically, pick what you need, realize it’s just a point and shoot, not a miracle worker, and love it or leave it.  I opted out of manual modes and RAW for now, but wonder if I made a mistake sometimes.  Reading a lot on cameras in my spare time.

I got an iPod touch for Christmas.  I’m enjoying that.

We are trying to have WiFi in the house again this winter…we’ll see how that goes.  It’s very hard to keep tabs of the household with so much muck at arm’s length.  Praying for good levels of accountability and wisdom for my family with a changing world.

Needing to ‘rest’ on my physical goals.  December burned me out so I ate whatever was at hand and didn’t run at all.  Now, I’m feeling a bit better and have time, but am recovering from burn out from the holidays.  Hopefully, I can hit a few good spells in between winter viruses!  I’ll regret it if I don’t!

Spiritually, I’m resting.  Coming off a holiday marathon was not a great time for me to deal with goal setting.  The goal was to get through the holidays.  I do hope to set some goals soon!  I am keeping up with GMO to spread the gospel to the world.

I crave peace and quiet.  Time to pray, time to connect with family, and that’s about all there is time for these days, and I’m happy with that.  I connect with friends here and there digitally, miss them, but also am focused on this season of life.  It’s all good!

Love all my readers and subscribers!  Hope you are well, though I am not doing a lot of blog reading these days due to time constraints.   I hope to get some pics with my camera up, just because there seems to be little blogging going on about point and shoots for comparison.










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I’m at a different place today than I was a year ago.

I’m not sure that I can articulate it in a writing or a post.  I just know that things are different.

I know that I’m needed to be available here more, to have meals ready, to create “routine” and “order” and “flow”–not perfection, but good, well-executed effort and forethought.

I know that I’m needed to be in balance myself:  rested, eating well, and striving toward personal goals of fitness and good spiritual and mental health–if I’m not where I need to be…my family is not where it needs to be.  I suffer with less headaches and stress when I go to bed early (I am SO a late night person…love it, convince myself I need it!).  I do better when I eat less raw sugar, and eat more whole foods.  My body and mind feed better, I am on less “buzz”, I have less times of “coming down”, I have fewer headaches.  I feel less tired.  I exercise more disciplines in other areas when I’m disciplines in this area.

I’m trying, by the grace and help of God, which I pray for very regularly.  Well, I say “pray”, but honestly, “beg” is probably a much better word.  I want to be who I need to be, not only to give glory to God, not only to be what I’m made to be…but, mainly, now, at this point in the journey, so those around me can be who they need to be…those I love most, and who are most near and dear to me.  This is a big jump–to change personal habits, eating, sleep preferences so that I can be who I need to be for the group.  It is a dying to self.  It is a new perspective given to me, not one I am making.  The changes have been happening before I knew why they are happening, actually.  I just see the effects, and I thank God for doing something…some “things”, I have been unable to do on my own for many years.  I think the goals and scriptures, and prior striving probably play a part in how much easier it seems now, but ultimately, on top of it all, I still cannot do it without Him.  I am too “me”.  Not that “me” is bad…it is just filled with many preferences, and rationalizations, and learning that he has to deal with.

I read a scripture yesterday while sitting in church.  It said that if you examined yourself (before taking the Lord’s supper is the context), the Lord would not judge you as harshly, but if you did not examine yourself, that he would judge you more harshly (I Corinthians 11:27-32).  The passage wasn’t referring to the ultimate judgment after death, but a discipline and judgment here on earth that showed itself in sickness and/or weakness.  So, I guess God does allow those two things to humble us when we refuse to admit where we are.  No, that doesn’t mean that anytime we are weak and sick that it is a result of un-confessed sin, but it does confirm that God can use times of sin and weakness to humble us, slow us down, get us quiet, and have opportunity to deal with us.  It’s the same principle, I think, as that of “grounding” a child.  An imposed time set aside to pull away and get quiet and let God speak.   I know God has used them at times in my life when I needed to slow down and rest or just change course, or have time to “reset“.

It was interesting to me, though, that if we examined ourselves, he is more gentle with us. He wants us to be looking, and trying, and striving on our own.  He doesn’t want to have to do it all for us.  He wants us to look and see if the fruit in our lives is lining up, or if we need to work in some areas, perhaps even confess to other people and seek help.  Many of you have probably had times with a child when you said, “I know you were in a tight spo.  Perhaps you were afraid to tell me, but if you had only come to me, I could have helped you!  Don’t be so afraid of my punishment that you move away from opportunities I have to teach you what you need to know and help you make it through those times!”

