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Rooting My Galaxy Note (Original HGH I717)

So, tired of my slow and slowing phone, I decided to bite the bullet.  Some fourteen hours later, I’m almost there.

I wish there were a more straightforward guide, but alas, it’s piecing together a lot of information.

You can pretty much figure out how to find an app to help you back up your phone…be sure to put that backed up file on the computer rather than just the SD card…loading a new ROM can wipe the card.

Do a secondary nandroid backup to card.  Load and use Titanium backup with some online instructions.

Chose a ROM…this is very hard to do. I lost TouchWiz…native only to Samsung operating systems.  Honestly, just cleaning off the bloat from the root, the phone sped up a lot.  I may have been able to stop there.  But, I had to try.  I chose Padawan Kang.  It’s the Padawan app, stripped of anything unnecessary to try to increase speed, battery life, and performance.

So far, the most frustrating part of reinstalling apps from Titanium is my lack of forethought to how much time photo data would take to restore.  Honestly, had I thought it through, I would not have restored even my pared down “Gallery” PHotos and videos…I would have copy and pasted them in from files on my desktop.  Google + is another I would NOT backup data on.  I’ve already saved everything to the online cloud anyway….all I needed was the app.

It’s amazing how fast the “USB” storage area fills up.  I hope next to most more apps to SD card, and also to figure out ways to increase the available space on my phone for apps.  I don’t use a ton of apps, but I still feel I do not have enough space for them.

All in all, the camera and phone were taking about 10 seconds to load, even after cleaning the cache on the phone and closing all unnecessary apps.  Now, it’s 3-5 seconds.  Still not as fast as an iPhone, but this is a 3-5 year old phone, so I’m happy that I breathed some new life into it.

UPDATE:  A week later, I tried the KitKat 4.4.2 for i717.  It is even faster, but the camera is unstable and crashes OFTEN, this issue apparently even one for NEXUS users…I would be irate if I bought a new factory phone and the cam wasn’t stable!

Tried 4.4.4 KitKat which fixed that issue, but the back key didn’t work a lot of the time, and there were odd ghosting issues with odd icons that looked like gallery icon search bar UNDER my google NOW search bar and ghosting of status screen.  I spend 5-6 hours on the issue and eventually decided to revert back to 4.4.2 and try to overload a “fix” I found while working on 4.4.4 that supposedly fixes the camera.  It’s a Pollutions_rom_patch.  We’ll see how that goes.  I was pleased with pretty much everything else about 4.4.2, especially with the Epic Launcher to reduce the size of icons…I couldn’t deal with the large KitKat ones.



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One Year After ASA Eye Surgery

eye-bobbleToday was a great day! After months and months of eye healing, I had my one year follow up appointment from my ASA eye surgery.  My local eye doc doing the follow-up said I was close enough to 20-20 for us both to be thrilled…

And, in all actuality, 20-20 isn’t the goal for everyone.  It’s not even ideal from everyone.  In fact, they do tests before your surgery to see what vision you tend to prefer, so I am likely “preferring” to see things sharp at a distance after not being able to see them for so long!  I’m not sure what my vision was before, but my contacts were -6.50 and I had astigmatism in both eyes.

I’m sure there are some who have it worse, but all I know is, I was so nearsighted most of my life, I couldn’t even tell how many fingers I was holding up right in front of my face!  😀  I was so nearsighted, I couldn’t walk through the house in the dark without running into the walls.  I was so nearsighted, I learned to shave my legs in the morning without seeing — I could do pretty well by feel, but always had to repeat my bony knees and ankles later when I could see with contacts.  I never could get right up and pop in contacts, and wearing glasses fogged up in the shower.  I was so nearsighted I couldn’t drive without glasses, couldn’t walk around without them, and was often afraid of a fall-out that would render me utterly useless without the aids. I couldn’t even be at the pool without glasses or contacts, which was always an annoyance…chlorine left a permanent fog on them (thank goodness for disposables, but still).glasses

A glory moment recently:  last week, Mom came over and said, “Daughter, do you have any ‘One Solution’?”

