Creative Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer Software Review & SCRAPBOOKING ADHESIVE Recommendations

December 14, 2006 at 11:36 am 7 comments

cinderella-edit.jpgCreative Keepsakes Scrapbooking Designer Software (version 1). (Yes, as in the magazine, Lisa Berkman.)  There are a lot of pics on this site to show what the program can do…may take a sec to load the page.

I am reviewing edition #1.  In writing see that edition #3 is now out. I’d like to try it.  Ya’ll send me a copy and I’d be happy to review it. 🙂 I’ll check on upgradability today.  (No upgrades available…which is crummy for software companies to do, don’t ya think?  I have to buy the whole new program for upgrades.  $30.00 at Best Buy.  Not a bad price, but I hate to duplicate resources, so I’m not sure that I’ll do it.)

Great little program, lots of good effects, easy to use.   And, if you are computer literate and can milk the program, you can do complex layouts, type journaling around various pics as well.

Some of the menus take a while to learn to navigate, and the free art included hasn’t been that useful to me. But, you can cut and paste in pics and graphics from ANYWHERE.

The cut and paste in, rather than necessarily having to “import” pics has been a BIG PLUS for me.

disney-parade.jpgYou can “paste from the clipboard” several pics (using CTRL key and selecting many.  Helps me sort my pics to scrap to cut and paste them in by groups rather than one at a time.  I don’t like picture programs that put high density copies of my pics into their program.  Takes us too much computer hard drive space!  A cut and paste for small pics is a much better use of space.

Crop pics, do all the general photo editing you want.  Soften rough edges left behind after a “freehand” crop–I LOVE this feature (just leave enough extra “padding” room for the “softening”).

Do “spot” alterations.  I recently blurred a crowd of people, leaving my family in sharper focus.  Note the “FutureLand” picture below:


You can also layer, add free scrapbook paper backgrounds from the internet (lots of great free scrapbooking papers out there, and digital “kits” for sale.  I’ve had it a year and have found enough free stuff to keep me plenty busy.  The ribbon and flowers on the pic below and the papers on the Mary Poppins layout were downloaded from the Internet for free at “”.  They have lots of great papers and packages and “brushes” you can buy also.  Brushes for Photoshop there work with CK also!  (Copy and paste them from your file into CK.  They may appear to be blank files at first, but if you copy and paste a “brush” one over a pic, you’ll see the opaque effect. ) See the white on black below for an example of a “BRUSH”.


The lettering gets scratchy uploading at times, but here are some quick samples from today’s unfinished works in progress:


MORE DOWNLOADED FREE ELEMENTS (PAPER)  (Yes, I misspelled “Mary” both times on this page…I’ll just edit that and reprint it!)  🙂


Tools used:  Softening around crops (elephant, giraffe, tour guide), free papers, frames (both trees)


ARE YOU A FONT LOVER? All your own fonts import to the program, so the titling is endless.  Add great shadows behind text for great effects.  I have 550 or so fonts.  (I recommend pairing with the free program, “The Font Thing” so that you can see at a glance all your choices. A Letter Lover I am!)



TEXT BOX TIP: If you are doing a “text wrap” and you go back to edit and see huge black boxes overtaking your text, simply grab the text box and move it a hair.  The black box will go away.

SAVING Quirk to Note: Creative Keepsakes DOES NOT  auto-save…save often.  Even then, it sometimes on large or multi-page projects, comes up with an error: “Your Project was Saved.  However, it could not be added to the Project Gallery”.  You can still access it later, it’s just hard to find and harder to manipute pages using that file later as the base.  Last night, I lost 11 pages of a “mini-book” I was working on because the program crashed.  I HAD printed half of them, fortunately. I have a file with 163,628 kb in it which I finally found in My Documents which I cannot figure out how to open.  (see update below on “lost file”).

SAVING for emailing or blog posting: If you want to save the layouts for emailing, you need to export the page as a jpg.  It is not editable after you export it, but you can upload it for publishing to the web.

UPDATE on “Lost File”: I just recovered pages 1-11, which I had saved. If you cannot open a file, click on the file (check My Docs  or do a “Search” to find it)  The CK program will open (mine flashes at the botton of the screen).  Click the program….you will see a blank screen, perhaps. The “page turner” may also be missing.  This implies there is only one page or project loaded.  But, I found mine this way:

Go to the menu (which you seldom use otherwise), click “View”, scroll down to “Go To Page”.  A screen will come up asking you which page you want to go to.  Select a page number you had something on.  Wait for a bit ( a LONG bit when you have as many pages to load as I did), and the page appears.


The program offers a beautiful wash of muted edging like professional photos you see.  (See example blow).  You can crop any shape, hand drawn, circles, square, and add that soft-edge.  GREAT for free hand cropping.  I hate those sharp edges that are always left around ears, etc.  Going around hair evenly?  Just about impossible.  With this tool, you can soften all that!

But, Trouble Shooting on the Printing: If you are working on a large album, you may need to copy and paste your mute edge pages to a fresh doc to get them to print as seen.

I would suspect that will a ton of pages, there is some sort of underloading of the print buffer not allowing the print to be true.  A sample of the page with muting and cropping (just imagine these UNcropped and UN muted.  No way!)


I printed these 13 pics on a 6X6 to fit on a lot of pics without having to cut and glue…and to save on printing.  I have around 300 pics for each child from the trip, so…cost can get substantial.  Tape the pages onto my scrapping notebook, add 3D Diminsional elements, Titles, or journaling if I didn’t do it digitally, and wallah!


Edging on Pics Above lets background color/paper bleed through for a “sanded” edge sort of rough look.


Most people I know, myself included stick with JetPrint Photo Everyday.  Choose “Matte” Photo Paper from your printing selections.  You may have to go to Advanced Settings and lighted your printed copy.  I often need to do so to get the same brilliance seen on my computer screen.