I have.

Right now, I am inclined to look at myself.  To confess.  To try to deal with things.  To seek help.

We don’t have to make mountains out of mole-hills, but we do need to live honest lives, true to ourselves and to the God within us.


With all that heavy thinking that comes from a week of heavy parenting and self-reflection as a result, today’s agenda is chicken pot pie (the chicken is pretty much ready to get in the oven now and I’ve been ot the store for ingredients this morning already–yeah!), rice, and milk.  It’s a hearty meal with veggies and bread already in it, so that will be it.  Lunch for me:  (unknown due to a need to be out of the house, working on that plan to keep up healthier less sugar and white breads I’m working on). I feel SO much better and level all day.  It’s wonderful.

Today:  helping the kitchen crew with the chain saw ministry.  People right now are here from South Carolina in disaster relief efforts to help with tree-limb clean up from the storm.  They are here from long distances, in the freezing cold, ministering.  It’s 25 degrees here today.  They’ve been here about a week.  Four more people are possibly coming today, and possibly a new team, or a second team tomorrow.

An angelic kitchen crew has been working through the storm, and now to help feed the crews.  I’m just now getting things settled enough to volunteer.  I hope I can a few days this week, barring home emergencies.

Though I can blog less, God is refreshing me and filling me with new energy from you.  One day last week, one of you sent me a new worship CD from an artist you know I love that just came out.  {humbled–it sang me to sleep last night when I couldn’t get to sleep with too much on my mind}.  Another day, one of you dropped me a beautiful and cheery card.  {smiling still}.  Yet one more day, one of you dropped a package in the mail with some fresh scrapbooking supplies, for dreaming of “me” time.  {tickled pink}.  A couple of you “heard me out” and gave me a pep talk, a smile, courage, hope.  Trials have rolled lately, and I’m still learning to roll with them.  Without the ever-presence of God, above all, I would be so very lost.  He keeps me singing.

I love you all.  Thanks for seeing, thanks for blessing.  Thanks for doing that little bit more that raises my head and causes me to take a breath of fresh air from a higher climate.  It goes a long way.

Wherever you are, many blessings to you this week as you “pursue” those things that bring glory to him:  righteousness, faith, purity, love, grace…may they ever more be yours as you seek Him.

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Wednesday Stuffs

  • I enjoyed the act of cleaning out the kid’s art cabinets last week…trouble it, I’m still dealing with the “stuff” that came out of it. I’m hoping to get that sorted and out of my “clean space” (dining room table) this week.  I’m doing a bit at a time each day, but I’m ready for a state of order to return in my dining room. It’s making me cranky to have to move stuff to each every day.
  • Clean the kitchen, a daily chore, but mine’s a wreck again.  I cooked ahead four pounds of ground chuck last night, a brisket roast, and we had hamburger helper, cornbread, potatoes, corn, and carrots for supper.  I’m trying to capitalize on great-tasting meals again to reduce my own filler’s going to be the death of me if I don’t.
  • Self care…working on that this week, though I haven’t gotten beyond the “rest” phase.  I’m still falling asleep around 9PM while trying to get through the first book of the trilogy of the Rings.  It is moving SLOW!  Doesn’t it speed up?  The movie seems pretty intense when I TRIED to watch it.  Too many black horses for me in that thing!  😀  Anyway…back to topic of self-care…I’m making goals. Still doing little more than the goal phase, but I’m making the goals.  Goals are good.  See…if I make them enough days, long enough, the same goals, before I allow myself to take on anything new, they will get done…eventually (generally when I get tired of them being on my goals list and want them on my “doing” or “done” mental lists.) Yeah,  I’m all for goals, even ones I fail at.  Eventually, I’ll get there.  I think that perhaps the trouble comes, not when you fail at goals, but when you stop pursuing even in your failing at them. Does that make sense?  Well, it works for me, so I guess it’s alright to try to say it!  For example, I fail much longer at a New Year’s Resolution I never set because I’m afraid of failing than if I just keep setting a New Resolution every month, no matter what happened the month before.  Keep trying!  Keep setting goals!  Keep starting over!  Twelve poor starts gives you twelve weeks that year that you strived at it really hard anyway!  Go with any progress you can make, I say!  Eventually, those twelve attempts will turn to twenty four and you’ll find you have a habit that way, even if not in the traditional “five weeks  or forty days to a habit” suggestions.  This is how I developed prayer disciplines, Bible reading disciplines, and journaling disciplines.  Now, they are not daily requirements, or even goals, but just joys of my life that have sustained me so many times that I depend on them and know they work, even if I never mastered “the habit”.  Well, I feel like I make even less sense than before in traditional habit/discipline jargon, but you can take it for what it’s worth.
  • Laundry room, a daily chore that I ignored yesterday…it has to be done today.  DOING THAT:  I hope to enjoy my new iPod songs and my little bitty low quality speaker OR my high-quality ear buds (provided I find where my kids put them during the storm when I let them use them…I generally don’t share my iPod for “protective purpose”s, but it was the only sound device with any charge on it at all when I needed them quiet for a while.  It charged up the next night on the generator, as did my camera!  I was thankful both had a very low energy requirement for charging!)
  • Get caught up on my finance class work for class tonight.
  • Tomorrow, my step-Dad is probably leaving for Iraq to join my mom, who has been there by her lone-some for a month.  (We are still waiting to hear his flight plans).  Having one of them here provides a sense of security still somehow,a nice break from feeling that feeling I have while they’re gone.  It’s like the feeling when  you’ve been with your kids all summer and the house is quiet–they were here, and suddenly, they are gone.
  • My desk.  It’s a wreck from multiple jobs that have not had clean-up time.
  • New jeans!  I’m in dire need of a couple pair of “favorite” jeans.  All mine have been through the dryer too many times.  I am just not in love with any of my jeans anymore.  I’d like to go shopping today, used options first, I suppose.  I’d like some not “pre-shrunk” though.  A size larger might work, that way all the “shrink” is out of them, and they may even be “shrunk up” to the right “petite” length without my having to hem them!
  • My Dad just left me a voice mail that he pulled a tendon from his bicep working and needs surgery–still to be scheduled.  I need to call him back.

