A Good LIST of Nothing Always Makes it Seem More Like Something

January 4, 2008 at 2:34 pm 3 comments

1.  My dog will not stop barking yesterday and today.  She needs to pee all the time.  It is annoying.  I keep having to let her off the porch.  I think she is rather excited that it’s above 20 degrees and can’t see why I still am not inclined to come out and play.  I can’t make a sound for fear of getting her all ready to go…which rules out doing the dishes.  Darn.

2.  Winter getaways.  This is the time for us to get away for a weekend.  Unfortunately, we are about to start Upward season and we still haven’t planned one.  This is a major faux pau, or however you spell that.  Christmas and flu-viral season usually sucks the life out of us around here, and this year, we’ve not been too sick yet, but I’m still itching for a GREAT getaway.  Suggestions? 

3.  iGoogle calendar.  I’m not sure what all I’ll use this for yet, but it has some possibilities, like emailing my hub the weekly calendar at times.  I can get either a day, month, or all my scheduled “stuff” on one page.  It took 10 minutes and looks totally together.  I’m excited to look together while not getting dressed until, say lunch.

4.  Snow suits…they are all the rage.  I recommend them for…(A.  walking the dog on cold mornings, or just letting the dog do their “stuff”.  I’m not into the “walking” part in this cold season.  And for (B.) throwing on over flannel PJs to take kids to school.  MAN!  That was an inspired thought right there.  Like you  I never left home! 

5.  Chocolate.  I had as part of my New Year’s resolution to focus on intentional eating.  I have found that some chocolate in my diet, when I can tolerate it (note heart issues), cheers me tremendously.  Therefore, it is of health benefit that I not only get in physical shape, but do so WHILE eating chocolate truffles.  Oh, how the New Year’s Resolutions are being tested and…or perhaps, refined.  I think this could work.  

6.  White Cotton Bath and Body Shower Gel.  I found one I loveIt is being discontinued.  I am very sad.

7.  Winter Apple Candy, also Bath & Body:  “E.”  bought me some body lotion AND hand-soap for Christmas.  That might placate me for some time.  Neither of these scents throw my husband into allergic respiratory distress  (I’m loving that way, to stick with what let’s him breathe).  Everyone on their website is going nuts on the comments section over this, but alas, no response did I see from Bath and Body.

8.  Lists:  Gotta love lists.  So organized and pointed.  I love me some lists.

9.  My Beloved Carpet Steamer, Hoover, has sprung a valve leak.  Let’s just hope and pray it’s reparable.  Pray people.

10.  Halloway House Quick Shine Floor WaxLive by it.  It’s also great to take your flat floor sweeper-cloth thingy to apply it, THEN apply it to dark wood cabinets.  I have no idea about the long term impact, but since it’s good for hard-wood floors, I figure it can’t hurt my cabinets.  But, make your own judgement.  I’ll sure tell you, it gives a wonderful shine to my cherry cabinets.  Fingerprints…GONE!  I’m half done with the floor (again, not to overdo).  Pacing my little self. 

11.  I had hoped to meet my new decorator helper friend The Hub got me for Christmas.  However, I may have to hire a house-keeper person to ever be able to let a decorator into my home.  That’s sad.  But, thus is the stagnation effect of winter.  I SO need to get caught up.  Will.  Keep.  Trying…..

12.  THIS LINK seems cool, and snopes says it’s legit…(this is actually a link to the snopes article on it)–Play an online word game and donate food to the hungry.  Gotta love that.

13.  New Recipe for Country Style Ribs…my NEW recipe, all by myself… (sprinkle on salt –about 2 tsp.  celery salt (a generous top coat), a bit of garlic salt, generous onion powder layer), high heat 2 hours, low heat 3-4 hours.  Mmmmmm.  The Hub was so impressed.  SO tender and seasoned so nicely.

14.  Clothing:  yeah, I know that last article was long and pointed.  Makes me want to cuddle with my honey, to be honest with you.  Bless his heart…probably being bombarded all day long (let me at ’em).  And yet, flannel PJs and kids in our mix…it’s a lovely problem we moms have {ahem}.

15. Valentines Day is next!  I like Valentines Day more and more the older I get.  What a great winter break!  Time for HEART decorations and…lots of chocolate.  (I know, I have a problem).

Well, duty calls, my one hour productivity count-down until the kids get home for weekend!  Gotta make this place ready for family night

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Raising Up Ladies and Gents…(oh yeah, and athletes!) UPWARD 2008 BEGINS! I’m Laughing So Hard I Can’t Stop

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  • 1. Kimberly  |  January 4, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    If you are talking about Cotton Blossom (which was all that I used) they have replaced it with Sea Island Cotton which is pretty close. I have the lotion and shower gel. Top of my list!!

    Yeah! That’s it!

    Great! I exchanged some lotion I didn’t like to try it next!!! My bottle only has a third left and it makes the bathroom smell SO clean after I use it!

    I walked passed there the other day and went, “Wow, what’s that clean smell coming from in there!” Seriously.

    Three guys in this house…need I say more! (I get to be clean and have the bathroom smell great for hours afterward! Wow…now they should advertise THAT!)

  • 2. plushpotions  |  January 4, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    Just stumbled accross your blog while searching for for bath and body information and FYI http://www.plushpotion.com may have a scent for you. It is called clean cotton (to replace your white cotton) , also we have a chocolate and a chocolate raspberry (since I noticed you have a bit a chocolate thing, a woman after my own heart). I am a small business owner and Mom. I have been searching blogs for ideas of what people like and are looking for in their products when I stumbled accross your blog. By the way thanks for the Rib recipe I will definitely give it a try, sounds delicious.

    😀 That sounds great! I may have to try it. However, I’ve determined that if I’m going to have chocolate in the tub…I’d better be eating it! 😀 Thanks for the tip…enjoyed your visit. Enjoy your ribs…let us know how they turn out!

  • 3. ~E  |  January 5, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Isn’t it aggravating when you find a product that you like and it gets discontinued?! Seems to be the story of my life. It happens to me a lot with make-up. I agree with Kimberly above — Sea Island Cotton smells very much the same. We purchased a trial size bottle for $1. I will have to see if I can find it for you to try before you buy.

    Maggie replies: I bought some on an exchange the other day…I liked it pretty well, but I don’t like the name so much. Cotton sounds clean and Island just sounds sort of corny. So, I guess I’ll have to be a beach bum clean or something…what’s the point? Perhaps they ran out of an ingredient, or one got too expensive, so they had to change the formulation slightly? That’s what I’m betting on! Thanks for the tip!

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