I Get Sucked Into the School…but, it’s okay

January 18, 2008 at 2:33 pm Leave a comment

I took lunch to Boy Wonder today.  5th Grade.  He sits with a table of boys.  I had a Kroger bag for his soup and his Diet 7UP when he was finished so that I could return home, finish chores, work out and gets the pizzas ready for Mom’s birthday party tonight.  He said, “Aren’t you staying?”

I said, “Did you want me to?”

He said, “Well…yeah {scooting over to show me that the seat beside me was for him}”

I sat in the middle of 8-10 boys.  I laughed at all their stories.  One I hadn’t heard from camp last summer when they apparently got stuck in the elevator and one of their friends started sobbing.  I think my being out of town while my son was hurling a couple days was about all I cared about at the time.  So funny to hear them tell it now.

My daughter saw me as I was leaving, “Oh! Mom!  We get a special treat today.  I get to eat lunch in my room before of our class’s perfect attendance.  Remember?  My class won?  Will you can eat with me?  Will you?”

So, I loaded up his leftover soup and grabbed a cafeteria tray.  I tried to make it “upstream” against 5 gazillion kids with a full tray and a full glass of iced tea with no lid on it. 

I looked in four classes trying to find her…still swimming upstream with my basket and full tray.

They were watching “Racing Stripes”, too!  The principle was watching them so the teacher could have lunch.  Listening to everyone laugh and giggle was fun.

Then…not to leave out #3…I went to just poke my head in and say “Hi!”  and give a hug.  He was in the hall, so that wasn’t too hard, but they were going to gym, and he hugged me so tight and BEGGED me to stay.  So, I packed me and my long wool sweater into the gym and played with them for an hour.

Somehow, I’m thinking with a belly full of roast beef and mashed potatoes and gym time, I’m STILL not going to get my workout in today, and it’s Friday!  But, I sure did have a great time being loved on by my kids.  Is there any other age when they beg you to stay and are so proud when you come…just for them?

Red said to a friend in the gym:  “Do you like my mom?”  His friend didn’t hear him, so he repeated it three times.  His friend seems a bit confused by the question and what he meant.  “I don’t mean, ‘like’-like, I mean…like”.  By that time, the conversation had already gone on too long for the shy boy, bless his heart.

I got to show off my jumping rope skills.  Not that I’m great at it, but better than a 6 yr. old.  It doesn’t take much to be a hero to that age group.  I love that about kids.

Last night, we were doing kicks at Upward as a special treat for the older girls, and I finally managed to get my jeans into some semblence of organization without scaring any of the mothers looking on.  One of the little girls said, “Wow!  How did you do that?”  (I was just glad to get my legs off the ground in  any shape or form).  I said, “Darlin’, you pray.  You say, ‘Lord, please don’t let any body parts fly off!'” 

The mothers roared.  It’s nice to have your humor appreciated.

Well, off to my list.  I think my pizza dough grew over the top of the rising pans while I was gone and I have quite a mess to unstick!

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