Well, that oughtta keep me busy today.

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Thursday Stuffs

My online m*ss*onary community is up to sixteen now, five mature and the others just out of training–a joy to help them.  I’ve been catching up this morning on questions.  I enjoy teaching just as much as I did sharing Christ…and that’s a relief.  I was afraid I’d miss my evangelism time.  Just finished writing next week’s email newsletter.  Those doing training are using some of the newsletters as models to other community leaders, and that’s an honor to hear about as I returned to town. 

This morning, The Hub helped me move the piano before he left for work so that I can get back to taking down chair-rail and spackling the hole left there to finish painting that half of that room.  It’s a pretty golden-carmel color I wasn’t sure I liked at first, but now, it’s everyone’s fav!  I can’t wait to see the books OUT of the entry hall stacked in the floor!  I tripped over them the other night, forgetting they were there and nearly broke my neck.

I love the open sound of the piano away from the wall as I was just practicing/trying to learn “Running” by chord chart today by Christ for the Nations Institute for worship on Sunday.  Here it is if you want a preview:

They get into it for 10 minutes.  I doubt we will go that long!  However, I could take it for that long if there worship were as good as this video! 

I need to sweep down the pool and get to business.  The Hub and I want to do some furniture-looking this afternoon.  I won’t say “shopping” because we never seem to really know how to buy things that match and go together, but we are ready to enjoy the process again of looking!  After four years living here with some rooms still rather empty, we are ready to get some “stuff” I guess!



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11:23 AM.  Just getting home from the school.  Volunteered making copies.  Went pretty well, won’t bore you with that, except to say that I practiced all my new “skills” today.  I had the power, pumping the machine.  Copiers have sure come a long way, baaby.

Both boys have sick stomachs with diarrhea (sp?) from the first day’s school pizza.

Today is the last day I could go in with Nathan, really.  Security requires me to go to the other end of the building and sign in.  I think he’s ready.  I don’t know if I am or not.   Caught me by surprise.  I’ll get there.  I love that little guy.

Went by to visit Mom…she’s FINALLY back in town.  Shared some news and finally…got us BOTH ice cream.  Two cones with chocolate dip.  Good tip, KV!

