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  • I enjoyed the act of cleaning out the kid’s art cabinets last week…trouble it, I’m still dealing with the “stuff” that came out of it. I’m hoping to get that sorted and out of my “clean space” (dining room table) this week.  I’m doing a bit at a time each day, but I’m ready for a state of order to return in my dining room. It’s making me cranky to have to move stuff to each every day.
  • Clean the kitchen, a daily chore, but mine’s a wreck again.  I cooked ahead four pounds of ground chuck last night, a brisket roast, and we had hamburger helper, cornbread, potatoes, corn, and carrots for supper.  I’m trying to capitalize on great-tasting meals again to reduce my own filler’s going to be the death of me if I don’t.
  • Self care…working on that this week, though I haven’t gotten beyond the “rest” phase.  I’m still falling asleep around 9PM while trying to get through the first book of the trilogy of the Rings.  It is moving SLOW!  Doesn’t it speed up?  The movie seems pretty intense when I TRIED to watch it.  Too many black horses for me in that thing!  😀  Anyway…back to topic of self-care…I’m making goals. Still doing little more than the goal phase, but I’m making the goals.  Goals are good.  See…if I make them enough days, long enough, the same goals, before I allow myself to take on anything new, they will get done…eventually (generally when I get tired of them being on my goals list and want them on my “doing” or “done” mental lists.) Yeah,  I’m all for goals, even ones I fail at.  Eventually, I’ll get there.  I think that perhaps the trouble comes, not when you fail at goals, but when you stop pursuing even in your failing at them. Does that make sense?  Well, it works for me, so I guess it’s alright to try to say it!  For example, I fail much longer at a New Year’s Resolution I never set because I’m afraid of failing than if I just keep setting a New Resolution every month, no matter what happened the month before.  Keep trying!  Keep setting goals!  Keep starting over!  Twelve poor starts gives you twelve weeks that year that you strived at it really hard anyway!  Go with any progress you can make, I say!  Eventually, those twelve attempts will turn to twenty four and you’ll find you have a habit that way, even if not in the traditional “five weeks  or forty days to a habit” suggestions.  This is how I developed prayer disciplines, Bible reading disciplines, and journaling disciplines.  Now, they are not daily requirements, or even goals, but just joys of my life that have sustained me so many times that I depend on them and know they work, even if I never mastered “the habit”.  Well, I feel like I make even less sense than before in traditional habit/discipline jargon, but you can take it for what it’s worth.
  • Laundry room, a daily chore that I ignored yesterday…it has to be done today.  DOING THAT:  I hope to enjoy my new iPod songs and my little bitty low quality speaker OR my high-quality ear buds (provided I find where my kids put them during the storm when I let them use them…I generally don’t share my iPod for “protective purpose”s, but it was the only sound device with any charge on it at all when I needed them quiet for a while.  It charged up the next night on the generator, as did my camera!  I was thankful both had a very low energy requirement for charging!)
  • Get caught up on my finance class work for class tonight.
  • Tomorrow, my step-Dad is probably leaving for Iraq to join my mom, who has been there by her lone-some for a month.  (We are still waiting to hear his flight plans).  Having one of them here provides a sense of security still somehow,a nice break from feeling that feeling I have while they’re gone.  It’s like the feeling when  you’ve been with your kids all summer and the house is quiet–they were here, and suddenly, they are gone.
  • My desk.  It’s a wreck from multiple jobs that have not had clean-up time.
  • New jeans!  I’m in dire need of a couple pair of “favorite” jeans.  All mine have been through the dryer too many times.  I am just not in love with any of my jeans anymore.  I’d like to go shopping today, used options first, I suppose.  I’d like some not “pre-shrunk” though.  A size larger might work, that way all the “shrink” is out of them, and they may even be “shrunk up” to the right “petite” length without my having to hem them!
  • My Dad just left me a voice mail that he pulled a tendon from his bicep working and needs surgery–still to be scheduled.  I need to call him back.

Well, that oughtta keep me busy today.


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New CCM to my iPod Bathroom Songs

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