Bees, Birds, and Such

March 27, 2008 at 10:42 pm 4 comments

Thanks for your help on the last post.  I’ve had some great emails and conversations to help explain, and perhaps round that out a bit more.  I’ll try to come back to that when I get some more words in my pocket.  I used all my “words for the day” today.

The Hub also invited me to a very nice lunch out today.  Not many private lunches in a while with a heavy work schedule.  I was so excited he called.  We watched “Enchanted” with the kids last night and it was actually really good.  I’d recommend it to just about anyone just because it was so unique.  I also finished the Bee Movie this week.  If you watched it and haven’t seen the behind the scenes and “making of”…I thought that was as interesting as film.  I didn’t realize Jerry Seinfield had written, produced, AND done the main character voices.  Their creative process and technological feats were great to watch.

Speaking of bees, during our reading time tonight, my older son tonight asked me what sperm had to do with babies.  {AUGH!  Girl!  Breathe!  You’ve been preparing for this talk}.  What brought it up anyway?  Oh…I had almost kicked him and he said something very funny which… I can’t remember right now.  Oh, now I remember, he said”Don’t take away my manhood!” 

They kill me.

Anyway, I told him I’d tell him later (when others where out of the room).  

He is rapidly approaching middle school and in the throws (I think that might be wrong word “throws”?  Is that right?) of adolescence (which “throws” us all), I thought it was time to talk about the birds and the bees instead of reading our Hardy boys chapter.  We never got back to reading. 

Twenty minutes later, his Dad was impressed with all we covered.  My mind is still reeling at the moment, but the talk itself could not have gone better. He was ready–he didn’t giggle the whole time this time and has gotten used to some early stages of adolescence at this point.  He needed to know why decisions and His walk with Christ will become so important for him in the next half of his life. 


I told him that a lot of boys may get stuck on this subject and some find it terribly entertaining to talk about all the time, but that nothing in this world compares to the great adventure God will take us on if we do things his way, in His time.  We talked about girls pregnant very close to his age and the lack of focus and priority that can cause that to happen.  He was a little shocked.  It IS shocking.

The Hub said his Workout Coach was telling him about a great Focus on the Family video thing used in like a weekend getaway for boys with a Dad.  I hope we can find that and do “phase 2” this summer–a mom’s perspective can only go so far. 

We encouraged him to let other kids parents decide when they needed to hear and certainly his sister (Lord, help), and to always talk to us if he needed back-up or if his friends gave him a hard time about any of these things. 

Man…I’ve felt led to pray pointedly for my family this week…who knew?  Relevant conversations.  Only God can ready you for those. 

I hope I said what he needed to hear and no more!  Grace, grace….I know I’m covered in it, praise God!

Bloggites, this leaves me with a very important question I could not answer:  what DOES all this have to do with the birds and the bees exactly?  Nature?  That’s it?  Hmph.  Gotta be more to it than that for a saying to stick around this long.

I told him I’d get back to him as soon as I figured that out.  He did giggle at that

My kids have been so hysterical this week with their quips and quirks–they roll right off their tongues.  I wish I could write them all down.  I have just laughed and laughed…it’s been a fun week of motherhood.  I truly can’t believe how they can make me laugh!

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  • 1. Stacey  |  March 28, 2008 at 8:19 am

    We bought Tay the Bee Movie for her birthday. It is cute and we all enjoyed it.

    On the other bee note… not looking forward to the birds and the bees talk. Not. At. All. LOL!

  • 2. emily  |  March 28, 2008 at 8:28 am

    My oldest has been coming home from middles school telling me things the others are saying. He is also telling me what he is thinking. Husband is going to give him the TALK soon. I think it is sad that we have to tell them so early. It breaks my heart.

  • 3. Kimberly  |  March 28, 2008 at 10:01 am

    but as someone whose parents always said “i’ve never heard of that” …….it is very refreshing that you can be so candid and open with your children. i tried to be – hope i was.

  • 4. Cindy  |  March 28, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    Well, get ready sister, this is just the beginning. Get you game plan in place because more questions are coming and you will be just plain shocked to hear what info they get from the other kids. Your kids have been really sheltered, considering what some are exposed to. Don’t be surprised when *********** asks what o*ral se* is. YIKES!

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