Got home, revisited the first day’s “lists” I’ve made up for the kids for this AM.  (If they get all checks except two, they get their week’s treat, if not, they don’t.)  There are 13-15 items, in order they need to be done, on each list.  I used a Microsoft Works preformed template, not the best in the world, but it was fast and colorful and a good starting point.  I realized today the list had them packing snacks before they did teeth and shoes…nope.  I need to reverse that order.  Once we start thinking about food, things go downhill fast as far as time.  So, that’s last– if they have time.  I even added a basic chore for each child this year.  (Check 3 kitchen trash cans, ask mom for kitchen chore, or feed Daisy scraps). 

Those little things help me a lot, too.

Hopefully I can maintain my morning shower after I walk Daisy Dog–let me tell you, yesterday, it was speculative.  Everyone seems so scatterbrained it was laughable… yet, not funny either!  So…I hope to be owing Wonderboy a video game rental, Red a matchbox car, and haven’t come up with Goldilocks anything yet, scratch that, everyone gets two bucks.  Gifts were getting too unequal and complicated.

Anyway, just having the list is a gift for Goldilocks, my list-making machine.  She begged for it.

Off to the grand excitement of laundry, today’s menu planning (tight tonight with PTSO), and hopefully a bit of quiet time before the kids invade.  I have three precious hours left to whip this place into shape, and myself into shape.  Mark, get set.  Go!


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Saturday Stuffs

Today I needed to can tomatoes.  Worked in the kitchen all day.  My first tomato juice alone.  I watched my mom and and an elderly aunt do it early in marriage and remembered enough to get it going.  Mom filled in some details.  Not too hard.

I ran a squash casserole up the church for a funeral.  New recipe…will share soon for those with garden produce.  Great way to do “something different” with it.

We had to chase down Daisy Dog at 6:30 AM…due to an unfortunate series of events…she got loose this morning.  She’s safe, but some neighbors had to call.  They said she almost got run over.  Oh, the joys!

This afternoon I watched kids in the pool during a shower (watching for lightening) and excercised dog.

Ran next door today to swapped garden produce with elderly neighbors, lots of fun.

Tonight…laundry calls.  And lots of it!

In between, I rested my legs and feet a lot.  I’ve been on my feet and have WALKED A LOT this week.  Taking the night off tonight.   

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Don’t You Just Hate It When You Get Ahead of Yourself?

For the latest news, see: Beth Moore, An Artistic Interpretation.

 Thanks for your help and support!  {{{hugs all around}}}.


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Friday Surprises

Things that have surprised me this week.

One, how many nice and thankful people there are in Bloggidy-ville.  Can ya’ll come eat my suppers?  ‘Cause see, when a 10 year old boy, an eight year old girl, and a five year old boy…

 “Mom! Carmen is burning the muffins!  The oven’s not even pre-heated yet!  There’s going to burn!”

“No, they’re not.”

“They always do!”

See…now that’s how it goes in my home…much AT ONE TIME.  This straightforward typing could mislead you, thinking this is a peaceful, euphoric sort of “Cleaver” home. 

Let’s ALSO not be easily deceived by the “Family Photo Album”.   Oh, and that’s been an interesting thing.  You know, I created that last year when I needed to remember some peaceful, “earthy” times that made me feel calm, cool, and collected.  So, I click over there to see what everyone is looking at, and what do I find, but pictures of the group of us with Grandma, berry picking.

Yeah.  Okay.  So, berry picking and such is not a regular part of my life.  I’ll like to be one of those “everything fresh” ladies of gentility who are the envy of every woman they know.  I read blogs like that.  They make me feel calm and focused.  But, I really hate to mislead, again…so just so you know. 

So, just to clear:  we’re like, the jelly-out-of-a-jar-twice-a-day-calling-it-a-balanced-meal sort of clan.  Now, we have goals…but, there is reality.  We’ll keep trying. 

I’m sorry if you missed the berry picking picture.  I took it down! 

So, I don’t know how many hits I’ve gotten to  this post this week.  It’s entitled:  The Many Uses of Calculus.  Now, if you can just picture with me who might be needing that?  Who is searching for that?  I’m envisioning these college students, sitting at their computers, studying for finals, getting behind, and thinking, “WHAT IS THE BLESSED POINT OF THIS??  WHAT DO YOU EVER USE CALCULUS FOR ANYWAY?  SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME!”

So, they realize Calculus is about Jesus, and it makes it all worthwhile.


Well, today, I’m actually “in the mood to clean house”.  I always am delighted by that surge of “let’s get this place whipped into shape” energy.  It’s 10:00AM, Friday, and I’ve been the Commander-In-Chief.  We’ve DEEP CLEANING…meaning, UNDER the couch (a once a quarter event around here), IN the cushions (I no longer care what I vaccum up…just give me the hose), and my son spot cleaning the carpet for me last I checked (mention this to him in public, and I’ll deal most severely with you!). 

