Spiritual Lessons from Super Maryo Brothers???

March 28, 2008 at 12:12 pm 3 comments

I think there are spiritual principles I’m having reinforced from my goal to beat my boys at all the levels of SuperMaryo (the online free download based on the game from the 80s, Super Mario Brothers, thus, the spelling change).  It’s very well done.  Level nine is HARD.  Programmers had all volunteered their time to makes the levels.  Level 9 is crazy-hard! 

What can you possibly be learning on a spiritual level from Super Maryo?”, you ask.  Well, I’m glad you asked!   

Enemies:  (I’m sure you’ll find this entirely fascinating)

  • NOT all enemies (sins) are not worth obliterating, though you get a few points for knocking them out.  Messing with those too much steals your attention and energy so that you lose steam before the play level is over.  ***Fatigue is not good.*** 
  • ALL enemies can kill you.  ALL.  Big or small, are worthy of caution.  Don’t get hung up on all of them, but don’t ignore them.  They are all deadly.
  • SIZE:  the larger the enemy, the bigger the chances of you getting touched (killed).  Two options:  “flee” or obliterate them before they touch you  or you touch them.  Jump on them, shoot them, hit one with another…be sure, ’cause in a tight spot, you just get crowded out by them with little room to move.  Move fast, move decisively…there is no time for second guessing, just MOVE and deal with it quickly.
  • METHOD:  not all enemies are obliterated in the same way.  The shooter may work on one, pouncing works on another.  If you decide to not deal with the enemy, those little devils are still free-floating — they can quickly kill you in a fall from higher levels.  If you know you are going to be in vulnerable and risky spots, get rid of the enemy first.  You really don’t want to free fall onto those traps later.
  • WARNING:  some enemies give you warning, you hear them coming’  hide THEN.  No time to wait!  (Giant kinky squid will cover you in their toxin)!
  • EXPERIENCE:  (you get hit)  Some enemies hide and you run into them.  The only way to avoid them is to learn where they hide, remember, and avoid them the next time, or have someone who has played before warn you!  Yuck happens–experience and friends help keep you alive.  Try again.  Remember!
  • DEATHS:  If you die, hopefully you “saved” your best point and can start again from there.  Go back to where you stared with all your “shooters” enabled, and start again.  Try again, try again, try again, and save ALL your “good spots”.  Don’ t lose what you’ve gained! (Journaling helps with this, staying involved in small groups, personal study, notes, and goals) 


  • sometimes a new “power” is fun, neat, exciting, and cool.  But, it can distract mental energy (eg:  blue mushrooms that make you able to “freeze” stuff), and throw off your concentration.  Decide if you can handle the distraction, and be prepared to practice using it a LOT.  In time, the fun tools with no longer be a distraction.  You can live without them, my son keeps telling me.  He’s right!
  • “Freezing” makes the enemy stay in it’s place, but unless you finish him off, he thaws and comes back to haunt you!  Finish it off!  Don’t leave things undone! 
  • You learn a little more your way around every time you try.  What made your stomach drop yesterday as you fell, only makes you respond in a new way today, correcting your course, even as you fall to land on solid ground instead of falling into those bottomless pits.  You learn your limits and where you can safely fall.
  • To finish a level is only the introduction of a new world!  New challenges.  New enemies.  New traffic patterns.  New tools.  Keep walking and there are always tools to help you get the job done.  The Creator of the level wants you to win, He has given you use all the tools.  Master the lessons, one at a time.  Keep trying.  The tools will be there every time around…for as long as you need them!
  • TAKE BREAKS!   Learn your levels and stop when you start feeling frustrated and rush…you just play sloppy and get yourself killed.
  • Some similar problems occur on each level.  Some of the guess-work disappears the further you go.
  • SETTINGS:  Using the controller.  Sometimes default settings need to be changed.  My son disabled “DOWN” to keep me from getting killed morphing through a landing plank.  Later, I could not proceed until he re-enabled it for me.  Sometimes, you have to adjust your controls!   

Fun is important in your day.  Give yourself little breaks and allow God to speak to you in new ways.  I don’t usually play computer games, but in doing so, I see that there are ways I can teach my kids through it if I will apply it.  I hope I can without taking the fun out of it.  Use what they enjoy!  See if God will show you some things to point out!

To get this game, search my blog for Super Maryo Brothers.  I’ll try to insert the link later, but you can find it that way.  Enjoy!  It’s one of the best games of all time!!!

Current Position:  World 2, Level 12  (Augghhhh!)


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Cindy  |  March 28, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    Wow, that sort of goes with the study our group is doing right now. I may have to print and distribute, provided there is no copyright infringement!

  • 2. awomansdevotion  |  March 30, 2008 at 6:44 am

    I love the analogy.

    I will have to check the game out because I have always loved Super Mario Brothers–in the 80’s on my original Nintendo and then again when my son got a DS.

  • 3. Holly Smith  |  April 2, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    My son and I have been playing it on Gameboy–I have won the whole game three times. I think your spiritual insight is great! I even thought about these concepts before, but then I’d have to confess that I like to play 🙂 hee hee!

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