Christmas Morning!

December 25, 2007 at 12:28 pm

Disney Channel’s Christmas Event–a well done show.  Disney teaches it’s people to act, perform, and “be” the part all the time.  I love that about Disney.  Just a little Mom note here for Miley:  “Miley…you are a sweet girl, and a good example, but your holiday dress didn’t fit the bill.  It was WAY too short.  Don’t give in.  PLEASE, set the barre high for yourself and your standards.  We love your show.  I’d love to have a role model for my daughter who lives life well and knows when to stop.”  Okay, I’m done.  Don’t want to be a downer (but, frankly, that was).  I don’t call revealing-wear “fun, or cute”, but that’s for another day.  Stay positive. 

Man! Christmas morning has been great here today.  I was a little fearful it was going to be a trainwreck, and it could have been if not for the grace of God.  We are all running of SO little sleep, and The Hub got NONE last night.  I think I had four hours the last two night.  Thankfully, Mom was here to help me with last minute gifts, candies, stockings, and things.  She was a dear.  My back is hollering at me this morning:  must.  have.  sleep.  must.  slow.  down…A LOT.  So, I plan to try to get napped up before we go to moms.  I’ve taken some meds to try to help today, but still…I’m maxxed out.  I envy those women who have gifts bought and wrapped by the first of December.  I’m going to try that some year!  It would be nice to not be exhausted on Christmas Day!  Note to self (sorry, and to the entire internet who doesn’t care about my yearly habits in the least!)

Last night, we drank fresh cappuccinos.  Today, we had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  I think my Cap. maker needs a new gasket…it’s spewing water…HOT water.  I hope I can get that fixed.  They are so fun for the low, low price of $5.00 or so. 

We read “The Night Before Christmas” and finished some Golden Books Mom found last year I’d asked her about that she got us when I was 3 years old.  My kids read them to ME this year!  Some of the pages need repair, but I loved seeing them again.

We cuddled by the fire, cooked a ham, and planned food for today…light fun, only what we have the grace for.  Right now, I’ll do well to get there.  Must.  Have. Nap.

I just got finished with my foot soaking from my daughters new Homedics machine.  Mmmm.  That was a good gift choice for her.

Red is trying so hard to put together Star Wars complex things together, and he did, but they keep falling apart on him.  He’s starting to get very frustrated!  He worked so hard though, I’m impressed!

Boy Wonder got a Colts four game set leading up to last year’s SuperBowl.  He’s loving that.  He got a ball goal he’s been begging for as well.

Goldilocks is skating around my kitchen on rolling tennis shoe thingies and loves her in-line skates.  She REALLY loved that Santa got Mom a pair, too, so that we can skate together!  Mine had 1-2 wears and the price on the box was $80.00.  I got both pair for about $4.00.  I’m still excited about that…can you tell?  I don’t mind bragging on the Lord.  He is so worthy of it!

My big gift?  Oh, I hate to give it away.  I might sit on it for a while.  I can hardly believe it myself.  Oh well, okay.  My hub asked around about a decorator who might work well WITH me in putting our home together.  I’m having trouble choosing furniture, flooring, and updating the decor and feared someone going overboard and just getting everything new and killing my personal sense of style, sensability, and sentimentality.  So, I’m really excited that he took the time to think of those things and ask around people he knows to see who might be good for me.  She can do as much or as little as I want her to do.  I am excited to go over some of the pages I’ve torn out of magazines over the last few years preparing for decorating.  You might remember that I didn’t let myself look at home decorating magazines for years because it just wasn’t where I was and I needed to practice contentment.  It worked!  But, now we NEED to do some things and I feel a little afraid of the process and the bulk of things that need to flow together.  He couldn’t have gotten me a better gift.

I got several other “little things” I wanted a lot:  a large slow cooker crock pot thing, a tiny crock pot for cheese sauce and dips, some crafty things, a book I’d really been wanting, some long sleeve shirts I got early. 

My daughter made me the most lovely green and pink necklace and ear-ring set from her beads she’d gotten for her birthday.  I am so proud to wear them.  They MATCHED MY PAJAMAS, YA’LL!  We were giddy over that.

There is surely much more to tell, but this is just a taste of our morning.  I hope to post some pics, and get together a video to send to Larry-Pop in Iraq.  I’ll probably wait until after I’m with the other grand-kids tonight.

Blessings to you, no matter what stage of life you are in…may you find ways to honor the day, find peace and rest and joy and happiness in the place where God has you.  It is there waiting.  I know that, because I know HE himself is waiting for all who seek Him.  Seek the moments.  Treasure them deeply–let them pour icing into all the cracks and crevices.  

Pray for me as I seek to be gracious to those who need a fresh touch.


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