Tuesday, Second Week of Summer

June 9, 2009 at 10:05 pm 1 comment

The season:

Summer is over 1/8th of the way over. On Friday, it will be 2/8th over.  That reduces to 1/4…tell me how that is?  Is that right? My math isn’t that bad, is it?

That’s incredibly depressing!


Today, I ran my son all over town to try to find a pair of semi-dress shoes to wear to an FFA get-together with my husband today.

We worked hard this week to get caught up on festivities for Thursday’s birthday party for Flash so they could take off.

Today, tried to get things moved, boxes, bags, to donate, to pass on…good to get the path the door clear again!

Pool craziness:

I drop off water at the pool store and say, “Can I just drop this off and take my kids to eat and come back for the results?  I hate to leave them in the van.”  We get back, it’s still not done…other people came in, so I take them all in the store and wait again anyway.  There’s just no good way to test pool water.  Seriously.  I think I want my own pool test kits.  How hard can it be?

I added nine pounds of Calcium hardness to the pool today.  I’ve never been able to get out of them what exactly it does to the pool to have soft water, but apparently, it’s just not good for the metal and causes the pool to corrode.  It called for 22 pounds.  Seriously.  That’s a lot of anything.

Conversation: “The water is sort of cloudy, I’m needing to check the levels.”

“Have you tried this hth product to clarify the water?”

“Is that like a flocculant?”

“No, what it does is like…it captures all the loose stuff floating in the water and causes it to sink to the bottom.”

“So, it’s a flocculant.”

“Yeah…do you have flocculant.”
“Yeah, I may try that first.”

“Yeah, I’d try that.”

I’m not sure what to say.


Yesterday was my last SBDM meeting at the elementary school.  We had a great lunch served to us.

I found out the summer training for service at the middle school falls during our vacation week.  I think that probably means I have to take a day to go out of county for the make up session…a total bummer.

It was the first time I’ve put my oldest in charge of the younger kids for a couple hours to run errands.  They survived!


We’ve eaten out for meals far too much this summer.  I just haven’t had the gumption to stock up on fast kid friendly food and end up running a lot of errands over lunch time. Hopefully, we’ll do better.

Conversation today at “another” McDonalds:

“Mam, the water dispenser doesn’t seem to be working. It’s marked ‘out of order’.  How do we fill these?”

“Through the drive through.”

[silence, as I’m eating in, obviously IN the restaurant.  I finally break the silence.]

“Um so, I have to go through the drive through?”

She looks at me and sighs like I’m too dumb to follow her and yells across the room at the drive through people, “I need four waters!!!”  {Okay, so all I needed to do was go holler at the drive through people…got it.  I’ll make a note.}

Five minutes later I finally manage to get us some water…she wouldn’t bother to actually go get it for me.  I had to go yell at someone again.  Seeing as how there was NO ONE in line.  {Don’t knock yourself out people, I’m only paying $17 for 4 sandwiches so we can share fries, and drink water we can’t get.  SEVENTEEN DOLLARS.  I’ve got to find a better shortcut.  Rediculous.}

I hesitate to even mention the odd man behind me who thought he was a bird clock.

I kid you not.

I kept thinking there were birds in the restaurant.

He got a kick out of fooling me, apparently.  Very odd.  My son knew it and was rolling at me looking around the ceiling.

Back to the service:  it was 12:30 and they realized they’d never turned the menu to “lunch”.

It just keeps getting better and better!

Then, I listened to my daughter complain about the taste of her southern chicken sandwich “tasting funny” for a long time.  I finally tasted it–very freezer burned.  An extraordinary treat.  And no, I wasn’t going back up there to complain.  We’ll find a way to eat before we go to the pool store next time.

A treat for me:

My daughter made dinner and dessert tonight, a total treat!  She made the two of us chicken patties in the oven on wheat bread (so it would be healthier, she said.  Maybe we ARE getting somewhere), mixed veggies in a can, cause we needed a veggie, though she said she didn’t like them (who does, really?), and home-made mac and cheese (because we were out of the quick kind).

Evening entertainment:

We worked on some crafts at the table while watching Wizards of Waverly Place (all about werewolves, strangely funny).  I gave the younger kids a cuttlekidz die cut machine tonight to play with.  We had fun with it.  I would have bought it for the turtles alone.  I love turtle dies!


Just before dark, when it cooled, my daughter then helped me plant some hills of squash, green peppers, cumbers, and cantaloupe.  The corn is coming up…looks like it didn’t ALL wash away! She was such a good helper today.


I’m tired today after all the running.  I’ll sleep good tonight, plus it was just HOT here today.

A lot going on this week–party mode–but we look forward to the fun Thursday.


That’s pretty much it…

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  • 1. Stacey  |  June 10, 2009 at 7:03 am

    My parents need new jets in their only-a-few-years-old-hottub… because they didn’t know to check the water to see if it was too soft. It eat the plastic completely up and now it is floating in tiny little bits in the water. New jets are going to be several hundred dollars… so it sits, with the tiny little particles floating. 😦

    BTW, our McDonald’s is the worst I’ve ever been to. I never leave with the correct things and they never give the right amount of straws… if they even give straws. I went Sunday after church because I didn’t want to cook on my b-day… they made me sit in the drivethrough for 2 minutes, because they don’t serve lunch until 11 sharp. Then they shorted me a fry, shorted me a straw and one sandwich was grilled instead of crispy. 😦 When you have kids… you go through the drive-through so you don’t have to get out and when they mess up… it’s just not worth it.

    Sorry for the mini rant!

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