One Thousand Gifts: 101-176

October 24, 2008 at 11:14 am 2 comments

the son is here, sick, resting on the couch for an eye infection that popped up this morning.  So, I’ll quietly type for a while, some more.  I’m taking the thanksgiving plunge approach today!  It’s like intravenous thanksgiving drip.

101.  good coffee with my favorite creamers

102.  a favorite mug, today, lime green

103.  my day planner with phone numbers in it, handy.

104.  finding a phone book in a clean phone drawer.

105.  unscented chapstick (black tube).

106.  socks whose seams don’t hurt my toes (that would not be the case right now)

107.  reminders on my cell phone (LOVING this new planning tool this week!!!)

108.  a reminder set on my cell phone at 7AM from having entered it earlier this week, reminding the kids it was “hat day”.

109.  their thankful hearts for the reminder.

110.  Red remembering his own homework this morning and doing it independently on the way to school.

111.  Having the dollar for hat day in my wallet.

112.  Dunkin’ Doughnuts Vanilla coffee, consignment, and extras in the freezer for this now empty bag.

113.  A husband who loves flavored coffee!!!

114.  Some willingness to adapt for my husband (getting to bed on time tonight so as to not wake him up from sleep…I messed that up last night), and a God who will help me when I’m stubborn about it.  I love quiet times in the deep of a rainy night to think and pray.

115.  Hanes — new undergarments for the family:  socks, unders, LOVE this brand

116.  Journals in handwriting, especially that of an elderly friend sitting here at my desk.

117.  God’s help of getting her journal transcribed for family for her.  I have just the end to go.  Oh!  I want to finish by the holidays!

118.  Her words of faith, giving me strength, and fresh love for family, and perspective of years, wisdom of a well-lived heart.

119.  Offerings that meet my need/desire to give something meaningful back.

120.  Family I cherish, wise ones, gracious ones, loving ones

121.  resources

122.  antibiotics (Boy Wonder’s eye today)

123.  washing machine, dryer, used, and going strong…love my dependable appliances!  Love that dryer door than swings flat for clothes to land on it.

124.  my used, new laundry “stool on wheels” for folding laundry.  LOVE THIS!

125.  storage unit for folded everyday clothes in my laundry room…thank goodness Target had the perfect stacking cubes and cloth baskets and my husband wanted me to try something, anything else.  Three months, and my laundry has not backed up ONE TIME.  This is a miracle for me…truly.  Organizing helped!

126.  A husband who whisked me away for some furniture shopping yesterday.

127.   Finding GREAT prices (the best by far) locally on things we liked long distance.

128.  Wisdom God will give on color and style {I am limited in this area!  So dependent on Wisdom to help me.}

129.  Willingness to wait and think costly decisions through.  {Like color.  Style.}

130.  A husband who is patient with my carefulness in things that matter to me long term…things he doesn’t really care about.

131.  Padded mailing envelopes.

132.  Useful things in the mail.

133.  Free shipping.

134.  A precious card from a friend, because “sometimes emails just aren’t enough” she said, validating my trials.  So precious to me.

135.  Calls received… “just because I care”.

136.  Homemade cards sent…to try to show special love.

137.  Linear patterns.

138.  Julep cup for my pens.  Remembrances of hard, pressing times God helped and rewarded.  He ALWAYS will. “He is a rewarder of those who dilegently seek Him.”  (Old Testament, Holy Bible)

139.  Square Kleenex boxes.

140.  Purse size Kleenexes (I remember when they didn’t have these).

141.  Mom’s hankies laying around my house, freshly washed.

142.  Freshly washed sweaters smelling fresh and soft and warm.

143.  A new favorite fall sweater for the season from the mall, bought consignment in my very favorite fall-winter sweater color (cream).

144.  New blogs to keep me centered.  People who share deeply, from the hearts, whose stories touch and inspire mine with fresh faith and perspective.

145.  The pain of others, deeper than my own. Losses greater.  Paths steeper.  Though this current path is not my favorite of my journey, these people keep me grateful with new perspective.  (Prayers.  Exchanged sighs, understood.  “Life is hard, God is good.”)

146.  Rings filling barren spaces between very knobby knuckles!

147.  A cherished bracelet I seldom take off, making long gangly arms less offensive to me.  (Bear with the self abasement there…just the truth, petite legs and long arms…how does that happen?  Try buying a petite suit with long arms?  Thank the Lord for “separates”).