Goldilocks is cooking up the muffins.  Yup, there is the bowl sitting behind me, turning into a lovely hardened concrete, and the milk, uncapped, getting warm. 

But, it is a joy to be working together today.

I was thinking as I cleaned my bedroom that it’s so fun to clean when you keep lots of notecards from readings laying around.  It’s like I get review, summaries, inspiration, and verses I’d forgotten about filling me up while I’m cleaning the mess!  For now, I smell burning muffins.

So, what is bringing you surprise and delight to find today?


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Arts and Worship

Current Listening:

My Savior, My God by Aaron Shust  (iTunes excerpt)  A must have.   Buy it from iTunes from the link for $.99

Current Reading:

Hope and Help for You and Your Ministry Team (Willow Creek Resources)

Thriving as an Artist in the Church,  Nory Roland, Willow Creek Resources 

I bought this last week at a bookstore going out of business in anticipation of a conference I hope to attend this summer where I’ll hear Nory Roland speak, among other great artists.

Nory quotes Jim Elliott:  “I see tonight that in spiritual work, if nowhere else, the character of the worker decides the quality of the work…in any work for God.”

Currently Practicing:

on Guitar for personal worship:  Thank You for Loving Me, by Tommy Walker.  Awesome song for worship.

on Guitar for personal worship:  Marvelous Light by Charlie Hall

(I generally do backup on keyboard, but enjoy my guitar on the porch sometimes.  The strings sooth me.  My Dad played me to sleep as a child.)

Currently Planning:


Anyone else planning to being at the  Willow Creek Arts Conference?

What is your view of arts and the church?  Until lately, I’ve had a too limited view of the things that captivate my senses and draw me into the presence of God more quickly.  Several factors are drawing me in that direction now…one being, our moving to a gym to worship.  I seek out “art” now…places of worship.  I relish in them.  Soak in them.

How you ever learned to cultivate the arts into your personal worship?  How?

April 26, 2007 at 10:57 am 8 comments

The “Second Hottest”


See my blog post listed? 

You all know know I told you once that I don’t care to hear the word “hot” to describe much of anything except coming from my own man, know, describing his lovely wife!

But, today, the Beth Moore’s Columbia Commission (An Artistic Interpretation) , an art piece I did which Beth Moore & Amanda Jones (Beth’s daughter) asked to post at the Living Proof Ministries blog, hit the second hottest post at WordPress. Yeah!  Go God!  The picture above was on everyone’s dashboard through at least part of today!  So, “Incoming!”  People are coming by to see us, so ya’ll spruce up the place a bit.   

Now, it’s about the lost who need to find Jesus who may today fly through these pages today…help me pray for them!

As a side note: Beth Moore’s father, Amanda’s grandfather, died today, also be in prayer for her family as they grieve and travel.


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Blogline Reader Update

beth-moore-lpm.jpgOkay, this post is going to seem unsightly to someone, no doubt. But, for you blogline cheerleaders/readers, Beth Moore and Amanda (her married daughter) saw my worship art posted yesterday and asked if they could post yesterday’s worship art.

How did they see it in the first place?  Well, I’d asked if it was okay (in like, comment number 80) to publish her words on my blog, and left the link, doubting it would be seen, but covering myself, just in case, and filled out the comment form saying the same.

When I got mail from Amanda yesterday saying, “Mom and I are going nuts over this and we just wondered if there is any way we can put it on the LPM Blog?”, I said to myself, “Uh, yeah, I’ll just go hand tape a copy to every computer my own self if you’d like !” I was a bit excited. Just a tad.

So…special note to my readers…my first visit over there, and many of them are all coming to vist us over here. Ya’ll kindly put in your teeth, wear a belt, find some clean Sundy clothes, try to find two shoes that match (whatever you’ve got is fine, we’re in a hurry)!

We’ll all enjoy a pat on the back from God. You guys are my encouragers, so I say “we”, very much meaning “we”. Keep shining for Him! Thanks for letting me have a day to smile and celebrate a moment. Thanks for celebrating with me today.



