A Day Off Kilter

December 13, 2007 at 6:52 pm

TODAY:  I have not been getting enough sleep.  I woke up with a heart palpitating and my back in knots.  Ugh.  My nap to recover was fitful and full of bad dreams.  I woke after an hour’s sleep to the school nurse calling and saying Boy Wonder had cut a chunk out of his thumb with scissors and they couldn’t get it to stop bleeding.  They finally got the bleeding to stop.  We just looked at it again…more of a “flap” than I saw earlier, he probably should have had a couple stitches in it.  We put some of that sealer glue stuff on it…note:  it DOES sting, contrary to the box label.

I had several errands to run…I only got about half my list accomplished and will have to try again tomorrow.  ONLY FOUR MORE SCHOOL DAYS UNTIL MY KIDS ARE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!  I need to get everything DONE!  so much wrapping to do htis weekend!  I’m getting on schedule, but am still at full Christmas speed.  I am determined this year to “enjoy the season” as I go!  Tonight, earlier bedtime! 

DESIGN NOTE:  Just as a note, I can’t easily handle template break-downs right now. If you are having a hankering to pilfer with your setup, you are always doing so at your own risk, as always.  But, right now, I can’t rescue all the blogs I’ve designed!  The season is busy.  Let me know, and I’ll put you in line, but I don’t have time for extraneous blog work at present.  Many of you are wanting something different, and I hope to get to design hopefully after the first of the year, but no promises.  (My MIL is still in the hosptial requiring checkups and visits, my FIL has prostate cancer and needs reliefs, my Mom’s husband is in Iraq over Christmas this year…family needs my priority time at present, and I plan to try.  With three kids, it’s hard enough as is to switch hats.  Thanks for your patience, feel free to outsource if you have a hankering before I can get to you.  I’m not offended.  We go with the grace God gives for seasons, and that’s all we can do.)

TEACHERS GIFTS:  Gifts made in joy–we have about 25 teachers and folks I like to do something for–it is my December work and I do try to keep it simple, but show thanks.  I’ve tried to give myself plenty time this year TO enjoy it more.  Teachers need to be loved, remembered, and thanked often through the year somehow.  If you don’t do gifts, write a personal Christmas note.  They will cherish itTrust me.

Today I started on this year’s main teacher/staff gifts.  One more work session, and another wrapping session and I should be done.  I’m doing monogrammed candles this year.  I don’t have time to take a pic right now, hopefully tomorrow!  I know you are waiting with bated breath.  🙂

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION:  DEC 13th–Tonight, we are going to hear the community college singers.  I’d best go wash this head of hair!


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