148.  A ring I bought in Mexico with interchangeable stones to suit the season and my mood.  I love this ring.  Was a splurge bought on the ship in the store on a rainy day.  I thought about it for a day, and then paid the thirty dollars or so.  I have seldom taken it off in the last five years or so since I bought it.  I love things that hold their appeal to me long term with so many things in the world changing.  The joy in simplicity of buying for the long haul.  Things that stay useful.  Hold value.  Have quality.  Are flexible.  I’m so thankful some things last.

149.  New tennis shoes when I need a white pair to go out.  My favorite brand.  A touch of the “new green Kelly green color” of the season on them.  I love that clean Kelly green color.  I’ve not been able to find anything that fit me all summer, and now I can wear a touch of it on my shoes almost every day.  And since I couldn’t find another pair I liked in Shoe Carnival, when I asked if they’d discount the shoe since I could not have the BOGO offer.  They gave me another $10.00 off the $10 off sale price.  Thank you, Lord for boldness!  Just asking.  Trying, and asking. (Saved me gas money having to go somewhere else.  That was already the second store I’d checked this month.)

150.  Friends coming to town and being so kind and sweet.

151.  My desk, totally wiped down, disinfected, dusted, and decluttered this week (time for more drywall dust!)  Thank the Lord my Mom and Dad taught me to not be afraid to drywall with a smooth hand.

152.  Courage to try things myself.  Willingness.  Perseverance when I have to try again and again.   Realization that others do, too.

153.  Enjoying being home, and my role in life.  For the challenge at revival last week, “Are you doing your job well?”

154.  Blessing my family with homemade pizza.

155.  New-Used Bread Machines I love for this task!

156.  Mini plates above my stove that match my plates…a variety of whimsical flowers.

157.  A clean kitchen.

158.  Enjoying the necessity of challenges so that I can appreciate new habits without the “discipline” later.

159.  Silk flower arrangements–reminders of summer life in the winter.

160.  A dining room window sill full of healthy plants…I don’t need curtains because of them.  I love that.

161.  Glazed, clay pots.

162.  Simplicity–the goal of minimizing, the discipline of lightening my load.

163.  Using what I have.

164.  Learning my limits, still.

165.  Balance

166.  Learning to plan ahead and flourish even though I’m more a spontaneous, creative person.  Watching friends, learning from them, and their planning, and what they are able to do.  I am healthier than ever because of them.  Paced.

167.  Thankful for good teachers, slowing me down.  Teaching me to pause.  Rest.  Enjoy.  Be.  “Abandon” to balance intensity.  (Still learning!!!  Still striving.  And striving toward not striving, at times!)

168.  Keeping things that serve me well instead of following fashion in some areas to try to teach my children, and enjoy a life of giving.

169.  Prayer that works.  Every day.  I am heard.  And I know it.  Not emphasizing those times when I “feel closer to God”, but knowing he is there, every day, on my side, wanting to let me know that he will not leave me or forsake me…ever.  He is so near and dear.  So helpful.  So true.  How can I write it all down?  Should I?  How can I help others understand how very real and present he is in my life? I try.  Blogging.  Telling.  Do I seem unholy with it?  I hope not. He is holy.  Worthy.  And we are charged to “Tell of the great things the Lord has done!”  Oh, help me be even more bold to your glory.  Help me to represent you well for the need of the moment.

170.  Selah.

171.  Emptied.

172.  Getting up from devotions, knowing my time with Him has finished, and it’s time to work.  We are made ready to work:  loved, completed, filled, energized, free-d, needs met.

173.  Quieted.  At Peace

174.  Knowing when to stop and move to something else.  Following his grace promptings for each moment, not going beyond unless he urges “persevere”, “press through”.

175.  A mind that builds lists

176.  A heart ready to work and be productive (did I already say that?)

177.  (start at 177 next time)

“Oh taste,

and see,

that the Lord,

he is good.

He is good

to those

that fear him.”

(Psalm, The Holy Bible)

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  • 1. -bill  |  October 24, 2008 at 11:43 am

    One word:


    Bill the Plumber

  • 2. Merrie.  |  October 24, 2008 at 11:49 am

    What a blessing this list has been to me. It is always wonderful to stop and be thankful.. like the old song, “…count your blessings, name them one by one… count your blessings see what God has done…”
    I am blessed and thankful for your blog. Thank you!

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