We All Need a Little Soul Rest

December 23, 2007 at 1:54 pm

Today, I had to go to “the Sunday morning before Christmas” service without The Hub.  Coats missing, hair not wet down, food in tow, Bible, coloring books, crayons, missing socks, demands for McDonalds, snacks from Mamaw being digested moments after the Bacon Egg, Cheese Bisquit by The Three.  Whew.  Sigh. 

Time to go, coats missing, kids missing, kids found, kid missing, mom yelling, gift bags overflowing, friends greeting, me barking, and child in meltdown.

It’s all about the Christmas spirit.

I think I have argued with my kids more today than in any day in recent history.  I think they get “over-entertained” to the point that they forget the basics!  Today, I AM HERE to remind them of the basics.  We had NO TV, NO PSII until lunch was clear, the dog was fed, things were up off the floor, and we’d had a few “moments of silence”.  The first three “moments of silence” in the van were met by laughter at the process.  They didn’t think I was serious!  I’m serious. Maxed out. 

And so, this mom is on crackdown mode with the kids.  I’m hoping it’s preventive maintainence.  I am convinced that if kids are not kept at home long enough for deliberate crack down modes in holiday seasons (deferring to what is best for the group)…they are not ready to get serious about life when it matters latter. That’s my argument, and I’m sticking to it. 

A household running on one parent for a while…the little stuff matters… A LOT!  Everyone has to do their part.  Mine…weren’t.  And…somebody remind me to bring a big shopping bag with me to church the Sunday before Christmas each year! That would be SO helpful for hands FULL to overflowing!!!

I hope this battle works. I’m hoarse and it’s just past noon!

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