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November 17, 2008 at 1:46 pm 3 comments

Well, the kitchen was done by the time breakfast was over…no big spoons clean for my cereal today, and that is very important for Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats, otherwise, you don’t get enough milk in every spoonful and it just totally ruins the whole thing.  But, I survived on a teaspoon of milk in every bite, and then drank down the bowlful at the end to make up for it.  It all works out.  😀

To make up time, I took the kids to school in my flannel pajamas again.  With this cold, it just seemed right and fair.  A heavy housecoat, and I was good to go.  Fortunately when the kids opened the door and said, “My mommy is having ‘pajama day’ today!”, the teacher smiled really big and said, “Oh!  Yes!  I just love a good pajama day.”  She wasn’t condescending…not at that moment anyway, and it made my day.  Thanks, whoever you are.

Then, I had to come home and get dressed to take child #3 to school because I had to run errands for Mom involving Wal*Mart.  They frown on grown ups having pajama day there, unfortunately.  Goldy wanted us to call “the church council” and arrange a Sunday AM pajama day this weekend, however, so you just never know.

This child could find nothing edible in the house, though we have a pantry full of cereal…just none of his favs.  He asked for dough-nut holes, which I had every intention of getting, but it took longer to get dressed than I thought for and we were running late.  I lectured him severely about having a Plan B in case his ultimate breakfast plan didn’t happen…a lecture I think I have given him about  432 times in his lifetime at this point…but I could tell it was falling on a blank face that still said, “But, I need me some love in my breakfast food.”  And he wasn’t getting it today.  I apologized for the lecture and anger, but reinforced the point…”some days, too much is piled up for ‘special’ and you have to eat.  Be prepared for anything to get you through the day.”  That child tests me…such a picky eater. He’s worse than either of the younger two.

Well, from there to Wal*Mart, Peebles, and a local joint for women’s rain boots in something bright to be seen by incoming mil. vehicles for mom.  They make no such thing.  And “Dickies” apparently are not stocked yet anywhere for her.  I did find the belt she needed.

It’s noon, and I bought my Turkey too early…so I need to check on that baby and see if it’s ready to cook.

I literally was so swimmy in Wal*Mart that I laid my head down on my buggy on a pillow I was buying as I shopped and waited in line.  I put my head down on the tray at the checkout line as she beeped my stuff.  I pray she was honest.  At the time, me and my Twix bar were “deserving a break today.”

At Rural King, the machine went down during my transaction during the printing of the paper I needed to sign.  That took a good 10 minutes to get fixed, but I just enjoyed my bag of popcorn, and the fact that I could wait a minute before getting from the checkout line to the outside door…for there, last week, I saw a mouse run in front of my path by just a few feet, and I screamed like a girl and jumped up and down, embarrassing my whole family, scaring them to death.  Let’s just say, I was afraid to cross.  I took that ten minutes to gather my courage to leave the store.

I might have been more brave for the “expedition”, except that this morning shopping for bird food at Wal*Mart, an elderly gent was in a big lift above my head, beeping his way around with Christmas stock, when all of a sudden, somewhere in between sunflower seed, and non-messy blend ten dollar bags of birdfood versus $2.00 generic brand birdfood, that big lift let out a huge squeekkkkk-POP!!!!!!, and I screamed like the thing was falling on my head.  It could have happened.  The poor man, yelled down, “Oh, mam!  I am so sorry!  You okay?
I said, “Yeah, I’ve got three kids, first of many times today!”  By that point, everyone in the Christmas area had eased to the end of the aisle to see who I was.  I waved at them all, as my cell phone with “I Can Only Imagine” started going off.”  That song cracks me up on my phone.  So many times “surrounded by your glory” isn’t really my circumstance altogether…but, it makes me laugh.

Time for the lovely articles of piggybacking cold meds with all sorts of feminine nasal sprays to bump the decongestant and antihistimines to patch me through the rest of the morning.  My cheek hurts so bad I was hitting my face on the way home…during which, Red called to tell me he was soaked all the way through from hitting a puddle on the playground, and could I bring dry pants, and he would “probably miss recess, so could I hurry?”  He missed recess.  And told me his library book was due and could I bring it?  “No.  Not right now.  I have a turkey defrosting and I have to get it cooked.”

Some days…

All the events and tasks in themselves are joyful, but if you look at the pileup of “blek” very regularly…you’d just never make it.  So, I’m about to start my thanksgiving lists again, because they force me to look at the effects rather than all the tiresome processes that drag you down.

I hope it helps!

Have a great day, friends…and stay thankful.  “A thankful heart is a happy heart” as Madame Blueberry of Veggie Tales says.  If you need to emphasize Thanksgiving with your kids, it’s a great video for it.  I’m looking ours up this week for a family night.

Well, this has been a nutty post.  Hope you had a laugh or two with me, or could identify.  Off to blow my nose and take a break before I go poke on that turkey.  I really hope it needs another day to defrost!



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  • 1. Brittany  |  November 17, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    I have very bright rain boots that are probably a Women’s size 9 if you can’t find any others. And in bright I mean lime green with big pink flowers… may not be exactly right for her environment… but they’re yours if you need them. I don’t get as much use out of them now with my desk job. But they were very handy for walking around campus 🙂

  • 2. Brittany  |  November 17, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    Oh, and feel better!

  • 3. blueraindrop  |  November 17, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    the most comfortable brightly colored rainboots! (and fairly cheap to BOOT lol)

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