“The First Gift of Christmas”!

December 15, 2007 at 11:45 pm

chr-2007-mom-gift.jpgThe Polar Express has become one of my favorite Christmas movies.  I think it carries a lot of allegorical shadows toward the Christian message. 

This year, I have been the humble recipient of the “first gifts of Christmas” from my children, just like the movie.  I’ve always prepared gifts for the fam, but never have I been out-blessed first.  The first gift waiting under our tree? 

Mine.  {Wow.  Let me just breathe this thought in!}

The kids had “Santa’s Workshop” at school where they could find gifts inexpensively. My daughter beat them to that and was already buying us gifts with her own “character counts” coins…money she’d earned for good behavior.  I can’t believe she gave that up for us!  So giving a spirit!

There were things both my youngest would have loved to have, but they took great delight in finding gifts for others.  (Except for my oldest, and that’s WHY his grade was probably left until last!  5th grade!) 

It leads me to ask the question Polar Express asks of us:”Do I Believe in the Spirit of Christmas?”

This year, to a much greater degree than others, I’ve appreciated the relief that our Christmas celebration offers from the harsh, bitter reality of barren limbs.  Limbs who echo the harsh realities and deep seasons of life for many, many in my circle.  But, Red shirts, jolly smiles, warm thoughts, carols of old, twinkling lights…they remind us, if we let them, of celebration, joy, and hope we have in Christ.  Only an echo, a shadow, of the hope that is to come, but one surpassing all earthly joys and treasures we look forward to, blessed and ultimate relief.  We have but a shadow, but at times, the shadow is enough hope to get us by.

chr-2007-necklace.jpgMy son gave me my necklace, already slipping it’s way out of his little hands and  throw a hole in the end of his package and said, “Mom, I want you to have it now.  Open it today.”

Finally, he insisted for so long, I opened it, ready to join in his glee and excitement.

He said, “Let me see.  Oh, Mom.  You look beautiful.” 

I said, “Well thank you!  It had to be the most beautiful necklace there.  You did a GOOD JOB picking it out!  I’m so proud of you!  It’s the prettiest necklace I think I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life!  It must have cost a whole lot”  He beamed and told the truth, he’d forgotten his money, but got to choose from the $.25 pile.  (We went in and paid for it!) 

“I bet you wish you had a mirror right now so you could see how beautiful you look.”

“Yes, I sure do.  Thank you so much.  I can’t wait to see.”

I want to tell you that you look beautiful, too, wearing the gifts of the season God just can’t wait to give YOU!  His first “gifts of Christmas”.  AND…I’ll just bet that He can’t wait until Christmas, either.  He won’t be out-done by a six year old boy, as totally adorable as he was in that moment.  God can’t wait one more day, one more second, for you to open the joy of this very moment, this special day, one He prepared for you with great care.  God gives lights, frost, twinkling snow, crisp breath, music, clear nights, warm fireplaces, blankets, and soft robes.  Put it on!  Wear it with a smile.  Hear him tell you how beautiful you look, and…I’ll bet you just can’t wait to go to the mirror and see how beautiful you look dressed in His regal treatment either.  Just like my little one, He says to everyone you two meet:  “I gave that to her, I picked it out.  I bought it.  Isn’t it pretty?”  And you will beam to His glory, just like me.

chr-2007-silver-beads.jpgYou can best that I’m the only woman around these parts wearing double or triple layer silver beads with her sweatshirts this season, but you can also know this one thing:  I look beautiful to the only one who matters, and so can you.    


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