For nice framed printed pcitures, I have used JetPrint’s Soft Gloss.

Now, the funny thing is:  JetPrint on their packages rank these two grades I recommend as “Good” as opposed to “Better” and “Best” for their higher gloss papers.  I (and all the scrappers I know), disagree animately.  The higher the gloss, the harder it is for inkjet and laset printers to “grab” the paper.  With High Gloss, all I get is a pool of wet ink.  Stay with what is economical and trustworthy.

“But, I don’t have a 12X12 printer!”: 😦 Neither do I!  Many people who digi scrap don’t.  Even though you may not have a 12X12 printer for the popular sized scrapbooks, a 6X6 or 8X8 or even 8 1/2 X 11 formatting choice lets you vary layouts nicely on a 12X12 page.    I print smaller sizes, then embellish around them with tags, metal, and other CardStock.  This gives back the “touch factor” to digital pages.


While we are here, I’ve give my adhesive recommendations.  Everyone ALWAYS asks!

To adhere smaller pages to the larger book, cheetah_2_in_runner35.jpgI LIKE my new favorite tape runner for pics made by Zyron, The Cheetah 2, a 2 INCH tape runner! They make them even larger, but I think this is a good size to manage. (It IS available at the local Wal*Mart.  However, if you want one, you better pick it up before I see refills stocked because I buy all they have each time I go to the store!)

I love it for big projects–don’t feel as though I’m running out of glue and tape every every hour as with other products I’ve tried.

It ALSO has the remarkable quality that it REALLY DOES LIFT OFF BEAUTIFULLY…  photos, stray spots on the page?  Just rub with a  “tape eraser” (a little rubber peice which lifts off any goo-ey residue).  And I’ve left A LOT at times with a 2″ runner to navigate.  Lifts right off!

To adhere smaller objects, I have two other favs:

1.  Creative Memories tape runners.  Any kind.  You have to go through a dealer.  I have a trustworthy person who mails them to me long distance if you need her name. She is a dealer.  I buy it by the case.  I LOVE it and it is far superior to anything else on the market according to anyone I’ve talked to.  2

2.  Xyron Sticker Maker.  If  you use punch-outs:  Punch Out Squares, Letters, or anything that needs to be made sticky like long ribbon or narrow strips of paper…a must have is the Xyron Sticker Maker.

I add a lot more elements to my pages now that I have good tape.  If you just glue, often when the page bends in turning, it pops off, which is annoying.

I’ll add a third adhesive for good measure (and because I LOVE them, too): Sticky dots:  both 3D dots, and Regular.  They are wonderful for heavier elements, or elements you want to POP of the page.

MY WISHLIST for CK Software Updates:

  • I wish it had “color match” tool for matchy font-ing.
  • I wish it didn’t pull the system down quite so much on resources.  Sometimes it gets slow to load when the project files are very large.
  • I wish there was a community board of people using it and a continual update process…it could be a great program
  • I wish the “edges” tool for pics was in the drop-down right click menu with frames and drop shadow.
  • I wish it did not export big projects…when you re-open them, you lose the page turner tool.  VERY cumbersome to use the top menu to find where you are and flip through your book.

Hope this is helpful to you.  Let me know if you use it, have it, or would like me to cover anything else about it.  Thanks for reading.  I don’t represent any of these companies or work for a scrapbook store.

Thanks for dropping by!



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7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Misty  |  December 15, 2006 at 11:06 am

    One of the things on my list was good scrapbook software. I have Scrapbook Flair–a free program and it’s good, but not as flexible as bigger programs. Bryan is getting me something else, so that might be it 🙂 I’ll have to read back over this if I happen to get it. Thanks for the info.

  • 2. Jules  |  December 15, 2006 at 11:26 am

    WOW! I need that! It’s called Creative Keepsakes?
    *Dear Santa, I need that real bad*
    The pics are great. I need to be able to do it all digitally because I don’t have the patience to get all the ‘stuff’ out.

  • 3. esm  |  December 15, 2006 at 5:02 pm

    The pages look great. My Christmas list is rather lengthy already, so perhaps I will ask for this for my birthday.

  • 4. MEA  |  December 15, 2006 at 10:40 pm

    Great pages. I’m jealous!

  • 5. AndieBeck  |  March 29, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    Hi – this is so helpful! I went to a creative memories trade show a few days ago and saw a demo of their software – I think digi scrapping may be for me after all. But I want to research before buying anything. The creative memories programs look good and aren’t too expensive (about $50) but to print out the “coffee table books” – that is where they must make their money. I’ve been poking around and I see that shutterfly does some kind of book printing.

    If you have heard anything about these programs or book printing I would really appreciate hearing about it. Thanks for such a comprehensive review of the CK stuff!


  • 6. Jill Scott  |  September 4, 2008 at 10:35 am

    I am a Creative Memories consultant and I’ve been using the StoryBook Creator Plus digital scrapbooking software for a little over a year now. I started trying to teach myself PhotoShop, then gave up and turned to the CM software. I absolutely love it. It’s so user friendly and you can still use freebies from the web, which is mostly what I use. It’s $59.95. If you want to check out some of the pages I’ve created using it, check out my blog at and click on digital scrapbooking. I have a link also to Ikea Goddess who does daily searches for digital freebies on the web, and I have amassed a huge collection just downloading a few minutes every week or so. It’s addictive though. As far as cost for having the books made, it is actually a lot cheaper than traditional scrapbooking. I think it seems more expensive because your cost is all at once as opposed to here and there as you buy traditional supplies. Also, you can use your supplies over and over, they never run out. No more adhesive to buy either.

  • 7. farrrenhenry  |  November 2, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    ilovethe lionkingbecause it is myfovert

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