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Home: [Okay, sorry no picture to break up the “home” parts of this post today–none of the jobs are really “photo-worthy!”  But, they are worthy!  Yes, mam, they are.

My Cabinet Drawer Has Been Gloriously Organized

If you need inspiration…here’s what I did.  If not, skip ahead, you won’t be quizzed!

This week, I organized my pan cabinet.  I mainly did this for my friend, EM.  I usually happen to be digging for a pan lid when she calls, and bless her heart, everything falls and slides and bangs…she has probably already sustained hearing damage in the last four years.

I was so spoiled with my last house because they talked me into ordering two “Pots and Pans” DRAWERS, not a cabinet, but DRAWERS, which sounded crazy to me at the time, but they had these long, easy slide glides and pulled WAY out.  I was in LOVE by the time we had to move.  And here, I had a CABINET again.  I saw little hope for recovery for my spoiledness and just could not seem to make it work the last four years.  Alas, it is organized.

I tried to take a pictures, but that really doesn’t help, because it’s STILL a pan cabinet.  But, what I did was, I put those little metal 3M brand hangers on the doors to hold the little lids…those are the ones I’m usually digging for when I’m on the phone…they get lost under everything else.  AND, at Wal*Mart, now they have this lid sorter white covered metal shelf thingy that I bought for next to nothing.  I bought a heavy duty one that was supposed to be mounted upright for like plates, but I turned it on it’s side and put more large lids in it.

Amazingly, it was a lid problem I was having, not a pan problem.  Go figure.

I also used the 3M hooks to hold all my pressure cooker gaskets on the doors.  Everytime I was needing on of those babies I was digging through every drawer and cabinet and on top of the cabinets…it was really not pretty.  So…there they are…though, I use them seldom, when you need one, you need one.

The Mom:

Mom cried on speakerphone talking to us last night.

Which is really low ball.

Just kidding.

I think she’s getting very tired of meetings and tests and is probably missing us about now.  Plus, my aunt/uncle flew out yesterday, plus she found out that she has no posibility of flying overseas with Larry, though they fly within a day of one another, if not the same day.

She had a better day yesterday and sounded better.  She keeps saying, “I’ll be back…in _____”.  The time period doesn’t seem clear, so I just keep blocking that out.  😀  Four months seems the standard answer, but last night it was “2-4”.  I didn’t ask.

The Flights (prayer request):  next Wednesday or Thursday for her.  Thursday for him.  International flights is something I’m not used to myself, so it makes me nervous when it’ s my Mom.  I’m trying to grow up over this matter, but the first time is probably the hardest.  I don’t know.  Flying to the Mid E.  just doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies if you know what I’m saying.

The Morning Snacking: I just found some fruit chews in my child’s lunch box that I didn’t send with her.  I’m enjoying them very much. I was going to have hot cocoa for a morning snack, but that seemed too much work after I got the sink cleaned.

The Sink:

I’m also pleased to announce that I cleaned under my kitchen sink this week after The Hub got my handy new sprayer faucet installed.  The poor man is still suffering neck pain from that plumbing ordeal. I found a towel rack to go on the door, also cheap at Wal*Mart now.  It has little hooks for wet clothes, and then above it, a hanging rack for drying towels.  Though the laundry room is close, often the towels are clean, just really wet, and they end up all over the counter.  I got rid of my “cans” bag there, and put the towel rack temporarily instead.  I really like it and will probably even put the screws into the door for it.  It is currently hanging on the 3M hooks, not all that stable.

Garage Transfers:

I put all the sports bottles, formerly under the kitchen sink out in the garage.  Is there a good spot for sports bottles for a family of five?   PLUEASE!  I have a planting shelf in the garage just outside the door, and that is their new home for now.  I usually put winter boots there, so we’ll see how that goes. The Hub told me last night that the box I put in the garage for burnables was blocking the heat vent…so, I’ll be trying to fix that today.  He suggested concrete blocks and a board.  That sounds handy-dandy.

The Driveway Project:

I’ve been waiting on pavers to show up for two days.  Half our driveway is falling about, not ever having been recoating in about 35 years.  They still haven’t shown.  It’s annoying.  I don’t get dressed and stay home for just anyone.  You know they haven’t called!

The Carpet:

Yeah!  We just got that ordered for the TV room, our bedroom, and our bathroom, all needed it when we moved in.  We let the preschool years take their toll before biting that bullet.  I hope to have it looking fresh for the holidays, though my bedroom needs painting.  I should probably do that while all the furniture is out.  Man.  That’s a kicker  thought. Things are about to get flopped around here!  I bought some carpet someone else ordered and decided on another color.  It’s the brand I wanted and in a nice, thick, plush tan.  I like that for a bedroom…good and springy. For the TV room, we chose a Frieze that’s a medium weave.

For both rooms this time, we asked for a vapor barrier pad.  I’m really excited about that because it’s supposed to keep stained to the surface of the pad rather than soaking down in them so you don’t get reappearing stains once you treat them.  It will also prevent mold and mildew issues in the bathroom.  We do a lot of morning exercises on the carpet in there when we are in our fitness groove, so we stuck with that for five years.  The kids all know to step out onto a towel and not dripping wet.  It’s gone fine, and it keeps the floors really comfortable and warm. My mom and dad always had carpet in the master bathroom and though tile is in style, the bath will probably be due a remodel in the next ten years, so we are holding off on tile floors so that all the tile will match around the tub and in the shower (currently a nice light beige I like just fine…except in the shower…those micro floor tiles will be the death of me.  I’m considering a power took like a sander for that floor!)

The Kitchen:

As a note, that’s why I’ve left the beige kitchen counters for now.  Totally love them, though granite is the style.   I can put anything in the world on them for decorating– from country to holiday to plastic mats for the kids — it all looks in place.  I like that flexibility. If it’s in good shape and is earning it’s keep, it stays.

Well, I have a list a mile long of things I want to tackle today, so I’d best get off to it!  I want to finish an apron so I can return the book to the library, do some committee work, go to lunch with The Hub, finish a birthday card I started last night, and do dark clothes — for starters.

What’s on your “hit list” for today, and what things have you done that are inspiring you in “your home space”?

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