I Fall in Love…

January 14, 2008 at 10:33 am Leave a comment

Some days, you just fall in love.  It’s a wonderful feeling. 

Today, I fell in love with my kids.  Groggy red-head, flies out of bed like a streak of lighting before I even get to his name so he is not the last one left upstairs.  A little afraid.  He crawls into my robe, wraps it around him, and usually sinks me into the floor into a delicious little morning cuddle time.  Sister joins him, and there isn’t enough robe for her, not matter how much she squirms.  Oh!  How I love my cuddle babies.  What will I do when they don’t come crawl into my robe anymore?  Oh!  I don’t want to know.  Hopefully by then, God will meet my baby cuddle needs some other way.  My nephews are filling a lot of gaps already! 

And, I fell in love with the “ARE WE HAVING SCHOOL” craze over falling snow.  At 6AM, there was none.  By 7AM, the kids were checking the internet frantically, hoping and wishing for a snow day so hard it was tangible.  OH GOSH!  Running to the windows, checking on the dog, wanting to see the roof.  Ah, snow days.  We’ll have one soon.  I can feel it.  The sleds are bought, the hot cocoa was just replenished, and we are almost ready.  I need to go through snow suits today!

I fell in love with protective angels!  I don’t worship them…but, I love and appreciate them.  Even my thoughts and guesses that they must have helped, whether they did or not!   I figure some much have saved me this morning on the way to school.  I braked four times, going only about 35, and couldn’t get stopped for the stopped traffic in front of me…a line of 4-5 cars unexpectedly stopped for a side road turn.  Oh my!  I yelled my own, “OH GOSHHHHHH!” 

I decided to go against the anti-lock break no-no and try pumping the brake gently…I was already in a black ice skid and wasn’t coming out, what could it hurt at this point?  I veered toward the center line, not sure where to go, so afraid of that black SUV in front of me!!!!!!  And, I stopped.  I’m not sure how, but I finally stopped.  My  heart didn’t beat for a full minute after that, and I’m sure I didn’t breathe.  Whew!

I fall in love with Kleenex’s.  Yup.  The real brand.  And the little square boxes I never buy for cost, and a sale for half off!  $.99 a box, with lotion!  I don’t even like the lotion, but hey…they were on sale.  I bought two.  In the checkout line, that got me a coupon for $2.50 off Kleenexes, so I went and bought two more, one without lotion.  Ah, the joy of a good Kleenex when you need one.

I fall in love over funny songs I’ve never heard before!  My husband had a sample CD of “morning songs” with company rep stuff between every song.  It was grand for Valentine’s Day season.  A classic, and I’ve never heard it!  She says, “How do you like your eggs?”  And he answers, “I like my eggs with a kiss!”  She says, “How do you like your toast?”  He answers, “I like my toast with a hug!”  I’m going to have it playing for my crew soon in the morning! 

Ahhh.  I love the favor of the Lord.  I had a school issue with one of the kids that wasn’t a huge deal, but a little difficult to handle last week, not because it was complex, but because it involved so many people and not a lot of time.  It’s getting worked out beautifully, easily, productively, with smiles and great help–last meeting this morning was encouraging.  I love our school.    

I fall in love with new challenges.  I hope to report on that next week. 

I love birds…somebody tell them to fly from the front yard to the back: that plain robin, that bold sparrow I saw today as I drove in, that brilliant blue jay I saw yesterday, and the huge red preggy cardinal I saw last week. 

The Hub said SHE HAD to be thinkin’, “And they expect me to FLY?” 

Would somebody tell those birds I have them some fresh food right in front of my kitchen window if they’d just come get it? 

I fall in love with fun tools to help me do fun stuff, like this color pallette generator from FlickRs connection with Big Huge Lab’s  Fun Toys:


I have some photos I have the hardest times figuring out good background paper for…this could work!

Now I need to fall in love with getting my groceries into the house.  Enough post shopping rest time!  {Whew!} 

edit:  Mott’s Applesauce cups and fresh oyster crackers.  Mmmm.  Salty and sweet.  I’ll get to that self promised work out soon.  Very soon.

But you gotta see this from Big Huge Labs, too:


They will seriously convert any of your precious pictures to this little beady art…you know, the things you melt together with an iron.  I don’t have a placer plate this big anymore, but I wish I’d kept mine.  Something about getting it when my child was, say, 3, caused me to pitch it after it was dropped in my laundry room-craft room several times.  Now, I wish I’d watched my temper, but there you go.  This is way cool.  But…that a LOT of beads!

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