One Thousand Gifts: 177-225

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“Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.” -Theodore Roosevelt

177.  this signage I printed off today for my household.

178. scoured sale bills for baby back ribs.  The Hub bragged on my last batches so much people are asking for them when they come over…but I was buying them half off when we had them!  With company, a tall order!  Could not find them anywhere.  Made it to the store, late, after waiting seven deep in a line at Wal*Mart for a perscription…found 4-5 packages in the freezer at Kroger…all marked HALF OFF.  Get.  Out!  I was dancing in the produce dept!

179.  no room in the freezer for all the meat I bought…got to each a big bowl of ice cream, because it was the responsible thing to do.

180.  Meat cooking for five meals on my counter for next week.  I’m already ahead.  Yeah!

181.  Son’s eye looks much better, less pain.  Thank you, Lord

182.  I wasn’t sure son was learning his lesson about missing school, prayed for God to help me balance compassion with “pushing”.  We ate lunch, simply, at home, though he felt better by then.  A friend called him right when I got home from grocery shopping for a sleepover, to which we had to say “no”.  God balanced out my compassion with the needed discipline.  Thank you, Lord, for helping me “mother”.

183.  New tool:  CouponMom printed off all the sale items in my local grocer for me this week so I didn’t have to make a list.  I could tell quickly the highest percentage savings (they were listed), so with a sick one at home, I could hurry. I

184. Surprise!  Eight packages of boneless chicken all marked half off.  Even the tenders the kids like so much!  They were not even listed in the sale bill.

185.  I didn’t think I’d have enough room in my freezer without emptying most of what was in there out of it, but it all fit!

186.  Sunshine this afternoon!

187.  Naproxen.

188.  Nice toothbrushes on sale to restock my guest closet for when the kid’s friends forget theirs.

189.  Charmin on sale.

190.  My husband’s favorite shampoo on sale, unadvertised, after he mentioned (again) not liking the generic we tried last time.  I bought three for busy holiday season.

“The very fact that a man is thankful

implies someone to be thankful to.”

-John Baillie

191.  New cell phone game occupied me happily while waiting in pharmacy line when I didn’t have time to wait.

192.  Music on the way to stores and in the parking lot as I walked…it didn’t have to end when I got out.  I felt like I was carrying my boom box on my shoulder, joyfully walking through life!

193.  Trying a water purifier I got on clearance…flavored Raspberry water insert is good!  I would have spent that much on bottled water, so I hope it is helpful with our chlorine tasting water.  The kids won’t drink bottled now due to cavities from no fluoride in it.

194.  Having the school’s number in my phone when I thought I’d be late.  But, I wasn’t!

195.  microwaves and a pampered chef pan for quick and clean ground beef cooking and draining.  Love that thing.

196.  A cabinet for glass glasses when I don’t feel like drinking out of plastic.

197.  Running suits. Ah, for a comfortable waist during the day.

198.  The Hobbit

199.  Coupons for detergent making good sales even better!  Coupons for salad, and veggies, and bread.

200. Arriving at an even number.

201.  Finding you might be able to volunteer when you didn’t think you could.

202.  The Hub, again, lightening his load to help you with needed major household shopping.  (Be still, my beating heart).  Who is this man and what did you do with my husband?

203.  A husband who enjoys the value of hard work and things accomplished off “the list”.

204.  New book “Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories” with deep and thoughtful questions and more remote stories walking through the Bible for kids of a wide age range.  ($.25 this week).  Making me look foward to our next family meal or an opportune moment.

205.  Grandparents who call and give us their free movie rental coupons!  (Why don’t we get those calls/coupons anyway?)

206.  Change sorters

207.  Oversized Paperclips (for unused parts of the phone book I added today.  The new phone book added several areas and we are forever looking up names in the wrong city).

