December 9, 2007 at 5:18 pm 2 comments

We went to our first second Christmas party last night.  It was like, out of flannel, into shower, out the door in 20 minutes to run to hospital, local hardware store, Peebles, party… leave  party early while we have child-care, do Wal*Marting for Christmas shopping, don’t get the one gift we needed to pick up because the kids would see it, go get kids at the gas station from their aunt.chr-part-2007.jpg 

Whew.  It’s all about the romance, people.  We are nothing if not party animals.

But, dang, we did enjoy getting out!

By the way, Aunty didn’t keep them the whole time at the gas station...we just met there to save her some drive time. 

As to the party, I thought we were having, like…a meal.  I skipped lunch.  We had appetizers with some heavy meat portions and some fruit. 

Dessert: one Nestle-Like Toll House Cookie bar. 

Now, let’s just be clear on this.  And, granted, this is just my non-Martha Stewart opinion squeaking here.   And let me preface this with:  I’m all for any food, especially free food, at a party, where I don’t have to cook or clean.  But, just my thoughts:  if we are going to go without veggies, we need to go heavier on the desserts. 

Does that not make sense?

We can do without one or the other and call it a “light holiday meal”, but not without both.  A baked potato and some mixed veggies..that is a light meal.  Pig out on desserts and skip the whole “meal” thing…total extravagence.  I would have regretted it, but I would have been very happy at the moment.

Anyway, overall, I was just glad I had some decent party clothes I hadn’t already worn last year after being home with sick kids all week.  I must say, The Hub looked great in his new black suit and matching red shirt.  It looks like we really worked on that, doesn’t it?  There were some dressed a little more…shall we say, daring, than I was, way more.  Upon on such encounter, my husband turns his sweet little darlin’ face my way, looks at me across the table, and says, “Honey, that’s such a pretty necklace your wearing tonight.  I don’t think I’ve seen it, have I?”

He hadn’t.  Monet, 75% off during a fall sale I’d bought it and stuck it back for a date night.

He scored a total gazillion points. 

I laughed and smiled all night about his way with me.  I just love the man to peices.

My son took this shot for us.  It only took about ten for him to stop giggling and get his hand off the flack and sensor zones of the camara.  I thought it took no skill to shoot with a point and shoot camera.  Alas, I was wrong.  Very wrong.

Giggle.  “Mom, you blinked” and promptly walks over, handing me the cam with us both still standing there. 

“Son, go take another”.


“Just go shoot another.”

“Oh, yeah.  Okay.”

Walks SLOWLY back, figures out how to turn camera on, tells a joke, gets cam off angle, covers important lights.  We’re teaching him, waving hands, trying to get Red out of the picture {snap}.

Son is laughing, we are saying, “You have to TELL us when you are ready” {snap}.



This morning my mom arrived with my daughter decked out.  Somehow they found a way to get the child some non-pink-non-spring sandle shoes to go with her new Christmas dress, just in time.  That’s why I love my Mom.   I think they hit four stores to find them, but they did, praise God.  Because we all know Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without us some patten leather shiney shoes to go with the Christmas dress.  Size 4.  Geez.  Who makes a size women’s 4 shoes?  Target, apparently.

My mom saw me today as I was tacking their pic together and said,  “Daughter, you’ve been whacking on your hair again.”  (Which is what all beautician’s say to people who cut their own hair, I no longer take it personally).  I seems to me you’d be sweet to the photographer, but what do I know, she’s the mom and she got the shoes, so I’ll let her get away with that.

“Yup, I have”.

We won’t get into the fact that neither of us have been available for the task in three weeks.  I’ve left her highlighting.  Neither of us have had time for three weeks, so I just cut it.  There you go.

Frankly…I think I like it.  It stays clean, I can just blow dry and go if I want to.  Not that getting three kids to school by 7:30AM every day AND the dog walked WITH sick kids, running back and forth to keep everyone well is a chore or anything…I’m just saying.  ‘Cause we all know I’m Wonder Woman.

So, yeah, The Hair Whacking has occurred.  You have to give it to me, I tried the “in between stage” cute curly uppy thing in the back around the neck for a good three months for fall, and I liked it.  But now…I’ve burned my neck about three times and I’m too old to look like I have neck hickies.  The Hub said, “You cut your hair.  I was liking your hair a lot lately.”

NOW he tells me.  What IS IT with that? 

I whacked on both my boy’s hair last week, too.  No, not because they had hicky marks.  They were just looking rugged and it was time for Christmas photos.  They look sharp.  That’s three haircuts in one week. 

I need a raise.



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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Cindy  |  December 9, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    Is your memory short, or does last Tuesday night not count—–afterall, we wore red!!!!!

  • 2. Kim Vincent  |  December 10, 2007 at 10:28 am

    Great looking couple!!!! Is that a dress or a shirt? Very cute!!!

    Mag replies: Thanks, K, you’re so sweet. It’s a long shirt…it’s one of those that the sides hang down longer than the front and the back…The Hub is funny about that sort of thing, so I’ve been hesitant to wear it, but for a party where I needed to look a little more hip and we were in a hurry, I finally risked it. It has three leather-y strings from each side that all tie together in the back for a funky bow.

    I actually bought it because I LOVE the pants that go with the outfit…they
    are black, elastic, and hang GREAT! I’d gotten it on sale at Macy’s about
    three years ago out shopping with a friend. That was my LAST clothes
    shopping trip with a friend that I can remember! Very sad.

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