The Sock Basket, Broken-Down Doritos Trucks, and Tractor Pulls (yeah, that’s all I’ve got today)

January 22, 2008 at 1:09 pm Leave a comment

Well, folks, it this post doesn’t pull you right in, I don’t know what will.  Try to contain your enthusiasm so we can just get through this one.  First, exhibit A)  The “Sock Mountain” that even Mount Everest HAS to envy: (see photo)


Yup.  For joy! I got the kids to work on the sock basket yesterday.  Also, taught Boy Wonder how to cook ground beef, and how to start chili.  He also folded his first load of laundry on his own, and sorted another basket for me.  MmmHmmm.  I know how to breed ’em I do, these HARD workers!  Well…okay…actually, at the time, I told him I’d pay him and he could earn money for a Wii. 

But, alas, the plan was robbed of it’s magic when The Hub got home and heard of our antics.  He had other views.  I see his point, we already have a gaming system the kids enjoy, and we’d either have two systems to store cluttering the room.  Either that, or he’d want to have the same games for his new system.  We need to give that some time and thought.  

The idea of an allowance, however, IS starting to appeal to me if it lights that boy’s fire that much! dorito-truck-down.jpg

In other late breaking news:  this (photo above) was on the road when I went to take care of Daisy Dog yesterday.   Now is that just not a sight?  Everyone ran out to see it.  The Doritos truck being towed!  Wow.  Out here in the country, any form of entertainment will suffice.  The kids wanted to rescue the poor, cold Doritos.  (Me, too!  I like me some Doritos on occasion).

Speaking of pulls, over the weekend, we watched VIDEOS of tractor pulls my brother and little nephew took!  We watched at Mom’s for her birthday.  We shore do know how to par-te!


Note my brother’s bare feet.  It was at least 25 degrees outside, which easily constitutes barefoot weather in these parts.  All that blessed entertainment–he could hardly take the heat!  He was quite the narrator.


What tractor pulls


make you want to do is…



Oh yes! 

Or, as in the case of Goldilocks…pretend to be asleep. 

(I tried that myself, but my darlin’ little nephew kept making me give a “thumbs up” for the tractors to be able to take off!!!)

Well, I think I should stop here, not that this isn’t enlightening to all involved.  I have two closets to clean out today, two loads of laundry to do, and I plan to work out (I probably won’t do it, but goals are goals.  Gotta have goals!  I’ll get tired of that being on my “goals” list and do it just to get it off my listThat’s the plan.)

Credits:  Anne Tannabe (digital papers)

Paisley Brushes by Dianne Rigdon

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