Creative Recovery

December 19, 2007 at 11:58 pm

PM:  Wednesday.

With the passing of each “goal”that requires a lot of work and intensity to pull off, is a nagging, tiny, but growing feeling of fatigue and depression which probably just indicates fatigue replacing adrenaline.

“Creators” have two choices as I see it: 

  • rest, recovery, re-create!
  • …or, bottom out, eat chocolate, snap at people (note fatigue), and feel depressed from “the cycle”.

I tend to work through a bit of both before I get to the right choices…’cause we know it’s all about the chocolate.

Today and yesterday nineteen gifts were delivered.  About seventeen I made.  But, I got it done, on time, with a little time to spare!  But, it was still a project.  Hubby has put in an honor for some more, which is an honor, but I’m ready to “put up the folding table” if you get my drift!  He also wants homemade Maggie-style cinnamon rolls on Friday.  That is TWO favors.  But, I’m not counting.

I attended end of the semester class parties with two of the kids, and met Goldilocks with a going away gift for a best friend of hers.  A friend she befriended.  A friend whose parents are now out of jail and they will be returning to their home state.  I’m proud of my daughter.

No jury duty tomorrow, thankfully.  Whew.  Case must have been settled out of court.  We get to lay in bed a few more minutes, and Goldilocks is letting me cash in a “Mommy coupon” to make me muffins in bed!  Now, that’s the ticket!

Grandma looked so much better today.  Her knee has gotten infected about three times.  It’s gotten frustrating.  We think they have the right antibiotic this time, though the culture didn’t grow anything.  How frustrating. 

I just got finished reading to Red for bed-time.  He is six.  He is stuck on reading “a page a day from TWO KINGS.”  So, we did a night or so ago.  This time, the page started with something like, “We will eat my son today, and your son tomorrow.  And so they cooked and ate the first son.  But, when the second day came, they could not eat the other son, for his mother had hid him.  And she went to tell the King.  At this, the king of Israel mourned greatly.”  On the story goes, which involves another death in the next two paragraphs from a scoffer.

Not the warm and fuzzy fireplace moment I had in mind

At least he’s enjoying his Bible!!!

Favor:  I am totally missing a very important couple of gifts.  I’ve looked EVERYWHERE.  If ya’ll could kindly pray that I find this bag, I’d sure appreciate it!!!  I’ve already called the store to see if we left it.  No luck there.

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