April 20, 2007 at 4:13 pm 6 comments

Virginia Tech Shooting

I don’t usually cover news, but I’d be remiss today to not to a moment to ask for us to pray for the families, friends, students, and faculty of Virgina Tech in the shooting this morning.  The death count continues to rise and is up to 31 as I write.  When it climbed to 21, it was already the worst American school shooting. 

Though the death count has not been updated at this link, here is the CNN News story:  Apparently, at least two students jumped from the top floor of a building in fear.  One had a broken ankle, the status of the other was unknown last I checked. 

What can we say to this?  I don’t know.  I just remind myself of truth in times like this:  “Perfect love casts out all fear” “God is love”, “God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, and of love, and a sound mind”. 

We are not slaves to fear, but to a God who gives strength to endure, hope to carry on, and overcoming love that embraces us all. 

Words, so inadequate and cumbersome in times of grief and tragedy.  I am so sorry for those who’ve been affected by this tragedy today.  We all pray for your peace and comfort and strength.

April 16, 2007 at 2:18 pm 2 comments

Untitled Post

Today, lots of housecleaning and re-ordering after Spring Break.  We had a restful weekend out of town, though weather was far from “shorts and t-shirt”.  We all wore long sleeves and jerseys and jeans on outtings.  I’ll post a few fun pics later this week.

Today, cleaning off The Bar and The Desk, trying to assemble that motherly sense of order again that just seems to know where things might be, even if they are missing.  Right now, all I know is, “I have no idea, you’ll just have to look…no, not there, I just went through that stuff yesterday.”  “Well, where could it be then?”  “I don’t know.”  Quite an exhausting line of repetitive conversations. 

So, I have piles of “too keep, sentimental”, “to keep/ records”, “to pay”, “to read”, “to research”, “to look into”, and thankfully, not a lot of “to do”.   Many “big tasks” knocked off in recent days, but leaves everything else needing a shine, and me not with a lot of “shine” to apply!  😀

Knocked off a publishing job this morning, fixed some pixelation printing problems with the help of the extremely helpful folks over at Photoshop Elements User Forums.  Highly recommend their assistance for users with problems or ideas of any sort.

Deep sigh.  Much luggage and laundry spraying everywhere.  

I gave seatwork/reading assignment to my student today and did not teach.  Came home and do dishes and get “caught up”.  I have to pick up Red in 45 minutes, and I certainly don’t feel ‘caught up’, but at least it’s moving a bit.


Last night, the pastor preached on a scripture in Malachi.  I read further, and it talked about that verse where it says that some were grumbling and complaining, “What is the point?  Why do we keep serving and believing when nothing ever gets better?”  Then it says that The Faithful gathered to discuss what they should do and how they should proceed, to share burdens and complains in an encouraging faithful way.   And then it says, “And God heard THERE prayers and made a scroll of rememberance for THEM”.  He predicted much tragedy and woe for those who did not trust.

You know, I’ve had some similar bones to pick with God lately.  Good reminder to me that He doesn’t hear the grumblers, those with exhausted faith.  He hears those who, though weary and tried, persevere, carry on, and talk and encourage one another.  Lord, make me a like-minded, faith-filled person who You want to write a scroll about!


In other stray thoughts:  I heard it said lately that if you once heard encouragement from others about your work and service, and you are no longer hearing it, then perhaps you are doing something wrong, or not enough, or whatever.  I prayed about that.   Perhaps it’s true, to a degree. 

But, we are to be God pleasers, not man pleasers.  Sometimes, I’ve been in what I knew to be the center of God’s will, and if I were depending on the accolades…oh, mercy me, would I be a sunk ship by now!  (And times, I have sank to that inky black depth of relying on the praise of man!)    

Often, in the beginning of service, we hear the cheers, gratitude, thanks.  Then, AS WE MATURE, we must submit to the rigors of perseverance, the long-distance course where we often run alone, or weary, or tired, or wonder if it’s all worth it.  Sometimes, things get quiet. 

 Some of us need more affirmation than others, for sure!  No problems with that.  But, when things get quiet for some time, and all you can hear is the steady pounding of your own feet, shoes rubbing blisters, water canteen near dry…what then?  Are you still in the right race?  We are told we have a marathon to run, and we must run the race as to win.  That means, sometimes, we suck it up.  We keep going.  We are miserable…and we are still right where we have to and need to be.  Is there joy in the journey?  Yes…through blisters, we see an incredible view over the field off to our left.  A stream trickle under the bridge to our right.  We help a brother or sister along for a while.  But, stress is always with us.  The road is always long. 