208.  Goldfish bag for a buck and kids who love them.

209.  Areas to improve/challenge myself (remembering my recycle bag for groceries next time!)

210.  Consolidating supplies to give myself more room (refrigerator condiments)

211. Autosave on WordPress that saved this post at this point when the kids played games and apparently, they re-booted.  I was just hyperventilating, counting fingers and toes trying to recall what number I was on and how far I got.  Which brings me to prayerfulness…which I will get to more and more as I develop this habit.  I found myself today saying, “What would it be like if I mentally or physically, or later added, ‘Lord thank you for…” and really spoke to God on these matters instead of just having a “grateful heart” in general.  And the only post I could remember was paperclips.  So, today, I thanked God for the paper clips in my phone book, added today, to bless my family and me.

There you go.  Disciplines lead to some pretty strange thinking early on, let me just say right here.

212.  The pregnant bird, a Robin, perhaps, that perched on the top of my iron swing outside the kitchen window, and Boy Wonder, who ran over, my camera in hand, to try to take a photo of it, and me instructing him how to turn off the flash to avoid glare on the glass, and to anchor his arms on the ledge, to avoid camera shake, and him doing well.

213.  Me, cutting coupons, and having him search the paper ads for “baby back ribs”, his favorite, and his willingness.  And me, thinking, “I wonder if he thinks this is fun.  It is!  I love doing this for my family.  And I love teaching him.  I hope he values a wife someday who serves him.  Does he think this looks fun enough to seek it out in someone else?”  And so, I began to hum, a hymn…I don’t remember which one, as I cut, and I looked up, and he was practicing photos again.  And I said, “You would have to push the button.  You are faking me out.”  He said, “No, I’m videoing.”  I said, “What great moment here of coupon clipping were you wanting to savor?”  (Trying to teach him to not waste computer space on junk photos I was sure he’d be taking with the new first digital camera he had me buy him yesterday on ebay.)  He said, “You cutting your coupons, and singing.  I thought it was sort of a good time to video.”

Break a mom’s heart, right there, people.  God hears…do you know what I’m saying.  Can you really get that?  I’m really not sure I do.  Pretty intense days lately.  The doubt, and he answers.  Man.  I can TELL people are praying for us, and that’s what I’m saying.  He just blesses us.

214.  The Hub brought home pizza for supper while I cooked meat to freeze.  True love.

215.  He brought home an extra container of my favorite cheezy bread.  My, how I do love that man.

216.  He brought a movie for him and the kids.  I love him even more.

“Courtesies of a small and trivial character

are the ones which strike deepest

in the grateful and appreciating heart.” -Henry Clay

217.  I am caught up on all my blog reading, or at least I clicked all my subscriptions, and there is a blank slate so I can tell when people update.  It’s a fresh feeling.

218.  I downloaded some free digital scrapbooking papers from an online designer for free, and signed up for a free class for November.  FREE!  I’m excited about new things…though I plan to be heavy in house and holiday mode by then.

219.  I hear “Veggie Tales Pirates” movie, or whathaveyou.  And I love what they are doing with Veggie Tales.  the movie was starting slow, but they all seem quiet now.

220.  My daughter washed up the new water filter, excited about it, and keeps offering us raspberry water (it came with a flavor enhanced you can push from 1-5 times.  She’s a 3.  Dad is a 1.  I think I’ll be a 2.)

221.  Red gave me about ten bedtime hugs last night.  He hugs my arm when I’m at the computer.  Some nights, he can’t seem to get enough.  I read to him a battle warship book from the library last night he picked out…one of his first two books on his brand spankin’ new library card!  He was SO excited to get his own account.  The battleship book had about 5 billion words per page.  We read four pages, and then I selectively picked text.  He acted interested and just enjoyed the time being together.  It was WWI historical talk…so he had to be bored to tears with me trying to pronounce the name of British and German ships.  Black and white.

222.  Super hot showers.

223.  Laundry and dishes all done.

224.  Mandarin orange cups.

225.  The color orange.

226.  My daughter dancing to out-take songs. I’m cracking up.

227.  Red tackling Daddy in the recliner.

“How wonderful it would be

if we could help our children and grandchildren

to learn thanksgiving at an early age.

Thanksgiving opens the doors. It changes a child’s personality.

A child is resentful, negative—or thankful. Thankful children want to give,

they radiate happiness,

they draw people.” –

Sir John Templeton


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