Finish and Deliver Day!!!

December 21, 2007 at 6:18 pm

Embroidered a hankie for my step dad.  Hardest thing I’ve done all season.  I ripped it out four times.  Whew.  It’s still not as pretty as I’d hoped, but not bad for a first. 

The Hub wanted Cinnamon Rolls for his staff today–up ’til 2AM.  (Very woosie most of day.  Short with kids asking one million questions to my every request.  Ask them to please go to “robot mode” today, just simply doing what I ask.  It worked, sort of.)  I just can’t cook these things with the family whirling around me yet.  It takes some concentrated effort to go the Home-made Cinnabon route, but oh!  SO WORTH IT!

chr-2007-cinnamon-rolls.jpgchr-2007-bread-machine.jpg (I bought a third used bread maker this week!  Yeah!  I was able to make a double batch of rolls at one time!  I couldn’t use the “two small loaves” maker to do this chore, so there is actually a good reason to have THREE BREAD MAKERS!  Sometimes simplicity means duplication.  Just mull that one over for a while.  The same applies to shoes  and all handbags, in case you are wondering.  )

AM:  Finished rolls second rise, bake, icing, and deliver.  Major “not enough sleep hangover”.

Finished last gifts, delivery lunchtime.   


Visited elderly neighbor and took her hot rolls. 

Made it to The Hubs work party with three kids.  Nothing like kids rolling down the hall on rolling stools and telling all your morning mishaps to make the season bright!

Nap at 3PM.   Oh, “Ode to the Nap” (Is there no double underline, double bold?  There should be.)

4PM, Walk dog…very HAPPY dog.  Reviewed “Sit.  and STAY”.  to go to the mailbox.  She didn’t like the “stay” part AT ALL.  

Dog: “Thank you, thank you, I can run REALLY fast. Remember?”  Faster!  FASTER!  “Oh…was that your leg?  Sorry.  Yeah, I got some mud on there.  Sort of sorry.  You need a bath anyway, owner stepping on pants, again.  Daisy Dog NEEDED to be walked!  Finally, the rain stopped!

5PM:  Merle Norman with daughter to spend her gift certificate–HAPPY girl.  Red didn’t get anything.  Not “his day”.  Sad boy.

Tonight?  leftovers, canceling the rib-fest.  (Oooh, wait!  We have leftover turkey and fresh cornbread left over from last night, and some rolls…I’m thinkin’ turkey and dressing combo!  I always loved that as a kid.  I don’t have the french onion soup, but I think I’ll throw a bunch of dehydrated onions in there, some beef instant stock mix, and a bunchy of celery seasoning and onion powder and I bet they won’t know the difference.  I’m going for it!  IMPROV!)

Last night, hubbie sat down to catch up on my blog.  I LOVE it when he does that.  I hear him laugh, and smile, and ask questions, and tell me he liked something.  He liked the “peace” post.  He was drinking a hot cup of wassail I’d made for him for tending to the lights on the tree and I was basking in the beauty of the family moment with the kids down (I had two small rows only still working on that tree, and he put all new lights on it…without taking off my ornaments!  The man  was being so awesome).  

Then, I looked up, oh my word!  I forgot I posted about his gifts!  Let’s just say…his Christmas gifts are now no surprise!  When I realized what was going on, I said,  “Whoa, away from there, what ARE you doing!  You can’t READ my BLOG NOW!!!  Why are you reading my blog?”

He, smiling:   “Well, it IS a PUBLIC blog…on the Internet?” 

I said, “I know, but you are too busy to read it right now!  Get off there!  Shoo! Shoo!  Shoo!”  He wasn’t shoo-ing.

“Well”, I tried to recover: “just be honored that the whole country is on a search for your Christmas sweater!!!” 

He laughed and seemed to appreciate the attention.

Oh!  This afternoon, my Ali Edwards “An Eye for Design” came today!  I left it wrapped in cardboard and gave it to my daughter to wrap for me.  The epitomy of self control I am.  If only same self control carried over to my chocolate consumption this month!  😀

Ali Edwards has these sayings, life mottos, and I like them.  One is “Capture Life:  Create Art”.  Yes…that’s exactly where I am right now.  It’s worship for me.  It helps me thank and praise and stay positive in the midst of total chaos and behind-ed-ness chronic to a family of five.  She has another: “Delight in the Everyday”.  I bought coffee mugs for myself with both of those on them.  If I just use them to put my art tools in, I’ll love having them.

Well, all for now.  Better get some potatoes to go with that turkey and dressing combo.  Mmmm. 


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