On the flip side of that:  This weekend, when I returned home, there were three notes waiting for me.  One a thanks…from someone I do not even know, thanking me for being a wife who shares her husband with others in need.  One encouraged me in new skills I’m giving to the Lord, though there are those likely so much more qualified than me.   There are power drills, and then there are screw drivers…God reminds me he needs both at times.

Well, on to more desk sorting.  Just wanted to take a moment to dump my mind.  Hope you guys are all great and thriving.  Send me a line and let me know how I can pray for you this month:  email.

April 16, 2007 at 12:03 pm 3 comments

Saturday Pictures


Easter Egg Hunt, inside due to freezing temps (what’s with THAT?):  My two youngest children and a friend’s.  There were LOTS of eggs to find this year…cold weather kept lots of kids at home. 

Next, I’m off to a wedding…


The flower girls at the wedding were so cute (really into it!)  Shortly after this, she lost her shoe and spend some time working with the buckle.  I decided that lots of ring bearers and flower girls were comic relief to help the stressed parents laugh about the wedding.  I always thought having more than two was too much trouble…until this wedding.  They were adorable!  At the end, the ring bearer sat down on the steps for a little R&R and decided his day was done.  The flower girl went and stared at him for ten seconds, then held out her hand to pull him down the aisle.


This is the homing pigeon on our front walk.  It seems to have a slightly wounded wing and has therefore adopted us this week.  I keep having to run it off the drive to keep from running it over.   See the ID band on it’s leg?  Can I send you a message?  I wonder how homing pigeons work anyway.  Good lesson for the kids to do some research on.   As we are currently in a “mother- imposed- pet- free- time-frame”, the kids are enjoying it’s presence.  (No vet bills…that’s always a good thing!)

April 9, 2007 at 11:12 am

Surprised by the Cross

robecrown-res.jpgToday, I picked up a book I’ve had for a while.  It’s called, “If Momma’s Going South, Then We’re All Going With Her”. 

It has a cute cartoon cover and promised humor in the title, and heaven knows, I need some humor this week.  I went to the church to have my quiet time today.  Had my student studying for an exam, asking her to please study in the back of the chapel while I had some time of prayer. 

So, I went down front to my favorite spot in our church to pray–the older worship sanctuary.  The daylight streaming through glass windows captures me every time.  Even back in my college days, I used to go to the chapel and sit in the balcony to pray because of the streaming sunlight. 

So, I approached the front of the church and did not find what I expected.  I was going to pick a spot on the steps to the podium, but something stopped me. 

This week, there are Holy Week services going on, and I’d forgotten about them.  To commemorate the season, there was a very blood stained peice of cloth trailing down the steps and a crown of thorns laying on it…close to where I’d planned to kneel (I took the photo above when I was finished praying and meditating).  Seeing it, I backed up, dropped to my face and knees below the steps, and shed some tears, realizing my “very serious business with God” for today was already paid for, dealt with, carried, and suffered.  Thank you, Jesus. 

If you’ve never laid down at an altar before, I recommend it.  There is just something sweet and mild and humble and desperate and surrendered about it. 

After a few moments, I got uncomfortable and numb, as it doesn’t take 30 something Moms long to do.  So, I sat up, opened my book, wondering if it were now serious enough for this moment. 

But, as I began to read, I realized God’s message to me, even with the comical bookcover.  I realized the title of the book referred to the instinct of children to follow that mother duck anywhere she goes.  If she “goes South” (not to Tahiti, but that “other” “gone South” ), they all go with her. 

I can’t control everything in life, nor should I try–instead, I want my kids to have a Mommy Duck who they can confidently follow without worrying that they are “going South”, too.   I CAN”T go South of my own perogative.  I have to fight it by faith and hope.

Life takes us all there enough without us slipping on our own any more than we have to.  Jesus already went there for me….for sure.  Why go back?  Just trust that He dealt with all that was there, overcoming death and the grave (s) for me…and walk in assured victory.  It takes me many battles a day to remember to claim this truth.  The balls in my right shoulder blade is an indication that I have much to learn about living by faith.  But, I am learning.  By the grace of God, victory will be won, and has been won.

I saw the cost today.  Thank you for stepping in front of me to take it all, My Lord.  By thanksgiving, I refuse to live in defeat when the hard challenges of life come.  I lift up your Name.

April 6, 2007 at 10:34 pm 2 comments

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