“No, mom…I most certainly do not have any solution!”

She said, “Oh, you!  I forgot.  That’s just sickening.”

The other day, I went to the tanning bed (haven’t for years, but am getting a base tan this year slowly for a personal treat).  ANYWAY, I didn’t have to go home to take out my “eyes” first.  I didn’t have to fool with putting them back in after I had lotion on my hands.  I didn’t have to worry about it AT ALL.  It was lovely.

I can see really well at night driving with no halos or light problems.

It took from the end of May until the end of September before I started to have a “wow” moment and could read comfortably and see first thing in the morning definition on doors and things.

It was a LONG wait and a LONG process, but ASA was the best choice for my eyes (there were irregularities on the surface of my cornea that needed to be dealt with now or later anyway, so they just burned the surface clean with a mild alcohol solution and let it rebuild–thus the name ASA–Advanced Surface Ablation).

my-glassesThis photo of me drawing was one of the last trips we took where I needed my glasses, last fall break.

This year, I didn’t have to pack all that stuff to go swim in a heavily chlorinated hotel pool! (Ironically, the pool water was too cool for me to swim…but still, even the chlorinated air used to dry out my contacts!)

The dry eye symptoms from the surgery have gotten progressively better since my last visit, though I still use drops some in the morning, especially if I have a lot of popcorn the night before.

My eyes  ARE STILL healing, and my vision was still improving even a year later!  I have improved a half step since the last visit in my worse eye.

My eyes aren’t fatigued at the end of the day from a day of contacts.  I am saved minutes of my morning and evening routines, and the hassle of inserting and removing contacts is such a blessing.  I don’t have to find my glasses.  Be thankful if you have good vision already!

It’s a great gift–I used to pray as a young girl that if God would heal, that he’d heal my eyes (and my zits).  My zits are mostly gone now, twenty years later, and my eyes are “healed”.

I’ll take it.  He is GOOD!

I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone.  The discomfort, risks, and expense wouldn’t seem worth it to me unless there was a great lifestyle benefit to be gained.  If you are getting older and have cataracts, insurance will pay for it, so I’d wait.

The bad part is, you may not know until you go for the consult whether you get Lasik or ASA.  I had to have the latter, which meant the difference in a 3 day recovery and a 3 month recovery, a lot more pain, and a lot more waiting.  So, think carefully before you go jumping on a bandwagon.  It costs just way too much if it’s not a debilitating thing for you, and not everyone is a candidate, even if you want it.

My eyes had finally stopped changing for a few years, and soon, they will start going downhill again, it was a golden moment for me to do it, if it were to be done.  I can get the most out of the expense.

Thank you, dear husband!  He stuck by me, drove me, and helped me out during my recovery.  Three cheers!


TODAY:20/25  in my Right eye; 20/30 in my Left… I like it!


PHOTO: March 2009, Park (trust dark tinted sunglasses, protecting my eyes from harmful UV as they continue to heal–The eye surgeon in Louisville said they were really uncertain as to how long it actually took a lifetime of cornea to heal back fully, but the eye doctor today, and even in January, said if he didn’t know I’d had the surgery, he could see NO sign of scar tissue or even any line at all that indicated it had been done at all.  AMAZING.)

READ MORE:  If you want to read more about the days/months following the surgery  here’s a link to those back posts.  (I love the photo on one of those links where I found a way to decorate my post-surgery goggles with sequins.  I may have been in a heck of a lot of pain, on morphine, taking twenty some odd eye drops a day, but dad-gum it, I was going to have me some girlie sequins going on!)

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Week Two Eye Doctor Visit Post Advanced Surface Ablation Surgery

So, today they had me do the “look at the red barn” test.  I’m not sure what those results were, they didn’t say, and I forgot to ask.  I tested on the subjective test 20/50, left eye…20/30 right.  Still some swelling in my right eye.  He said my near-sightedness has completely corrected now, the surfaces on both eyes are now completely smooth.

