Reflections on Blogging, Christmas Magic, and Other Irrational Notions

December 24, 2007 at 12:37 am

Sometimes, I wonder about blogging.  Why I am so free to write.  Why I record, and share, and make the typos and keep typing, sharing, venting.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve always needed to write things down, to process, to see myself grow and change and…to remember.  Perhaps it’s because I like to think we live lives worth sharing.  Perhaps I am the female form of John Walton.  😀  I always wondered on the show if he ever really did anything, or if he just sat up there at his little wooden desk by the window, staring outside, writing about his family, thoughfully, sometimes poiniently, sometimes…just writing.  Sometimes, wadding up papers, wondering if anything he did had merit, or was of long-lasting value. 

Perhaps it’s because I want to be known for who “we” really are in a world driven by pretense and illusion.

In part, it keeps me moving forward, realizing that much good is being accomplished “in the midst” of all all of our “xyz”.  With all the things to improve and ways I could fault myself, to see the glimmers of gold dust shining through.

I’m not the funniest blogger.  Not the best writer.  Not the best as much of anything.  I rarely edit myself for lack of time.  But, when you journal, that is not the point.  It might be a goal, for some…but it’s not the point for me.  It is to stay on track.  Was I down today?  I need to be lifted next.  Was I sad…I need to search out happiness!  Was I celebrating?  I need to share!  Was I confused?  I need to seek Truth.  Was I lonely, frustrated, complaining…I need to focus and find center.  It has helped me recover more quickly and not be so moody and “out of sorts” for as long.  Blogging has been good to me. I’ve made some beautiful friends who’ve carried me…I mean, literally held me up during hard times all across America…people I don’t know and will never meet.  But, they cared, and were there…and I “follow them”, and I pray, and I hear their hearts.  And…we all need to be heard.  

Today in Sunday School, we were talking about what makes a disciple.  We read a verse in the gospels that said, “A disciple is not to be above his teacher, but is to be like his teacher”.  It struck me– the lack of competitiveness in that statement.  Being a disciple is not about being better than, or acheiving…it’s about being like our teacher, following him. 

I hope that we all just follow Jesus.  Life, real life, real energy, charisma, renewal, zest, joy, peace, sustaining grace, attraction from thew world, comes from THAT.  It doesn’t come from striving, or comparing or doing what everyone else is doing.  It comes from following him to go where he leads, do what you see him doing.  Meet the need you see that can be met with just a little time, attention, focus, life…you can do it.

I want to just ‘be like’ Christ. 

It doesn’t have anything to do with how skilled we are, how “good at things” we are.  It comes from following the things our eyes land on to do, to make a difference, with his help.  It comes from learning, growing, and stretching, striving to be better, wiser, like him.  Not stuck on the illusions.  Following Him, and him only.

Tonight an older lady was tearful as I left the church.  My family and I were headed out the door, and heaven knows what a ruckus that can be with three growing kids!  One pulling on my neck saying, “I’m like a little duckie, following you everywhere.  See!  I’m a duck!”  My oldest, an inch from my height now, not letting go of me after my empassioned speech today about leaving together, staying like my little duckies in a row when it was time to go.  We “waddled” out together.  He’s a little dramatic.  My youngest swung on the pastor’s leg.  My daughter did figure eights around us like it was a skating rink.  Okay, so there are times we don’t mind if they are lost from “the group”!  😀

My husband said, “Was she okay, you think?  She seemed crying.”

I said, “I don’t know, I saw that, too.  I should have stopped. I’ll go back in.”

So, my duckies went to the car as I made my own u-turn.

I went back in and she was smiling, but tearful.  I said, “Are you okay?  My husband and I were worried about you.”

“Oh yes.  My mother died years ago on Christmas Eve.  And I still get emotional.  I just saw a long-time friend, and you know her.”

I said, “I see.  I’d be tearful, too, if my Mom died on Christmas Eve.  Wow.  Well, here’s a hug from you Mom.”

I don’t know why I said that.  It sounds sort of “not right”, but all the wrong things come out at times like that, and she’s so kind it didn’t matter. 

She said, “Tell your husband I’m just fine.  Oh, and I want you to know, I read your blog every day.  I really do like it.”

It’s times like that that I drop my head and I wonder how I got started at this and why…and what the point is, and why I share and if I do it well enough.

But, like I told her, I’m mainly just honored that she likes to share life and that it makes her “sit down” time fun.  I sort of figure if Oprah is the best there is on TV in the afternoon, and I can spend my time with other believers, sharing the high points of their day, surely we can gain more from “sharpening” and encouraging one another, praying for one another.

So, I do.

I’m not a big Oprah fan, no.  Yes, she can be interesting and vibrant and effective.  But, there is a lot of humanism mixed in.  The Bible talks about two kinds of wisdom, earthly wisdom, and worldly wisdom.  And…it says that worldly wisdom leads to destruction.  I sure hate to be fooled not able to distinguish between godliness and earthly mind spinning.  Sometimes, if it’s mixed just right, we cease to be able to tell the difference, and that is a scarey thought for me.  I’d rather just keep the lines clear so that I know what I’m eating.  It’s like restaurants with the lights just a little too dim…what are they trying to hide!  Okay, so that’s probably a dumb analogy and I think I got off track somewhere.  My husband is trying to tell me about a mattress sale at the moment and seems to want my full attention, though I still have gifts to wrap, laundry to do and Christmas to do for two days…buying mattresses at a sale is on his mind.  I say more power to him if he can get his mom home for the hospital tomorrow, care for her this week, be on-call, AND buy mattresses.  What a man.  Sounds unreasonable to me.

But, back to blogging, which does interfere when your spouse wants to discuss more important things, like buying mattresses for the kids beds on Christmas break.  See, I never got a choice in mattresses, so this is a mute point to me.  We just slept on what we had under a better option came along, if ever.  I did want a water bed very badly as a teen.  My parents built and painted a wood frame and bought a big float and I got a water bed.  I loved it.  Until my brothers tried to climb in bed with me to “share”.  The super single didn’t fit two very well.  It was like sharing an air mattress. 

I worked on a few more candles tonight and made some journaling blocks for my SILs stockings.  I’d hopes to make some “quick page” layouts for them, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to fit that in.  I need to get my guest-craft room cleaned for my mom.  Some latent urge speaks to me, “You don’t have to clean it now.  Just create your way to clean.  You could probably get that quilt make and then the room would be clean AND you’d have a quilt, which is, I know, much like the logic of making this week easier by buying mattresses on sale!  Christmas makes us all just a little bit irrational and silly and spontaneous, and…I say at this point we just go with the energy available and see where it takes us!  And no, I doubt any quilting will actually occur, seeing as how I’ve, you know, never done it and all…but, the magic of the season  sure is motivating!

Love and Holiday Wishes,



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