Follow Up…(Where I Answer Questions You Didn’t Ask, But Likely Will)

January 20, 2008 at 2:58 pm 3 comments

It takes too long to explain, so here are answers to the questions I’ve usually been asked, should save us both some time talking about an icky subject.

“So, what does SVT  mean, exactly?”  Short for peri-sub-ventricular-tachycardia.  I have no idea how to spell that–twelve syllables according to my finger count: GREAT scrabble word

“Why?”  –Extra heart circuitry “electrical currents” mess with my heart’s natural ability to keep it’s own pace.  My brain sort of forgets which rhythm to go with, so it just adds them all together or doubles them or whatever. 

“Can it be corrected?”  Yes, I could have it surgical ablation…which is a kind way to say, have the false electrical signals seared, branded, burned off.  If they can find them.  Sounds like a joy ride to me.  Not a frequent enough problem to warrant that kind of procedure yet, we’ve decided.  I know some people who’ve had it, even at our church and it’s been a great option.  But, they couldn’t get theirs to stop.

“When did it start for you?”  Pregnancy.  A woman’s heart changes in pregnancy in size and shape…mine found a new electrical impulses when it did.  Sometimes when the heart changes again after delivery, it goes away…mine didn’t.  It got better from pregnancy #2, and worse again during #3. 

Overall, now, not as bad a problem as it has been at times.  God has done a work in my life.  I’m pretty much healed compared to where I was at one time with it.  So, very grateful.  I don’t even have to take my meds ALL the time, I just have to always have them with me.

Have you seen good heart doctors about it yet?  Yeah.  Some leading cardiologist from somewhere important drew me a nifty little pencil diagram that made me feel a little better, gave me some pills, taught me some tricks, and then sent me home to practice, or go to the ER, whichever worked best for me.

Is that your only problem?  No, I have many problems, but we are sticking with the heart today–sounds more exciting.  Seriously, on other occasions, I also miss beats.  I usually start taking my meds when I start skipping a lot of beats.  That problem is fairly common, called something else “PVC”s (lean people, as in skinny people, feel them more I’m told…a lot of people have them, though).  They reverberates off the chest wall.  In my case, it also makes me short of breath at times, and makes me feel tired and cranky.  I’ve heard that reported from a lot of people.  Meds help, which can also make you tired.  Yee-haw!  Let’s have a party!

Does it affect your life everyday, or otherwise in any way?  Not particularly, and yes, a lot.  It has changed the way I manage my life.  I have had to learn to eat regular meals (in the past, apparently, I sort of forgot.  

I sleep now.   (Hmph). 

I have to slow down when I’m sick.  (go figure).

On the not so normal:   Sudafed is a med I have to really watch.  I HAVE to watch caffeine and chocolate if I’ve had symptoms (AUGH!).  I can’t take too-hot showers unless I go very slow for a while afterward.  In the mornings especially, I can’t bend forward to get things off the ground (usually a little dehydrated from night-time).  I have to be aware of stresses and plan ahead to avoid an accumulation of them that would be unhealthy: physical (pain), mental (worry), emotional (hormones), or spiritual (???)  stress.  I used to sit on things TOO long and never treated physical symptoms with meds.  Now, I just do.  I have to.  And life is much better.

“Does it bother you?”  One the one hand, I needed to learn a little “balance”.  God pulled out the big guns.  I can be a little hard-headed.  I’m grateful.  With that in mind:  I don’t pray for him to take it away often now –after all, it’s no longer a daily issue.  I figure if I’ve not learned balance, it would just show up somewhere else–as least this, I understand some.  It’s a reminder to me that He’s God and I’m not, and I don’t have to be.  I think this way when I’m in a good frame of mind.   

On the other hand, it’s getting to be embarrassing now that my kids are old enough to know it’s weird.  I don’t want them to have anything like it.  I just try to deal with it quietly with them, and usually The Hub can cover for me.  And…it scares people.  And…it scares me.  It IS scary. 

After a day like that managing “an episode“…a word which concocts feelings like “an episode” of The Cosby Show, not even close to what we’re talking about here…perhaps like “an episode” of Freddy Kruger or something, there is a bottoming-out that happens to anyone facing limitations.  Getting from the bottom to “normal” again takes time, but that’s just part of life. 

If Corrie Ten Boom can write “Thank God for Fleas”, then I suppose we can thank God for zits (see last post) and other maladies.  If you’ve not read her book, “The Hiding Place”, it’s well worth the time.  A Nazi survivor, the story is just filled with strength and faith unknown to most of us.  I think this story is posted on-line now…I’ll try to find and add it here later.

Have a terrific Sunday–thanks for your concern and patience with the explanation.




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“I Have a Zit, Too”…(and my heart’s out of rhythm) Sanctity…

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Rachel  |  January 20, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    Thanks for the clarification, it helps to know how to specifically pray for you!

  • 2. velma96  |  January 20, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    Hi Maggie!
    I just found your blog tonight, and couldn’t stop reading!! I have added you to my blogroll in order to keep up with how you’re doing.
    Found you through The Epiphany…

  • 3. "Maggie"  |  January 21, 2008 at 10:29 am

    Rachel: Thanks. I can’t keep praying for healing because I have to live in acceptance to keep from getting too frustrated. You are welcome to pray for complete healing for me.

    Velma: Wow. Considering this week’s posts, that’s quite an honor. I love you already. 🙂 You are welcome anytime.

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