Is Guitar Hero Right for Us?

December 15, 2007 at 1:37 am

I ordered a multitap from ebay a week or so ago for seven bucks.  Instead, I got a mysterious package which turned out to be a wrong shipped order of a cordless Guitar Hero guitar!  Wow.  I spent an hour exploring the mysterious package’s source, finally realizing the connection and called the company.  They told me in cases like that, they tell people to keep it. 

Well, doggies!  THANK YE!

But…we don’t have the game “Guitar Hero” (it wasn’t bundled).  Boy Wonder has played Guitar Hero at friend’s houses for a change of pace and seemed to enjoy it.  We thought we’d check tonight about getting it for him for Christmas as something different.

Having read a review tonight, we’re not sure:

  1. We don’t emphasize secular rock, mainly because of offensive words and tone.  Have you listened to the biggest rock station lately?  Geez.   I can’t leave it on in the van with my kids.  
  2. A Christian perspective review covering both the fun and addiction of the game, and potentially offensive content makes us wonder if it is a “best” choice for our family.
  3. Even if it were appropriate enough for Boy Wonder to “block” at age 11 (and with everything said in the review, I’m not sure it is for long-term exposure), our six-year-old doesn’t need to be listening to “Shout at the Devil”, Ozzie Osborn, or hear “profanities found in R rated movies”, whatever those may be (I’m interested to know more on that),or hear God’s taken in vain throughout the game.   We often make the kids “mute” Playstation II basketball games that can’t seem to do without that.  
  4. Cartoons with female characters who dress in a certain way are the norm, but lingerie and bikinis?  I’ve not seen it, and I doubt he would use those characters anyway, but my daughter would, and TV guests are not required in my home to be shown grace.  They either meet the standard, or they are asked to kindly leave until they can show some respect.

Here’s the link with good info if you are interested in what seemed to be a well-balanced review if you are considering the game for your kids for Christmas:

Now, having said that, I know…I know!  A lot of people play it who probably have no trouble with it and enjoy “classic” guitar players, trying to emmulate them.  I’m sure it is great fun.  I hope you continue to enjoy it!  Guidelines are different for each family.  Rest in that.  I’m not judging you.  I’m writing as a Mom for those with young kids who are evaluating, and in terms of my own exploration, not casting the die for you.  

Something that plays into it for us is, in my home, so far we have only one central TV and one central computer and one gaming system by choice.  We are all forced to compromise time, appropriateness, and choose things everyone can view all at the same time.  While annoying at times, it helps keep us all “sharper” in our choices as a whole than we would be otherwise. 

“They are going to get exposed to it anyway!”  True.  But, it doesn’t have to be the norm in our home.   That’s my answer to that.  If games want my dollar, they need to meet standards for family viewing for now.   Hopefully there will be some good alternatives for younger audiences who just want to enjoy the love of music without the rip roar of everything else they want to “bundle” into the scene.

And, that’s my review, having never seen the game in action.



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