Follow Up on “One Request”

July 16, 2008 at 10:43 pm Leave a comment

Thanks for the invites on tagging–I’ll think about it.  To think back ten years requires math, and I save that energy for paying the bills. 

But, you did stir a passion in me to write something down that matters to me and I thank you for that. 

Now, for sure that I know you all are faithful, and in all you do, whether blessed or in need, Christ will be served.  I pray He will be glorified in and through your lives.  And, I know He will be faithful to meet our needs.

Thanks for the great comments (and for even defending my heart, those of you who know and love me.  Bless your heart.) Man!  I love you guys!

And, you love me, even on the rare–okay, fairly regular, occasion that I may have a hard time saying things as graciously as I’d like.  I had no internet all day, didn’t see the comments until late this afternoon, and haven’t had a chance to re-read that post yet–frankly, I’m a little afraid to do so. I get afraid of my tirades myself.  I may not.

But, yeah, truly, I really, really, want the next generation to be able to stand on our shoulders, not fall in our holes, as much as it depends on us!

I think what got me going was that some of you were going to “give generously” and others were going to “tithe” and I just want you to know that God expects both when we are blessed exceedingly.  Not one or the other.  The tithe is just the requirment, and the offering it just to bless his heart when we see need.

Folks.  We  have a real need.  I hope it is in your heart of hearts, your dreams, your prayers, and your ambition to do everything in your power to help pay that thing off, as much as it is cheerfully possible. 

It does require an excess of focus to take care of an excess of need.  Just like a diet or anything else we’d really rather forget in lieu of enjoying life.  But, health requires it, and that’s what I want…total health from us individually, and in us as a body.  It’s the only way to build a firm foundation for the next generation.

I read two forms of the tag going around, one was “if you are a millionaire” and the other was “if you got a million dollars” or something like that.  I’m not much on remembering who said what or where I read what, but we’ll review how the church budget handles money right now, just in case it helps someone out there if they were to, you know, be be able to help. 

So, in our church, the tithe goes to the general offering for regular income in  our church:  heat, air, salaries, general bills-none of that goes to the church debt at this time.  Zilch.  To my knowledge.  In the last building fund, a move was made at some point to budget some percentage of general tithes to prioritize that as part of the priority of the budget.  To my knowledge, we have not done that for fear of not meeting basic budget goals.

So, LOVE offerings are required to even begin to meet the need.

As we know and experience, many people have not even gotten the faith in tithing thing down yet–that leaves what is probably a minority to try to tackle what needs to be the biggest priority issue of the budget.

And, so…we pray for a miracle.

So, if you want to contribue to the building fund, the church expects us to tithe, then give to pay extra to meet the mortgage payment as I understand it.   That way, ministry doesn’t suffer.

It was set up that way to be sure that the priority area can get priority treatment for those who want to be sure an extra money goes to the point of greatest need.  But, it can make us lazy.  A family budget would always make that part of the budget and designate anything extra toward it.  It’s something the wisest among us are going to need to continually evaluate to see what would help us be the most faithful with what God giving.  And God is moving many to pray and seek the Lord.  I hope you will join us.   When you see the extra you are given being eaten up by interest.  Yeah, you want to see it used well.  It is my experience that those who cannot or do not give a regular tithe and building fund budget, they get sour about the focus on it.  So, my advice to fix that is that everyone give, and then we’ll just all have our hearts on the same page.  If you can’t give as much, give something sacrificially. Then, you’ll get it.  It will become your hobby, your love, and your passion.  Your heart is certainly where your money is…that’s the Biblical truth at work. 

The fear for the general public and visitors is “focus on the building”.  Yet, those skilled in finances say, if you never talk about it, and don’t make constant goals and have constant celebrations, it fades into the background.  

I have faith it will be taken care of.  I also know that God uses things like this to test his people and to teach them to worship.  Check out the Israelite story.  Note:  He detested grumbling and complaining, the opposite of worship.

Thanks for letting me share out of the overflow of my heart –just for your reading, I may have to do that tag, just to thank you!   You all are so patient with me.


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