A Narrative Approach to Sunday

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Today, Sunday, I got up early to get my shower and clean up before I had to wake the kids.  I took a super long shower, and prayed, and got the kids up.  The Hub had to work today.  Sadness.  Took the kids to McDonalds…keeping a tradition with their dad, one I never would have started, but he does as an incentive to get them ready on time when he’s managing things so I can do early praise band.  So…a tradition for us.

It wasn’t frigidly cold today in McDonalds, but cold enough I took a light blanket in with me…Red’s baby blanket.  I double use it as a shawl and will probably always wear it.  A kind lady in our church made for him and it’s super-soft.   The softest yarn in the world…had to be a booger to knit.  She knit it for us while her mother was dying in the hospital on long term care.

In any case, we went to early worship.  It was good.  Mom came with my aunt.  It was good having family there.  It made me happy to have our pew filled, especially since The Hub had to work…always a lonely worship week somehow. The Hub called my cell phone during the last five minutes of church!

After church, bought t-shirts (mine didn’t fit again this year…what’s with that?  I’m a standard size, I thought?)  Bought Beth Moore books for three people (Esther…I think she could have named the book something besides the sub-title she did “It’s tough being a woman” to appeal to more people…we are doing it as a church on Wednesday nights).  Marketing flaw there.  Lined up sound people for band practice, recuited some singers.

Sort of a bonus today, the praise band schedule is off right now, so I didn’t have to teach SS this week either…I had a “day morning off”.  We had a discussion in Sunday School as to whether or not you could know people well enough to discern their moods and facial expressions when so many have gone to online “relationships”.  I’ve had the same reaction at times, though in some ways, I know some people much more deeply because of online interactions.  I can tell “where they are” from behaviors online…and whether they are present or absent.  I can tell a lot about people I don’t know much about by WHAT they write about or not.  I don’t know…I know some people a lot better by blogging than life would allow otherwise.  It gives me a keyhole to worlds.  For that, I’m grateful.  Is it as good as face to face?  I don’t know.  Try to talk to me with three kids hovering in a live conversation and let me know!

After church, I ran by dollar store for some items, and to Wal*Mart to replace my much loved sunglasses…glad they had the exact same pair. My cheekbones are so high, I can’t wear the popular wide lens style…the Cherokee in me…or some sort of Indian, I can’t remember.  Then, I came home, heated up a turkey breast, cooked some quick dressing,  mashed potatoes, and biscuits.

Took a short nap in the coach, had a headache…still not feeling great, but better.

Worked on praise band music the rest of the afternoon.  Trying to figure out an order, enjoyed trying programming drum loops, intros, and exits for the songs, hoping it wasn’t
“too much”.  One of the Hub’s eye hyperdialated after brief sun exposure…we aren’t sure why…praying for his eye…it is some better tonight.

Goldilocks loaded ALL my keyboard as a surprise while I brushed my teeth and threw on some jeans.  She helped me set up, too…I love that girl.  She went and got me water once we got there.

Somebody called me at 5:30 to ask me to teach VBS, second grade.  I told them I’d have to call them back later!  One thing at a time, please.  Whew.

Probably will…be good for that class to have some continuity, most likely. It’s my 2nd grade SS class.  I have a class of basically seven boys.  Sometimes more.  One girl.  It can get a little crazy, but they are a hoot!

Two of my kids came up during practice to kiss me while we played.  I loved that.

Practice went fine.  Worship went fine, but I was drenched afterward…usually am…adrenaline.  Gotta love it.

After church, I ran to McDonald’s to get the kids and me some quick calories, I was starving.  Felt guilty about it later, went for a walk, trying to break in new sandels.  My feet hurt.  I made two dog friends.  They stayed when I told them to stay home.  I hate it when they follow me home…I’m afraid they’ll get run over.

As to shoes:  after the sermon tonight by the children’s minister, perhaps I should have worn steel toed shoes.  JK…it was great.  No words minced.  Very true, and speaking to things on my own heart.  I loved it.  It actually drew applause from the back half-way through.  No joke. Sometimes it’s good when young ministers haven’t had to learn to prance around sensitivites quite as much.

Visited with some older neighbors on their porch after my walk.  They gave me some soft peppermint candy they .picked up “for the kids” last time they were there.

Came home.  At peppermint candy.  Listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Original on the “tele”.  REALLY wanting to run the vaccum.

My son started a Twitter account and invited me today.  He is so fun.  He is one of my favorite people on earth.   He’s a cool boy, but he manages to keep his feet on the ground a good percentage of the time.

Tonight, my heart feels liften and a little lighter.  I’m thankful for church, friends, and grace.

Tomorrow, meetings, grocery, chores, hopefully some scrapping catch up if all goes well…still no time to get my hands on new papers!

Well, the most boring post on the face of the planet…but there it is for posterity.   Hopefully, a good  night’s sleep, but most likely interrupted by work calls.  Such as it is!


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TODAY Monday…Hmmm

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