Duke It Out

August 13, 2008 at 11:13 am 1 comment

Do you know when you are battling?  I do.  My back gets tight for days.  I find myself sleeping on a heating pad.  The muscle relaxers have to get going.

I recommend a moist heating pad that you throw in the microwave.  It did wonders getting the tension out of my should blade last night I’ve carried for two days.

However, it moved that tension up into my neck.  I just got off the couch from a morning nap with it on my neck so that I can move.  I had the worst crick known to man in the side of my neck, complete with nerve pain radiating lovingly down my right arm.  Nice.

It’s gone now.

The boy and I missed our walk on the trail this morning–besides the pain in the neck, there was a noxious smell that was similar to a gas leak in the house– I wanted to come home and go through two closets while he was hear in case it was a dead animal.  Finding a dead animal in one’s closet while home alone is not what I had planned for the day.

I found no dead animal.

I took him to school.

I went to sleep for a nap (sleep was very interrupted around here through the night last night).

Some people would have called the gas company at this point, just to be sure.  I did not.  When they come, it’s usually a three day event and lots of holes in my yard, so I thought I’d wait it out.  I did call my neighbor.  I also remembered those videos they show in school where the house can explode just by putting your key in the door to unlock it, from the spark that can be created.  I did this several times.  Apparently, I was in a risk-taking mood with the thoughts of dead animals and pain in my neck.  I’m not saying I’m proud of it, just the way it was.

I need a gas detector.

On with more exciting things.  And thus, the rambling is about to begin if you’d like to bail now.

Yesterday, I decided to surprise my husband–we have one of those “hat hangers” bought at a yard sale, painted to match the laundry room.  Hats stay on it fine…jackets and other things the kids put on it fall off.  I really haven’t minded personally that they fall off because they don’t go there.  I have a mud room…with several closets…right next door…they go there, on a hangar, which requires effort.  I’ve even hung hooks there for ease of the most commonly worn jackets…they have several commonly worn jackets, apparently.  So, some end up in the laundry room anyway.  What can they say?  It’s just handy.  So, I went to the local hardware store and paid for some iron hangy-thingies.

I liked them.

I also bought a used on at a consignment place for $6.  And I found another on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Last night, my friends, was a coat-hanging extravaganza.  Never mind that I have about three coat closets…people just don’t them.  My friends fight me at the door for taking their coat “to the closet”.  They say, “Oh! No!  Don’t HANG it, just throw it somewhere!  Throw it on a bed!”  Friends, it is much further to the bed than to the coat closet.  But, anyway, I’ve given in.  Goldilock’s dresses are now adorning the coat closet, mainly because going upstairs to get her clothes picked out is too much trouble.  I put the boy’s church shirts in the shoe closet.  It’s going well, I’m happy, and now, the coats are happy.  All sixteen or so I have room for.  “Come, friends!  Hang your coat right on the wall!  All is ready!”

Not really.

Here’s how to hang a picture on the wall…I’ll try to make it as clear as I can, just using the photos and captions.

Okay, so that’s how to hang a picture.  Measure, check level, check distance, drill pilot holes, run sinkers into the wall for heavy shelves that don’t hit studs, try to drill with a power drill, shove anchor through wall leaving huge hole, wait for The Hub to get home, and grovel for help, take lecture, and promise to never do that again {ahem}.

That’s all the excitement around here folks, I know… it’s overwhelming.

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  • 1. emily  |  August 14, 2008 at 6:58 pm


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