Walkin’ and Shoppin’

March 26, 2009 at 12:07 pm Leave a comment

Two activities I love.  I was able to take Stacey up on her walking invitation this morning and feel much better after having done so.  Then, I headed up to the ‘ole Opportunity Center to see what trouble I could find.

I found some.

Lots of things I wouldn’t normally try, but at “give away” prices, I will, just for variety.

I found some Flinstone vitamins with extra Vitamin C for the kids (and me, I love the taste as a break in routine on occasion from my own vitamin supplement).

I also found Airborne Cherry flavored Power Pixes, 2/$1.00 (8 packets in a box).  I plan to research it before we use it, but for that price, it was worth investigating.  It says you can use it several times a day, up to three times, but I’m thinking if your body is fighting off a virus, piling on a ton of newchemicals (natural or not) may overwork the natural coping resources even more.  I’m leery, but I’ll check it out for the sake of science and health.  I have a cousin who swears by it.

I also bought a sack full of clothes up the hill for $5.00 for anything I could stuff in a brown bag.  I didn’t want to do this, and was not in the mood, having just walked and been salvage grocery shopping, but I saw some boys jacket-coats with hood.  My boys are finicky about what they will wear from year to year, so I try to buy used coats and jackets so that they can find a favorite they like.  If a snow day comes, I never regret it.

I found two jackets for Red, one from “Children’s Place” that’s a fleecy pullover coat thing.  It unzips up the side so you can get it over your head more easily!  Pullovers for coats seem annoying, but my boys seem to really like not having to full with closures or something.  A hoody is all I can get my 12 year old into this year!  A zip up hoody is usually the norm for little Red.  At least it gives him something lightweight and comfortable in the classroom, too?

Well, seeing as how there was more room in the bag than I thought, I started looking through the women’s stuff.  I didn’t see anything initially, but I just scanned the aisles for fabrics and colors and brands I like.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I added 14 blouses and sweaters on top of that for me, for variety!  Mainly spring and fall variety stuff, but quality items I think will expand my wardrobe.  Yay!  I bought a linen navy shirt fresh from the dry-cleaners with no collar…I love that style.  It’s all season and just seems to work for me.

It’s hard to embrace simplicity and fashion at the same time…consignment shopping is a compromise for me that feels right for me.  The variety seem to help cheer me for the seasons if I just have a few new pieces to wear for holidays.  By consignment, I usually mean like, at least half-off sort of consignment!  Probably more like “salvation army consignment”.  But, the way I look at it, there’s just too much waste in the world to not take advantage of it, and my washing machine can scrub the dirt and “whatever” out of anything!

Well, I’m hungry for lunch–they were giving away free low-fat salad spritzers I can’t wait to try!  I got a honey mustard one, and a Balsamic one (sounds like the McDonald’s one I grew to like, as it was the only low-fat salad dressing they had!)

I’m curious, how has the Lord met your needs and some of your “wants” lately?

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