Couponing–Week Two

May 20, 2008 at 10:57 pm 5 comments

Okay, so if grocery savings is not where everyone is,  don’t feel all guilt-tripped.  We are not about self-imposed guilt.  We’re about sharing where we are being challenged in case it sharpens someone else AS GOD GRANTS GRACE FOR IT.  If He doesn’t, bank it for later or move on!  It’s about encouragement, not guilt.  So, don’t be going down that rocky path.  Ugh.

So…tonight, I rather excitedly toted my leapord print coupon organizer to soccer practice, just in case I got to admire it…use it.  I even showed it to Boy Wonder’s soccer coach when no players showed up and we had time to kill.  The kids love the game and were laughing with me about it.  It’s quite a sight!

I saved about $44.55 off my bill. 

Coupons amounted to $7.00. 

Now, Hub asked if I only bought things I would have bought anyway.  Well, no…I did buy him some 150 cal warm chocolate microwave cups ’cause I had a coupon–he seemed to think that was acceptable.

Also, scanning the sale bill before I was tired and in the store…I saw a few things I might have missed in aisled I would have skipped–our fav peanut butter (Peter Pan), detergent (Whisk with bleach alternative, already on sale a couple bucks plus my .75 off coupon…YAY!)  Way fun.

Ritz crackers were already on sale, and I had a $1.00 coupon for buying Kraft cheese–I normally go Kroger brand on cheese, but got a mixed cheesy salad pebbley chunks since I had the opportunity to do something different.  Looked scrumptious.  I think I’ve bored myself with the same ‘ole foods, so I’m excited about eating at home again, and that’s saying something when I have no energy to cook with all the painting going on.

Meat on clearance (chicken legs, thighs, chops, and Laura’s Lean ground beef–hub says is actually sometimes too lean to grill.  Who knew?  I’ll cooktop that if I need to.)

Also, skinny cows, and ice cream.  A girl’s gotta live. 

1.  I’m having fun

2.  I have some menu ideas in mind from what’s on sale

3.  I’m enjoying the thought of cooking in a very busy week.

4.  Looking at my Kroger receipt…if I go to a Kroger with a gas station and use your Kroger gas savings, I can apparently save .40 or .50 off per gallon each month.  I plan to look up their gas stations when I travel! That didn’t used to seem worth my time, now it is worth exploring!   See comment below, must have Kroger credit card…not worth my time.

5. I got coupons from them checking out for Florida’s Natural, our fav orange juice, Lipton, Clorox Wipes, and Bounty paper towels, all at $1.00 off each…my fav brands!  Lovin’ that.  They are trying to stimulate the economy for their stores, I’m sure…so don’t miss it!

5.  The lady told me also to check out the paperless coupons you can just load on your savings card at  I did that and got another Whisk 1.00 off coupon worth my minute.  Try this specific page link for that:

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  • 1. Dori  |  May 21, 2008 at 6:16 am

    Okay, when I first read all your posts on your couponing inspiration and adventures, I was — well — skeptical. Because all of my couponing adventures end up the same — I spend more because I buy things I don’t necessarily use and I bought more name brands than I normally buy.

    Then it happened…

    I was going through some things that my son had cleaned out of his closet and there it was…

    And old black binder chocked full (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase) of baseball card sleeves — EMPTY. He had apparently decided that his Pokemon cards didn’t need to be in there anymore.

    What to do? What to do?

    So the temptation is there now to start filling that baby up with coupons and going to town. But since we are trying to live a healthier lifestyle (code word for “lose a ton of weight by August) and buy fresh fruits and veggies — and I haven’t seen any $1 off cauliflower lately — I’m in a dilemma!!


    Heads up on the gass thing — You can only save 40 to 50 cents at Kroger if you apply for one of their credit cards. The plus card will only get you a maximum of 10 cents off a gallon. But every little helps since gas in Middle Tennessee is a gazillion dollars a tank now!!

    Peace out, friend!

  • 2. "Maggie"  |  May 21, 2008 at 11:23 am

    Great info, Dori, thanks.

    A Kroger card? That is freaky-weird. Aha! Below: “Certain restrictions apply. See store for complete details.” –That’s not worth my time!

    Don’t miss the fact that Kroger gives you coupons that reflect your buying habits. Therefore, you generally get skinny cow coupons when you buy skinny cows, for example.

    My coupons were for detergent, paper towels, diet drinks, cheese, diet brownies (gotta have chocolate somewhere!), cereals for the kids to give them something new and special for summer (I waited until they were on SALE AND I had a coupon. Where are cereals are concerned, most times, the brand names are better. Generic Cheerios and Special K just don’t cut it around my kids’ highly developed pallette. I know, it’s a curse.)

    Also…don’t just coupon, shop smart. I don’t plan my menu until I go to the store the first time, for example. The day I defrost the meat, I pick up what I need to go with it…buns/salad, etc. That way, my biggest cost: healthy meat and veggies gets lowered.

    My husband has told me if I’m going to splurge, do it on fresh fruits and veggies. Less convenient foods, more fresh foods.

    I’ve actually found my kids like the taste of raw veggies as I’m cutting them up more than they do cooked foods. It’s better for them, more simple, cheaper than canned or frozen if they eat it…why fight it?

    Peace out! (loved that…you’re so funny)

  • 3. mamarosi  |  May 22, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    I have heard (although I don’t have one myself) that if you do get their credit card and use it to buy groceries you get alot of benefits – like coupons on things you use regularly-once a month with your bill. Also, the gas thing…the Kroger in Madisonville has a gas station. I know that my children’s father has one and he gets these really good coupons like $10 off when you spend $100 or more. Anyway, just thought I’d interject that little tidbit.

  • 4. Misty  |  May 22, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    You DO have the Kroger shopper’s discount card, right? Whenever we drive through BG or M-ville, if we need gas, we stop in there and get 10 cents off per gallon. Better than nothin.

  • 5. emily  |  May 23, 2008 at 5:16 am

    Every time we go to Hopkinsville, we get our gas at Krogers on Skyline. With the card you save 3 cents a gal. on regular, more if you use the special gasolines. Also you save like 10 cents when you have spent like over a 100$ in the store. I don’t grocery shop at Krogers. I go to Aldis in Hoptown, and Hamptons Meats. I am very proud of how I have managed to save money that way. God bless and have a good day!!!

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