MSD #1: Kung Fu Panda

July 8, 2008 at 10:24 pm Leave a comment

Tonight, something epic happened.  I took my two sons on a date (without Dad or Daughter.  They had a “DDD”…Daddy-Daughter-Date.

Also,  of epic proportions to me…I bought a pair of TEMPORARY readers for a dollar.  My SIL, Jo, would be proud.  I can see the screen much better, and can read slightly better.  Theymagnify the page slightly and make the print a bit darker.  It’s a bit of a comfort to meet up with a trusted friend again…though I hope that it’s only a casual, short meeting as my eyes continue to heal from the ASA surgery (see prior posts on that topic)  Great to see to read again, however.  Not perfectly correction, but better.

Back to the date:  my youngest son saw Kung Fu Panda a few weeks ago, treated by dear friends.  He INSISTED his older brother get to see it at the theatre.  So, today, when daughter was at Mamaw’s, we decided to take a flight of fancy and go to Rally’s out of town, to Big Lots, as we were a bit early (buying a Boomarang, already lost in the dark in the high grass of the fields), an Aerobie, and a sports watch Boy Wonder’s has been wanting.

I bought some cheap, but cute note cards, a small scrapping little tote for pens and such, and we headed off for the movie.

I bought our typical refillable popcorn and drink for us all to share.  The first lines of the movie were brilliant, and between the timely humor of the Mr. Miagi-style movie with Panda for comic contrast, the straw to our drink, too short, kept slipping down into the tall, plastic cup.  We giggled and laughed out loud the entire movie.

Finally, in the last moments of the movie, still laughing, Flash looks at me, whispering across brother and says, “MOM, GOTTA GO!!!”

To which I whispered back, “You can wait, it’s almost over.”

Two seconds later, a look of cross-eyed desperation, head craning toward me.

“It’s too far.  Just wait five minutes.”

Ten seconds later, “Mom…GOTTA!!!!!”

“Okay, just kick anyone who bothers you.”

He takes off, I’m still doubting the move, but not wanting to miss the end of Kung Fu Panda, it was a tough call.

No sooner am I doubting my decision when I look up and see his Red Head in front of my face again.

“What happened?”

“I forgot my ticket!”

I’d told him when I sent them in while getting the popcorn not to lose it or they couldn’t get in and out again.  He was afraid of getting stuck, made it all the way to the front of the theatre, then ran back for it.

As we started rolling at his desperate predicament.  When we looked up to take a breath, “THE END” was on the big screen.  We died laughing again, having missed the last two lines, which I’m sure were catchy.

I’ll have to rent it to find out–or, perhaps CAD or JD can tell me, they’ve seen it at least three times with various kids!

If you can find a young boy to take out to a movie, it was a lot of fun.  The contrast in characters and timely lines made it a keeper.  I guess if I had a complaint, it was in the middle of the movie, the main character used a word my kids aren’t allowed to use “sucky”; “sucks”…both are used in a pronounced part of monologue.  Why they can’t think of more appropriate language for kids movies is still beyond my comprehension.  Unfortunately, new reading glasses can’t clear that one up for me.  Still worth seeing.  We probably won’t buy it for that reason is all.

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5-6 Weeks Post-ASA Eye Surgery Wednesday Joys

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