As far as pain, now, there is this occasional feeling that a rod has been jammed into my eyeball.  Phantom nerve ending pain, healing pain, fleeting pain…it goes from one eye to the other.  Painful, but not overbearing.

So, now, just waiting on the epitheleal layer to smooth out and continue to thicken before we know what we have.  I’m combined at about 20/40.  I can see relatively well considering I’m uncorrected.  There is just a sort of glare or slight blur I can’t wait to have gone now.  When I wake up in the morning now, things seem more clear than blurry overall, though…a great feeling.

“Maury” the last commentor, posted the same surgery beginning to end on his blog (his older blog…I’ll try to insert that link.)  He had Lasik in one eye and ASA on the other).  He said at 30 days, he was good, 60, great, 90 excellent, and at four months, PERFECTION.

Aaah.  That sounds great–perfection.

That sort of time line at least helps me know how to pace my progress and grace!

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Day 13 after ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation) Surgery

They say Day 5 is sort of a “magic day” for most people, the surface of the eye can tolerate having the “clear bandage contact” removed.  I got a bit too dehydrated one afternoon, having spilt my drink in the van and needing to vaccum it out when we got home, I was so tired after a day of shopping I went straight to bed.  Overnight, the contact adhered to my cornea, tearing a piece of the freshly healed layer off when I hydrated it to death the next AM and couldn’t get it to move.  A gentle nudge did not do the trick, tearing it.  That slowed me down 2-3 more days.

Also, pulling my shades off right after surgery with one hand caused the ear-piece to whack my other eye causing swelling five times the other eye.  That slowed that eye’s healing down a few days.

So, now, I can see a few stars at night, what I call a satellite, The Hub calls it a planet (I think I’m right).  I can see people’s faces across the width of the pool today.  I can read a bit more easily and can skim magazines, though no heavy book reading.  I did my Bible study with size 14 bold font this week as compared to 24 font last week.

I cancelled by eye appointment today.  One, I was tired from the party yesterday.  Two, Red’s birthday and I didn’t want to run him around town.  Three, I’m having mono-double vision–double vision in my right eye with smaller letters.  I don’t know if it’s still healing, or a problem (web sites say if the ablation did not adequately flatten the surface, you can get an island there causing mono-double vision.  I sincerely hope taht is not the situation!).

I want to give it a few days to see if it resolves with some more healing time before I go through Dr. freak-out.  (You know that drill.)

The other eye is single vision, still a bit hazy is all…still healing nicely.

Today was the first day I have not been conscious of my eyes all day long in thirteen days.  It was a great feeling!  I could see road signs better today.  My night vision is good, if not better than day vision–less glare and haze I suppose.

I’m guessing I’m about 20/40 in both eyes right now.  We’ll see Friday.  Mainly waiting on my reading vision to catch up.  As I heal…it is expected to get better.  Faith!

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D-Day: Eye-Dr. Day (Six days after ASA surgery)

Six days after Advanced Surface Ablation:  MY BANDAGE CONTACTS ARE OFF!  YAY! (I know that is spelled YEAH!   But that can be confused to be read as a dull yah, sort of thing…  I mean YAY!!!!!)

Hydration is no longer an issue, my eyes are less sensitive to light, and my right eye is 98% healed except for one spot on the center.  I’m 20/40 in that eye and look forward to the next two steps…if trends continue, in four days.  I’m gaining a step of vision every two days. That puts me to Sunday for 20/20 in that eye.  I’m optimistic!

My other eye is a bit behind…I’m planning for 20/20 by…let’s see:  by next Tuesday.  On Tuesday, I’ll be telling all of you how beautiful you are.  That’s TUESDAY.  I see the eye Dr. again to confirm this miracle on Wednesday.

