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Well, the main floor floors are due for a vacuuming.  The last few weeks, something has come up to either prevent that chore, or it did not make sense to do it.

After I ran yesterday, my knees felt great again.  Not so sure about the wisdom of the 2 mile run last week in the Podrunner Interval series.  I hurt and ached for about four days after that.  However, since I hit another one after the next interval run…I suppose you have to cross that bridge every now and then if you are ever going to run a full 5K.

Not totally sure that is my goal yet, but it is an “aim”…I’m walking in that direction as far as I realistically can.  If I just start Podrunner Interval again somewhere, or repeat the weeks I’ve enjoyed, it’s still an excellent program for more fitness, muscle tone, and calorie burning.  I feel pushed and that’s a great feeling.

I’m taking Triflex Sport 4-5 a day and have noticed a considerable ease in my knees, even in bending to get pans out of the cabinet after the first few days taking it.  I have maintained an Alleve twice a day (for swelling and pain), and added a total B vitamin supplement (have to watch or they increase the RDA by 8000 on those, but the ones at 400-500% the RDA I think are a good start).  Although the body flushes out anything it doesn’t need…I look at it like flushing the toilet a ton of times a day.  No toilet it going to last long at that rate, and I don’t think I will either. B vitamins are supposed to help with stress and recovery…I can tell a huge difference on days I take it in my energy level versus those I don’t.  I was up to about two pots of coffee as school started this year, and now I don’t even need to brew it…it’s back to being a rare treat for cool days.

You should also tell your physician if you are taking supplements…they can interfere with the absorption of some medicines.

On top of that, I’m taking an antihistimine every day to help with running in the cool air.  Also, my regular multivitamin (most days).

That’s a lot of big pills…but, they make me feel so much better, I don’t mind so much, and I remember.

So, right now, I am icing my knees.  They didn’t bother me when I first woke, but after I climbed the steps a couple times, they reminded me we’d worked out yesterday.  So, after the morning alleve and vaccuming just now, I’m taking a break with some joint ice packs.  I’ll have either lunch or a light snack, then hop back to it.

I took a break Tuesday and scrapbooked.  Totally enjoying the challenge of having pages ready to scrap each week…I got six pages done very quickly last week with that goal.  It’s not perfection or the most beautiful pages in the world, but they are scrapped for enjoyment and sharing…and that’s the main thing.  I can always add to them as I can.

I took a spontaneous trip with Mom to Owensboro yesterday because we’ve not had a lot of time together lately.  We had a great time.  We tried on wigs!  I took a photo of myself in one of them I’ll have to post.  But not right now.  I’m resting right now and don’t want to do anything anywhere close to resembling work.  LOL.

I got some new guards for my clippers that had broken…I’m learning to use it pretty well now and am enjoying how much faster I can trim the guy’s hair around here.  I still don’t enjoy it a huge deal, but I like it better than sitting at the barber shop, making appointments, and having to fit another thing into the afternoons.  Unfortunately, that means it’s often 10PM or 6AM when we can fit it in.  Ugh.

Well, all for now.  Hope you all are doing well.  Drop me a line if you like…

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