My left eye is lagging  a bit due to the contact sticking (due to dehydration and faulty rear seat Chrysler Rear Cup Holders, not that I’m blaming anyone.  :D).

So, today, instead of 20 eye drops, I do FOUR!

Today the Dr. has to put in those glow-drops to see the surface of my eyes–those fog me up for a day.  UGH.

But, overall, happy, hopeful, day!

I told him I see GREAT for a split second when I put “tears” in my eyes…he said, “When the epetheliel layer heals, that’s a good indication of what you’ll see…that’s the flat surface we want.”

WOW.  I have hope.

Grand-dad took me to Kroger…iSenior Day…a bonus… for him!

We had to pay to have our hay cut and bailed this year…the hub gave it up to take care of me.  I’m so thankful for his help this week with so many things.

Thanks for your prayers, and for enduring these posts!

At times, it no longer hurts to look at the computer screen–limiting to very easy eye work and just a minute or so at a time before I start to blur over again.


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I Cried Over One Leaf Just Now

I got out of the house a few moments ago and walked to the mailbox just to stir around a bit in between rests.  TV still bothersome, there is little to “do” that I enjoy that doesn’t involve detail work, dust, and sunlight!

I looked up, and I saw a leaf.


Not trees or blurry green things…but individual leaves.

I realized when I looked up, it was still blurry, so I noted it, but it didn’t get my attention.

I just went to the the sink and looked up outside my window…and there they were again.  Leaves…many of them, with crisp edges.  My left eye is still blurred enough that it’s taking some of the shine off the moment, but it’s happening.  I’m starting to SEE.  I teared up.  I wanted to call many of you, but after my first two calls failed, I decided to blog.  I’ll send this to The Hub to capture the moment.

Oh!  I wonder if in the morning, when I wake up, if I will be able to see.  Not haze or blur…but see. I wonder if the worry will be gone…or much lessened.

I wonder if I can soon cry out the stress of this week!  Perhaps that won’t be needed once I start partying!  I’ll be telling all my girlfriends how beautiful you are!

I wonder if I will roll over to a kiss on a man I can see and thank him real good.

I wonder if I will sneak upstairs to see the faces of my children again.

In a week, perhaps I will celebrate being able to see the time ticking on the microwave clock?

I’ve already been celebrating small victories:  my alarm clock, my watch at normal arms length, my toes {though still a little blurry, I don’t mind that!}.

As a pre-teen, I used to test God to see if he would heal (1.)  my pimples, and (2.)  my vision.  Neither were to be at that time.

Now, my healing is coming.

It came with cost.

It came with travel.

It came with fear.

It came with pain.

But, perhaps it is on it’s way.

I praise my Lord God!  I praise Him for the miracles of science and recovery of sight for the near-blind.  What an unbelievable journey.

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Climbing Back Up-Hill

from Mom’s garden

5:50 this AM…my kids had a grand scheme to cook me breakfast in bed to cheer me up before Dad left for work.  I look pretty sleeped-over in this pic, but it’s worth the looks on their faces.

They scrambled the eggs alone on the gas stove–forgot the non-stick spray, poured everything back out of the pan, they said, and started over after wiping out the pan.

Bacon, OJ, buttered toast, and a rose…

Hub said they could hardly get to sleep last night for planning it out.

I love my kids…though they nearly drove me batty yesterday after an extremely long day with the eye issue.  Even their “fun” was annoying to listen to when it involved squealing and yelping.  They had an energy level of 10+ and mine was trying to get to about a 4.

I was almost too tired to eat the breakfast, but AHhhhhh.  The LOVE.

I ate a bit, then they devoured the rest.  IT WAS really good.  The best breakfast I’ve ever had, I’m sure.

I went back to sleep and after a few hours of no pain…my spirits are up.

My vision is still blurry today, but much better in my right eye.  I can see the computer screen at a normal font today, though it’s still not quite there.  My left eye is holding things back some.

I’m nervous about getting the contacts out tomorrow and wonder if I’m ready.  I don’t know that I can handle the graininess of yesterday.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find I still need one on the left.

Hopefully we are on the up-swing.

The overcast morning helped SO much.  Thanks, Lord.

At noon today, a family with kids similar in age came and got all three for the afternoon.  I’m in hog heaven at the moment. Sweet mercy, God is good.

I just HAVE to go sit in the sun for ten or fifteen minutes, even if I have to cover my head with a pillow case!  I may even scoop some leaves out of the pool for The Hub while I’m at it.

Kim:  This is for you…I added some sequins yesterday.  HAS to be better with sequins!

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Five days after eye surgery (Advanced Surface Ablation_, I’m reading at font 24.

Font 24!  I know it keeps getting better…keep telling me! 

I had a couple corneal abrasions that have slowed my progress, but I’m hanging in there!

June 2, 2008 at 9:38 pm 2 comments

Friday 9PM


Today is day 2, not 3 (I mistyped earlier, I think…the days are running together…and long!).

Better tonight.

Mom:  thanks for supper, helping with laundry, and the beautiful roses from your garden.  I love you.  You’re the best ever.

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TheraTears is a GREAT product for dry eye. There is a one dollar coupon right now if you Google for it.  I’ve about used my three box supply  with fix mini bottles each.  I want the eye drop size bottle instead…when you tear off the cap, it causes an uneven point and sometimes I touch my eye slightly.  I’d rather have the smooth top, though it’s not as good for fighting infection post surgery.

The guy I saw post surgery said that by about saturday I’d want to hunt all them down and kill them…but to hang in there, the worst would probably be over.

I laughed, appreciating his humor.  I really thought he figured I was a wimp.

Today, indeed letters underscoring my cause are going through my mind to spill my guts on a couple matters–namely, warnings about how to pull off these darkening shades.

The self injury an hour after the surgery makes this right contact feel like sand paper with one fleck of sand –enough to drive a person batty and slow sweeling, thus, my vision.

I am prone to tell the same stories over and over to my family, apparently, like most people post surgery.

Son:  “So you scratched your eye or something?
Mom:  “Yes, they said my eye is swollen now…”

Son:  “I know, I know, one eye the tissue has a lightening bolt pattern on my cornea, the other a star-burst.”

Mom:  “I suppose I’ve said that a few times.”

Son:  “Uh, yeah, a few.”

No sympathy.

Awaiting tomorrow.

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“Lord…” {when that’s all you pray}

A little less haze every day..still a lot of eye fatigue.  I slept a good 12 hours yesterday.  Wore darkening shield all day.  Computer screen still hurts…still typing w my eyes closed.

Woke at 4 am in a lot of pain.  Better this AM, but I took a load of pain meds.  Apparently today is the last possible bad day if all goes well.

I’ve kept my bar and sink clean for three days…I think that’s a record.  When there’s nothing else to do, it sure makes me feel great.  Cleaned up my painting supply area that was strolled across the end of the kitchen to an out of the way place yesterday.  The kids shoe closet is cleaned and organized.  Still picking at cleaning my closet some.  Pulled out some chairs from the barn (Hub wasn’t happy about that, but I pulled them on the kid’s wagon, so I didn’t strain).

My eyes hurt.  I’m a little tired of hearing myself say that. It’s not an intense pain, it is an irritating, about to claw this contact bandage out sort of pain.  It’s that feeling of having driven all night with your contacts in, feeling like you can’t keep them open for one more minuts.  Only I’ve just slept for SO long and have woken to feel that way again.  UGH.  I Laid in the floor on all fours last night and prayed, “Lord…”  Sometimes, there are just no more meaningful words.

“continue to strive for the goal…”

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Friday…Typing with Eyes closed

Friday AM…waking felt good.

Putting four drops in four times a day…not so good.  OUCH!  Drops on a chemically burned eye rather hurts.  But, then I have times where it doesn’t hurt so bad and I can stir around pretty well.

Surgery:  so, I had some “moles” on my cornea that were a 2 out of 4 ranking that bothered him.  He didn’t want to destroy my corneal flap with those having the potential to grow.  So, he kept my cornea intact and melted the moles off, I suppose?  Still unsure if that took care of that issue.  They used an alcohol swab and pressed it on my eyes.  .

So, they chemically burned off the surface of my epithelial layer after giving me numbing eye drops, then reshaped my eye and put a clear protective contact on my eye as a bandage… they said the feeling of your eyelid raking across an eye that felt like sand wasn’t very pleasant, nor was your eye adhering to your eyelid…thus, the clear contact.  What keeps it from adhering, I’m still unsure, but I guess it just doesn’t.  Isn’t this gross?

Right nwo (edit: now) I feel well, have the brightness turned all the way down on the puter, as well as a straw hat down over my head AND darkening glasses.  The Hub doesn’t want me on the puter until my eyes healed, but I wanted a sort of journal, and to update you guys a bit.

Yesterday was quite a day…we’re still getting over the craziness of that.

I have a Dr. apmt. today locally for follow up…fam is helping me with that.  Mom brought food and an ice cream cake last night and folded some laundry for me.  I sure appreciated the sweetness.  I’m pretty caught up on housework, and can stir around and do dishes and things.

Hopefully the bandages will be taken off in a week or so and the haze and light sensitivity will have eased as the injuries heal…he said it can take years to fully heal , but hopefully in a week, i can get rid of the protective contact.

I sure can’t wait to see how well I see!  I already see better than I ever have without glasses, but I can’t read signs and most things seem muted/scattered a but,

I love you guys!


May 30, 2008 at 7:15 am 3 comments

Change of Plans

things ended up considerably more complicated than expected today…different procedure than expected (ASA rather than LASIK)…a lot of info — fast decisions in a short time…longer recovery…slower results…more pain.

thanks so much for your prayers…walking it out…pain/burning in spurts…can’t drive for a week, more restrictions, more meds, for a longer time…but I think ultimately God’s best for me.

More info when I’m allowed to be on the computer.  Off to dark glasses, drops, meds, and the sofa!



May 29, 2008 at 8:37 pm 2 comments

Still Pre-Eye-Surgery “Nesting”

Today was a day when I continued to do “pre-surgery nesting”.  Does this happen to all women?  It happens to me before I know I’m going out of town, before trips, before vacations, before hospitalizations, before holidays.  It basically means that I want things to look nice when I come home.

I want stuff done.

Well, they aren’t.  But, I got the kitchen counter caulked and the outlet covers put on.  I got some copper-bottom pots scrubbed my mother got me for my wedding–I hung two of them on the wall by my stove…both beautiful and functional.  They seemed frivolous to me at the time, but they sure are pretty now hanging up.  I have such trouble getting pans out from under my cabinet here!  I got spoiled with pots & pans drawers at my other house!  Anyway…I also got half of the front room painted, and the walls sanded and spackled again where I got the chair-rail down (most of it).  I still have to get the piano moved and get that wall primed to finish.

I got cranky toward the end of the dayjust before I had to drop the kids off at grandparents.  All I wanted to do was love on them, but I couldn’t.  They are so haphazard with chores. Our finance study this week was on work ethic…some of those verses we need in our house this summer!  Much summer work to do with the children!

Tonight as I left the church, a man that we’d prayed for prior to his Lasik surgery four years ago joined My Man to pray for me–such excitement for us.  I love the body of Christ!  Same surgeon!  He’s had GREAT results and said it was the best investment he’d ever made.  What a boost!  (If you are considering it…start a savings pool well in advance and have other commitments caught up!)

My small group also laid hands on me as well.  I just LOVE hearing out loud the prayers of the saints going up.  A very special soul-peace installation!

Well, trash is out, pool has been babysat…time to wind down, I suppose.  Still SO much to put away!  Kids sure do make a mess!

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